ATTENTION: Speakers, Coaches, Authors, Consultants, Event Planners & other Service Based Entrepreneurs


“Finally, I’m Revealing My Mindset, Marketing and Money Making Strategy System that Will Lay Out For You,  Step by Step,  How to Quickly Generate More Money in Your Business Than You Previously Thought Possible…No Matter Where You Are In Your Business Right Now!”

I’m even including several ‘Done for You’ scripts, checklists, templates, examples and more…you’ll have everything
you need to start generating the income you desire and deserve to have, with grace, ease
and authenticity.

But, I URGE you to act FAST because this LIVE workshop is already 50% SOLD OUT and we just released event details!
From: Darnyelle A. Jervey, Incredible Factor Business Coach

Hello Incredible One,

Are you a coach, speaker, consultant, virtual assistant or other service based entrepreneur who…

Is struggling with maintaining a consistently full practice without over working yourself or spending every cent you bring into your business?

Is ready to create a compellingly irresistible marketing message that gets your ideal clients to take immediate action and self-select themselves into your programs?

Is ready to step up to the next level of success with your business but every time you try, it seems you get sabotaged with more work and overwhelm? Is finally ready to commit to eliminating the excuses, fears and sabotaging behaviors that are keeping your business success just out of your reach?

Is ready to do more than just love what you do, and actually make the money you deserve?  Is tired of watching others soar ahead with their success and income while you feel stuck in the same old place? Wants to diversify your products and services to create additional streams of income in your business by leveraging your Incredible Factor?

Is your business at the same place this year as it was last year, and you wish someone would just hand you a clear, simple plan you could quickly implement to break through to your next level of income and freedom?

Okay, here’s the thing:  you are brilliant and you are FABULOUS at what you do, in fact no one does it better; yet, you don’t have the income to show for it.  And it makes you sick.  It makes you tired.  In fact you are sick and tired of not reaching your brilliance and unleashing your Incredible Factor. You have a great business idea that will transform lives but you are STUCK and can’t implement.  If you’re unconsciously trying to run your business without a proven system, you’re likely frustrated trying to balance your desire to help people and be of service, with the very real need to make money.

Which is why I’m leading a breakthrough workshop, where I’ll PERSONALLY take you by the hand and teach you my simple, EFFECTIVE Mindset,  Marketing and Money-Making Strategy Success Plan, step by step, so that on Monday morning following the workshop, you’re ready to spring into action and IMPLEMENTATION and begin to generate more income that you previously thought was possible in your business.

I’ve Learned EXACTLY What to Do to Quickly Generate Six Figures and Now It’s Time I Share this Simple, Proven System With You

In 2008 I was a struggling coach bringing in less than $20,000 that year and I never dreamed I could make six figures in a year in my business, and when I think I about the fact that I’ve earned $20,000 in one month, I get so excited that I HAVE to share what I’ve learned and replicated with you!

But flash forward to today, where I run a thriving 6 figure coaching business from home. How did I get here from those long days of no money, no systems and no support in my business? I finally figured out a system that works like magic to generate the kind of income I use to dream about. Hey, I’ve had setbacks too but let my setbacks set you up for a comeback…

If this can happen for me it can happen for YOU, too!

Listen, I’m not sharing these numbers with you to brag. I’m being completely honest with you because while many think that making this kind of money is unusual in industries such as coaching, training, consulting, design, event planning, therapy, speaking…even in the marketing industry…the fact is, women are achieving income goals they’ve never dared dream of before. And now it’s your turn!

Imagine: A proven, step by step system that you can use over and over again (“shampoo, rinse and repeat”) to create money when you need it, providing you with the security, freedom and lifestyle you’ve been searching for. Best of all, this system works no matter where you are in your business. Whether you’re a beginning business owner, or someone who’s been in business for just a few years and is now ready to take your business seriously, or a seasoned entrepreneur ready to take your business to the next level in less time and with less effort.

This system has worked its Incredibly for my clients, too…

Once I showed my clients what to do (marketing, and money-making systems) they began to experience similar results, attracting new ideal clients and income growth with joy and authenticity than they had previously ever thought possible.


Bridgett Battles
“In less than 3 weeks, I had 5 new clients and generated more income than I had thought possible. I made $4,000 my 2nd week working with Darnyelle. With Darnyelle’s system, It truly could not have been easier.”

Bridgett Battles
Image Consultant

Sheline Kelly
“Before I came to Darnyelle, I was a mess. She has transformed my business offering real skills, real strategies and real solutions that have translated in increasing my income by 30% within our first 6 weeks working together. I closed two (2) 5-figure clients in our 4th week together. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, you need to stop making excuses and let Darnyelle define and unleash your Incredible Factor.”

Sheline Kelly
Private Event Consultant

Sheya Chisenga
“Using Darnyelle’s strategies I’ve raised my prices and I attracted and closed SEVERAL full fee clients within weeks after that first session. Wow! When my rates were lower and I was unclear of my gift, the clients were not coming. Darnyelle’s system is Incredible and I am recommending everyone I know who needs to explode their business to her!”

Darnyelle generously shares her very specific step-by-step details so you’ve got a customized plan for success.

Sheya Chisenga
Life Purpose Coach for Women

Sue Frost
“In one hour with Darnyelle my business plan and marketing streams grew exponentially.”

Sue Frost
Professonal Organizer and Life Coach

Adrienne Adams
“After one week, I had ideal, paying clients contacting me. By the end of the second week, I had three new clients at my new, higher prices!”

Adrienne Adams
Business Coach and Publisher

Antonio Clinkscales
“I went from 3 attendees to 28 in 2 weeks with Darnyelle’s strategies. What’s more, my skills and confidence skyrocketed too, allowing me to help more people and celebrate more success.”

Antonio Clinkscales
Author and Minister


As you can see, my students experienced increases in their businesses because they consistently implemented what they learned. Why couldn’t this be you, too?

You’ll learn ALL my simple to implement secrets, step by step, at my Mindset, Marketing and Money-Making Strategy® Intensive (4MSI) January 22, 2011, in Newark, Delaware

I get people who ask me why in the world I make such a big deal about the infusion of Mindset AND Marketing – because you can market until you turn orange but if you’re mindset (conscious mind vs subconscious mind are not in alignment) you will doubt yourself and criticize your ability to pull it all together to get amazing results.  When I learned how to silence my subconscious mind, my results soared and then I did the same thing for my clients and their results soared so I knew I was on to something….

4MSI is the ONLY training available that walks you through EXACTLY how to:

  • Get clear on the Mindset breakthroughs that create abundance in your life and business
  • Shift from Passion to Purpose, turning what you love to do into a purpose filled business to serve BIG and EARN BIG ( I will introduce you to my Profit Producing Activities Checklist, which contains over 20 PPA’s)
  • Create Marketing Materials that turn contacts into contracts immediately…you WILL become a client MAGNET
  • Create Marketing Systems using at least 3 of the 12 Marketing Streams to attract more IDEAL clients, earn more money and put your marketing on auto-pilot
  • Authentically enroll people into your programs and services, transforming their status from “contact” to “contract” clients, step by step
  • Stop unconsciously sabotaging your fees and start charging what you’re worth and earning it!
  • Break through your “fears” and give yourself permission to double, even triple your income
  • Learning how to diversify your products and services to earn money at least 7 ways in your service based business so you can earn while you sleep

The doors will be closed, there will be no other speakers…just me, Coach Darnyelle, spending 8 FULL hours (8:30 am to 5:30 pm EST) giving you the best that I’ve got, I promise to bare all of my secrets….

4MSI is designed specifically for service-based entrepreneurs who want a simple, streamlined way to make more money in less time, leaving them free to spend time with their family and friends, traveling, enjoying a happy, stress-free lifestyle, growing their business…whatever they desire because the money will be there to support them. 

WARNING: The mindset that you can make extraordinary income is unusual and may go against what you learned in the past, often from well-intentioned but poverty conscious people. Which is why we’ll spend an entire section of the workshop on shifting your mindset, helping you to take this important leap forward. So, in case you’re thinking, “Who am I to make this much? What will others think of me? I don’t want to leave anyone out” no worries: I promise we’ll work on that live, in person so that you’re free to create the financial abundance that is your birthright.

Here’s just a sampling of what I’ll be covering in DETAIL at the Mindset, Marketing and Money Making Strategy® Intensive…


  “My Money-Making Mindset Strategies which will welcome a flow of abundance into your business..Without the Guilt”
Simple steps to instantly end feeling guilty about making more money than your friends, family or even your spouse, WITHOUT giving up your values or becoming a slave to your business.
How to STOP treating yourself like you’re NOT an expert, and truly start charging the value that you and your offerings are worth.
How to END the “Who am I to deserve this?” syndrome that’s likely keeping you from creating the wealth that is your birthright
The secret key to giving yourself permission to make $ and more importantly, KEEP more money (without this secret key, you’re likely holding yourself back in a big way)
How to create a daily schedule filled with profit producing activities (you may be unconsciously sabotaging yourself)
How to consistently create and easily achieve new, business goals that bring you joy
How to end once and for all -sabotaging behavior you may be unconsciously engaging in, that’s killing your ability to charge higher fees
How to start thinking and treating yourself like a Money-Maker even BEFORE you’re making more (trust me on this one: this one tip alone will help you make more simply by shifting your mindset about money and your self worth)


 “12 Different Ways of Marketing Your Services, Step by Step, No Matter Where You Are In Your Business Right Now”
How to select the EXACT ways for you to market your products and services that will add the MOST to your bottom line IMMEDIATELY
How to maximize the 12 different ways to market your business in easily systematic ways so that you make money in your sleep
What to do if you don’t have a list (no worries, not having a list won’t stop you from offering high-ticket services –  I’ll show you how)
How to create, price and package your products and services so you are getting paid what you’re worth EVERY TIME  
How to deliver your products and services and what to include so your clients get the results they want and sing your praises to others
How to authentically position your reputation so clients never question your fees, seek you out and practically enroll themselves into your programs (ladies, this puts you in the driver’s seat, without ever feeling like you’re having to chase clients)
Which services you may be currently offering that are likely sabotaging your reputation and the money you make (I’ll teach you how to eliminate these, helping you to save your valuable time and energy)
Which bonuses are a MUST to include (and which you can skip), saving you effort and money
 BONUS: You get my…
  • Step by step template for designing your packages
  • 24 Creative ideas to easily and inexpensively add valuable bonuses to your offers
  • 100 Ways to attract ideal clients



 “What to Charge for Your Services…Without Guilt and Without Feeling Like a Fraud”
What you MUST put into your agreements, OTHERWISE you risk not being paid in full
Simple ways to motivate your clients to pay in full and reduce refunds (including the ONE sentence I routinely quote that practically eliminates client drop-out)
My signature fool-proof-formula to know what to charge every time when offering a service (BONUS: use this formula when you need to price a teleseminar, workshop or even an information product)
Why it isn’t “greedy” to charge more (and how doing so actually helps you serve others in a bigger, more meaningful way!)
One simple method that will instantly help you not feel like a fraud when charging much higher fees for your programs
The one thing you owe to your clients to point out early on that will transform their mindset about hiring you from an “expense” into an investment
How to know if you’re undercharging (you probably are!) and what to immediately do to stop this destructive habit
Why keeping your fees low is hurting your reputation and turning clients away
How to answer the question, “What do you charge” without shooting yourself in the foot
How to know when it’s appropriate to raise fees with current clients (and what to say so they accept the change without blinking an eye)
BONUS: You get my…

  • Sample client application and agreement, including payment section
  • Script of how to confidently handle questions about your fees
  • Script you can use when raising your fees with existing clients



“Step by Step, How to Close the Sale…Authentically and Ethically…Every Time (I will reveal my EXACT process that is currently converting over 85% of my contacts into contracts”
Step by step, how to authentically lead a potential client conversation without feeling pushy, salesy or sleazy
The FIRST question you must ask a potential client…this is critical (many clients are lost if you don’t know this)
What a client NEEDS and WANTS you to point out to them that helps them make the right decision, which is to hire YOU
What one thing will motivate clients to hire you on the spot (instead of leaving you hanging with a “Let me think about it”)
When is the right time to have the “money talk” with your prospective client (not knowing this practically guarantees you’ll lose the sale)
How to weed out tire kickers before they waste your time and avoid giving away free coaching or consulting to people who aren’t serious about moving forward
Which ONE word will kill your sales, every time (and which word you always want to use instead)
Secrets to ethically upselling additional high-ticket services so your clients get even more value and help from you

BONUS: You get …

  • Template outlining a successful client-converting conversation
  • List of words to use (and which ones you must avoid at all costs)
  • My closing an Incredible sale checklist to follow step by step for amazing results!!!


Because of working with Darnyelle, I have multiple streams of income,
business acumen and a consistent flow of ideal clients. My confidence in charging
what I’m worth is sound and I am enjoying making good money.
Sarah Renee Langley
LCSW, Coach, Consultant

380% return on investment for spending one hour in a coaching session with Darnyelle!
She showed me EXACTLY how to sign a new client that I was meeting after our session, I did it with her easy to follow system.
Chris Darling
SEO Consultant

Before working with Coach Darnyelle, I was not completely sure of my ideal client. I’m now perfectly clear on who my ideal client is. During our sessions I received support and encouragement and direction. As a result of this I’m more confident and self assured of the value I bring to the market place (mindset change). I’m not chasing prospects anymore, they are actually coming to me! And I’m receiving referrals and media opportunities!!! I’m creating new products and I’ve increased my prices, because of the value I bring. My advice for this thinking of getting this information is “Just do it, make the sacrifice and the commitment to bring your brilliance to the marketplace.”

With Grace and Charm,
Walethia Aquil
Etiquette Coach,Author,Speaker
Author of: Women Who Win: Business Etiquette Tactics that Lead to Triumph in Business and Life!

 “Okay, Darnyelle, This Sounds Incredible! But What’s The Investment?”

Clearly, I could charge just about anything for this one-of-a-kind workshop. After all, what I share will literally be worth six figures for you in the next year of your business if you commit to implementing. And over the next few years, that could easily add up to even HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars for you. Not to mention the value of you feeling renewed confidence, a shifted mindset and complete joy as you make more money, doing what you love.

Remember, I’m sharing a complete, step by step Mindset, Marketing and Money-Making Success System that took me years to develop, so you know this workshop will:

  • Reduce time spent planning and preparing for business growth
  • Give you new income streams you can launch almost immediately
  • Include checklists, forms and templates to help you be more successful
  • Save you from making costly, time consuming mistakes
  • Help you create dramatically more money, even with your very first or next client
  • Remove all of the guesswork regarding getting started the right way
  • Solve the problem of how to leverage your time into greater income while working less
  • Bring you the fulfilling financial and spiritual rewards you’ve been seeking
  • Ensure you only work with your ideal clients
  • Transform your business model into one you love

As you can see, 4MSI is packed with value. In the past, this step-by-step information has ONLY been shared with my most top tier clients. BUT, I have to share this with you. I truly am certain that when you’ve been blessed, it is your responsiblility to pass it on.

So I desire to make attending this event a no-brainer for you.

Honestly, just one strategy alone from the How to Charge section would cover the reasonable ticket price, plus all your travel expenses, at least ten times over. Then there are the other sections, each designed to help you make more money, shift your mindset and accelerate your success. Which is why I’m sure you’ll agree that this is an investment that provides a life-time of return and value.

Reserve your ticket and your 4MSI ticket is only $497.

Yes, that includes the full day with me, that’s right 8 hours of high value, high content strategies and solutions NOT THEORY but proven strategies PLUS I’m going to feed you…continental breakfast and lunch.

I know that this seems almost too good to be true, especially when you consider what this information is worth in terms of your return on investment. I’m also positive that $497 is significantly LESS than how much more you’ll make with your very next client alone.

AND don’t forget, that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of how much this information will be worth to you in the upcoming months, even years. That means this training will likely pay for itself IMMEDIATELY…and keep on paying for itself, over and over again.

I can tell you that the Mindset, Marketing and Money-Making Success Plan I’m handing you at 4MSI is the EXACT same one I’ve used to create a six figure business.

What is THAT type of information worth to YOU?

Seriously, Attending the Mindset, Marketing and Money-Making Strategy® Intensive Can be Free!

If you add just ONE new high-dollar client upon getting your hands on this life-changing information. Now multiply that by three clients…now ten…pretty amazing return on investment, don’t you agree?
My money back guarantee makes your investment RISK FREE (see below for details)
Your ticket likely qualifies as a business deduction on your taxes (of course, be sure to check with a tax professional)

My Generous Money Back RISK FREE Guarantee

I’m so confident that the information you’ll learn at this Intensive will give you what you need to transform your mindset, money-making ability and your business model that if, at the lunch break, you feel I’m not delivering on what is promised on this website, you can choose to turn in your materials, exit the event and ask for a refund.

I’ll refund your ticket (Sorry, there are no refunds for Bring-a-Friend tickets).

Plus, you can reserve your ticket now and change your mind later. You have up until 30 days before the workshop begins to personally ask for a refund. We’ll refund your ticket purchase, less a modest $100 bookkeeping/administrative fee. After the 30-day cutoff, you can apply the funds to any of my future events or any other products and services within one year. This is so we can prepare all of the fabulous workshop materials and lunches for an accurate count of participants.

No questions asked…you have my word on it!

And, If You Register Now, You’ll Receive These


Mindset, Marketing and Money-Making Strategy Success Plan

This is the EXACT system I used to create my six figure business. Your Plan is ready for you to pin up in your office so you stay on track, every day. The Plan will tell you EXACTLY what to do!

VALUE: priceless but we’ll call it $1,497


Templates, Scripts, Checklists, Examples And More!

This special bonus will save you HOURS of time. I’ve carefully packaged the tools you need to be successful. These are the SAME tools I’ve used in my business for years, so you KNOW they work.

Each of the templates, scripts, checklists, examples and more is beautifully presented in a gorgeous binder. Easy for you to reference over and over again, as part of your Mindset, Marketing and Money-Making Strategy Success Plan.

Value: Honestly, the worth of these templates, scripts, checklists, examples and more is hard to estimate. Especially when you consider the time, energy and strategies that I developoed to create them. We will call it even at $497


Spotlight Coaching Sessions LIVE With me On Stage

I’m including opportunities for you to receive spotlight coaching with me, throughout the workshop.

I’m known for my ability to get right to the bottom line of an issue…FAST. Believe me, what can happen in just a few minutes of coaching with me has the power to transform your business and create extraordinary new possibilities for you that can benefit you for a lifetime.

VALUE: $997

Continental Breakfast AND Lunch

That’s right, I’m going to feed you!
VALUE: priceless

Bring a Friend Option For FREE! LIMITED TIME OFFER

I hate to travel alone so I’m offering you the option to bring a colleague, spouse or member of your team for FREE. Yes, you read that right! And if you split the total cost, you each attend for less than the price of one ticket if you came alone! I want you to be able to share this with the people who support you the most because I’ve seen first hand how critical that can be to your success.

VALUE: Full $997 ticket price

NOTE: You can purchase this special option only AFTER purchasing your primary ticket to the intensive. You’ll find the link for this option on the following “thank you” page.



“Yes Darnyelle, I’m ready for a Mindset, Marketing and Money-Making Strategy Makeover!

I understand that when I attend the Mindset, Marketing and Money-Making Strategy® Intensive with this group of other service based entrepreneurs in Newark, Delaware, January 22, 2011 8:30 am to 5:30 pm EST I will receive these benefits:

  • Binder filled with templates, scripts, checklists, examples (and more) for each section of the Mindset, Marketing and Money-Making Strategy Success Plan.
  • Opportunity to receive hotseat coaching with Coach Darnyelle during the workshop.
  • Opportunity to ask questions of Coach Darnyelle during the workshop.
  • Option to bring a friend, spouse or colleague for a MORE than generous $197 additional fee. I understand this option is available once I complete my purchase of my workshop ticket. Sorry, only ONE Bring-a-Friend ticket allowed per regular ticket purchase.
  • Better than NO RISK guarantee. I realize I have up until lunch to ask for my money-back. I also understand I’ll turn in my materials, exit the event should I chose to quit the Intensive.*** PLEASE NOTE: If you decide not to attend the Intensive, you have up until 30 days before the workshop begins to ask for a refund. We’ll refund your ticket purchase, less a modest $100 bookkeeping fee. After the 30-day cutoff, you can apply the funds to Darnyelle’s future events or any other products and services within one year. This is so we can prepare all of the fabulous event materials and lunches for an accurate count of participants.


  • A list of Area Hotels will be provided upon purchase

YES! Sign Me Up!

Investment $497
Best Value (Hurry this price will expire)


Hugs and Incredible Factor Blessings,

Darnyelle A. Jervey
Incredible Factor Marketing Coach

P.S. – Here’s the deal: I have a reputation for offering high-value, high content information, getting to the heart of what you need and delivering proven, simple tools you can implement immediately to see results. I’ve put together a system that has proven itself over and over again and have designed 4MSI so you’ll know EXACTLY what to do Monday morning after the workshop, plus you’ll feel energized and inspired to take action …unlike other events that leave you feeling totally overwhelmed. So, click here to join me, okay? Reserve your ticket now and know that you’ve made a HUGE step forward in finally claiming the income, freedom and confidence you deserve.

Still undecided? Ask me a question NOW so that you can get one of the FEW remaining spots and prepare to make your 2011 the best year EVER in your business.

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