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Group Consulting Options

We’ve created several group consulting options that line up with where you’re at in your business. We have carefully crafted the curriculum in each of these programs so that you have time directly with Darnyelle to work on an action plan that will grow your business, period. We have options that include working intensely with Darnyelle virtually for 2 days, 3 days live with Darnyelle or having her coach/mentor you throughout the year.

Virtual Business Intensive

Limited to 12 participants, the Virtual Business Intensive is a 2-day online group consulting for new/emerging entrepreneurs who need Darnyelle’s help creating a customized plan/strategy to grow their businesses. This is ideal if you want a taste of working with Darnyelle and need immediate action steps to take to grow your business.

Strategic Biz Retreat

What will it take to move your business forward? Strategy. But, not just any strategy. Customized Strategy. And, you’ll leave this 3 day, in-person retreat experience with Darnyelle with a very clear strategic plan, a strong brand and brand message, your marketing plan complete and your entire sales cycle mapped – and you’ll be ready to sell more than you’ve ever sold before. You also have the option to join the SBR PLUS program for additional access to Darnyelle in the months following the retreat.

Incredible Factor University: GROW Program

You’ll love the 12-month Grow the Incredible™ Program if you’re looking to expand your current success by multiplying your results, profitability and balance. This program boasts an intimate business-building encounter with award-winning business coach and strategist, Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, MBA and a group of your advancing entrepreneur peers. As a part of Darnyelle’s signature hybrid program (part group, part private), you can expect to grow your business by 50-200% in the next 12 months.