``I grew my business to $1.5 MILLION with Darnyelle's help!``

sheyla-blackman“Before working with Darnyelle, I was enjoying the fruits of running a ½ million dollar business. I’m good at what I do and I help my clients get great results. In working with Darnyelle, I realized what was missing: I struggled with the mindsets that kept me getting out of my own way long enough to create a plan and take massive actions in my business. Just a month or so into my work with Darnyelle, I experienced a massive shift mentally and got into action. As a result, I built my pipeline to more than $40,000,000 and grew my revenue to $1,500,000! I’ve worked with other coaches who didn’t really understand business and so working with Darnyelle has been so refreshing. My business is on a trajectory of growth, my mindset is focused on abundance and I am just getting started. If you’re ready to up-level your mindset, business acumen and results, you should be working with Darnyelle.”

Sheyla Blackman
ITMC Solutions &
Government Contractor Coach

``30 days into the Mastermind I had a $109,000 week!``

“Listen to me: Darnyelle is the TRUTH. The GOAT. I just enrolled and I already had a six-figure WEEK. 7 days in. Darnyelle is brilliant. When I worked with her in 2019, I had my highest month ever (then) immediately following our session. This is my MOVE to Millions year. It can be yours too.”

Julia Winston
Leadership Consulting

``I closed my first $100K client with Darnyelle's help!``

“As a real estate agent, I wasn’t sure if I could make money outside of my industry until Darnyelle helped me create my coaching offer suite. I just closed my first $100,000 coaching client! You need to get into this mastermind. I am renewing for my second year – it’s been too good to walk away!”

Keira Ingram
The Real Estate Queenpin

``200% growth 2 years in a row working with Darnyelle, AND my first ever $100,000 month!``

“It’s been an amazing experience working with Darnyelle! In my first year I grew from $100,000 to $250,000, and in this second year, I’ve grown my business to ½ a million with her guidance and support! I even had my first-ever $100,000 month by working with Darnyelle. And, my business is profitable! You can’t tell me that she isn’t brilliant. She knows and teaches real business. As an attorney, her strategies are just as powerful for me as they are for her other clients and I’m loving every minute of what we’ve built together.

Why should you hire Darnyelle? That’s easy… when people come into her space, they make more money PLUS increase their confidence, commitment and community. She is Incredible and I am so grateful that I made the investment.”

Nancy Greene

``I grew my business to $1 MILLION after attending Darnyelle's Strategic Biz Retreat!``

“Before working with Darnyelle, I had been in my business for six years and I was making money, but I knew that I was not at the level of income that I should be based on my expertise and what I offer in the marketplace. Enter Darnyelle Jervey Harmon and her Strategic Biz Retreat. For two full days, I was able to work with Darnyelle to create a focused, customized plan to grow my business. She helped me get clear on my audience and offerings. Attending that retreat truly changed the trajectory of my business. As a result of implementing the plan we created during the retreat, I grew my business to seven figures! And, I was just awarded the Enterprising Women of the Year Award as a $1M business! This award and the success of my business are definitely as a result of working directly with Darnyelle. She helped me find and focus on the holes and plug them with sustainable strategies and systems. If you know you have holes in your business and you want help plugging them profitably, attend Darnyelle’s Strategic Biz Retreat or work with her in another way, you’ll be so grateful that you did!”

Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis
Executive Women’s Success Institute

``I took a month off and still had my best quarter ever!``

“Being part of the Move to Millions Mastermind has been amazing! I’m building my team, stepping fully into being the CEO and we’re about to have our first million dollar year! In fact, we celebrated our best quarter ever while I was away from the business and my team didn’t miss a beat! I highly recommend this mastermind if you want to truly build a company that impacts and generates millions.”

Althea Heart
CEO, Hearst Home Team

``I Nearly Doubled My Business in One Year Working with Darnyelle and Team!``

“Before I started working with Darnyelle, my business was at the six-figure mark, but I knew that I wanted to strengthen key aspects and systems to move the business forward and increase my revenue. Working with Darnyelle and Team Incredible One was a powerful experience because of the community, all the content and resources, and those powerful small tweaks and strategies I was given that made the difference in my pricing and positioning. In fact, through raising my rates and creating a new program, I nearly doubled my business in a year! And I LOVE the retreats! Darnyelle has curated a powerful community of business owners at the next level that is unmatched. I would tell anyone who is looking for a powerful community and real strategies to grow your business to work with Darnyelle and team.”

Avalaura Gaither
Celebrity Life Coach

``From an idea to $700,000 (including our first ever nearly $100,000 month) in 3 years working with Darnyelle``

kim-and-shay“Before hiring Darnyelle, we had an idea to capitalize on our expertise in the form of consulting. Due to Darnyelle’s insight, strategy and coaching, that idea became a solid six figure business in just one year. We upgraded to the highest level of access to Darnyelle and we’ve watched our revenues grow to more than $700,000 (including our first ever nearly $100,000 month)! Today, we have employees, a growing brand and a true business. Every time Darnyelle gives us a strategy, we make more money. We’ve even had a nearly $100,000 month! If you’re ready to turn your idea into income and a business that serves you, you need to hire Darnyelle, period.”

Kimberly Broomer & Shayvette Hunter
Keep Selling Properties

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``250% Return on Investment``

“Before working with Darnyelle I was doing good in my business but now I am doing great! Since hiring Darnyelle, I have seen not only my mindset shift but so has my revenue. In just the 3 months I’ve been a client, I have generated $45,000 in new revenue, booked six paid speaking engagements and closed a $30,000 client (that’s a return on investment of 416%). And I’m also in a community surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs who are supporting me as I build a business that serves me.

Darnyelle over delivers and has a heart focused on serving her clients at the highest level. Darnyelle is a true business expert, with results to prove it and as a coach she partners with her clients to help them win. She is real, focused and committed. And she’ll hold you to the goals you set (while stretching you) so that you can take your business and your life to the next level. I am definitely renewing as a client because my best is yet to come with Darnyelle.”

Tonia Morris
Speaker, Consultant, Coach

``I've closed $100,000 in NEW sales since I completed the Business Growth Accelerator!``

“I’ve worked with several coaches over the years and working with Darnyelle in the Business Growth Accelerator helped me to up-level my mindset, how I see myself, and what I charge for my services. I’m more clear, more confident and am closing clients at my new higher rates. In fact, during the program, I generated $18,000 in new sales for my business and since completing the program I’ve earned another $100,000 in new sales (and growing) using Darnyelle’s strategies. Additionally, the Accelerator curriculum is SO thorough. It includes content that you didn’t even know you need for your business. Darnyelle adds a powerful spiritual component in that makes her stand out. I highly recommend Darnyelle and the Business Growth Accelerator program. In fact, a few of my colleagues have already enrolled!”

Markeith Braden
Digital Marketer & Personal Brand Strategist

``Grew my business by more than 200% in the last year of working with Darnyelle``

jasmine-vializ“Before IFU I was trying to figure out how to make my business more sustainable so I could stop floundering. By hiring Darnyelle, I’ve tightened my systems, strengthened my team and I am stepping out of my comfort zone and marketing more effectively. In the last year as an IFU client, my company’s growth has been over 200%! As a member of the healthcare industry, the steps it takes to build a business can be daunting and confusing. Darnyelle makes it easier to understand and execute and I have the multiple six-figure growth to prove it. I can confidently say that I have a business that is growing and I am an employer who is committed to continuing to grow.”

Jasmine Vializ, CEO
Integrated Practice Solutions

``I now run my business like a business, thanks to all that Darnyelle has taught me!``

“Before working with Darnyelle, I was averaging about $50k annually in my business. In my first year in Incredible Factor University, my revenue went to $80K – a 61.5% increase. Now, that I am in my second year, I am on target to have my first six-figure year! In addition to the increase in revenue, thanks to what Darnyelle has taught me, I now run my business like a business. I have systems in place and I am starting to build a team. While I am a “solo-entrepreneur” Darnyelle’s Incredible Factor University allows me the opportunity to be in the presence of other like-minded business owners. Our annual meetings, quarterly retreats, and monthly calls serve as a built-in “Accountability Team.” Under Darnyelle’s leadership, being a member of the IFU Community has helped me to uplevel my business and consistently exceed my revenue goals. If you want to really build a business that serves you and allows you to make more money doing what you love, you need to hire Darnyelle.”

Karen Townsend, PhD
KTownsend Consulting

``My Business Has Grown by 100%!``

Before working with Darnyelle, I was a successful Mary Kay Sales Director who had reached the “there has to be more to life than this” point. Towards the end of my Mary Kay journey, I knew that it was time to step up and step fully into my purpose through my own business. I honestly didn’t leave corporate America to start a business and feel like I was still working for someone else. As I was leaving Mary Kay I knew I needed help developing my business and brand. With Darnyelle’s help, I began to understand the skill of building a business. I went from barely getting by to over six figures by the end of my first year working with Darnyelle. As we are preparing to close out 2018, again, I enjoyed more than a six figure year in my 2nd year working with Darnyelle. And now I am on target for a 1/2 million business in the next year based on everything that Darnyelle and I have created together. More than that, I have a business that serves me and funds my life – I’ve paid off so much debt, paid for my wedding and honeymoon of a lifetime with family and friends, and created a lifestyle for my family because of how she’s helped me to grow my business. If you know you’re not earning what you should in your business, call Darnyelle. She will help you grow your business.”

Shaniece Wise Spencer
CEO, Wise, Armstrong and Associates

``$37,000 in sales in the 30 days following Leverage + Scale Weekend!``

“Before Leverage + Scale Weekend, I always had a problem getting over the $10K hump (I never sold more than $12K or earned more than $10K in my business in one month). I’m thankful that I did Leverage + Scale Weekend. In 30 days following my weekend with Darnyelle, my sales were $37K and my revenue $14K!!!

The weekend was life changing – now I’m charging my worth, turning down items outside of my offers, and don’t feel anxiety about it as if nothing will come if I turn this down. I’m laser focusing in on my new offers. Made 2 appointments to test drive my 2 favorite vehicles. My webinar funnel is almost completed. For anyone who is thinking about Leverage + Scale Weekend, stop thinking and do it! Your Next Level is waiting.”

Myown Holmes
Socially Polished

``A 473% Return on Investment Working with Darnyelle for 6 months!``

pei“In working with Darnyelle, we have experienced so much personal growth that is spilling over into our business growth. Prior to hiring Darnyelle, our monthly revenues were not commensurate with the value and expertise we add to the marketplace. Since hiring Darnyelle, we’ve noticed a steady monthly climb in revenues and in our actions and decisions as business owners. In the last 6 months, we have earned more than all of last year! We are more confident in our value and are focused on growing our company. Before Darnyelle we would have never considered charging 5 figures for our services. Now, not only are we charging it, we are earning it! In fact, we’ve seen a 473% return on our investment and we are just getting started. With Darnyelle’s help we have already grown so much and know that the best is yet to come. If you’re tired of not seeing your expertise build a revenue generating business, hire Darnyelle. It really is Incredible what she can help you accomplish. It’s been so great, we hired her again!

Barbara Hemphill & Andrea Andersen
Productive Environment Institute

``Working with Darnyelle has directly contributed to $2MM of my additional revenue!``

“When I met Darnyelle, I was already a very success marketing coach (my business was doing more than ½ million a year), BUT I KNEW that this business should be doing MILLIONS… and I wasn’t quite sure what I was missing. After attending Darnyelle’s Profit From Live Events, I invested in a VIP day with Darnyelle and the pieces came together. With Darnyelle’s help we’ve put the right business model, systems, and team in place, and now just finished our first MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR YEAR. If you need help fine tuning your systems so that you can explode the impact and income of your business, I highly recommend Darnyelle. Working with her has contributed directly to 2M of my business’ growth in 2020 and even more when you count 2021.”

Marquel Russell
King of Client Attraction

``I've added more than $250,000 in revenue from working with Darnyelle``

“Before hiring Darnyelle, my business was doing “okay”, but I knew that I could do so much more, especially with marketing and sales strategy. Because I didn’t hire Darnyelle when I first should have, I was in the same place a year later and that wasn’t going to bring my goals into view. So, I stopped letting fear stop me and I enrolled in her Strategic Biz Retreat. And as a result, I generated $54,500 in new revenue, and signed my largest client at that time just 3 weeks following the retreat using only what Darnyelle taught me. Then I joined her Mastermind and being in a community with other high achieving business owners has allowed me to step outside of myself and do the work so that I can have the business I crave.

Darnyelle doesn’t hold anything back – I have gained increased confidence, unstoppable mindset, growth strategy, an up-leveled strategic business focus and I have the right systems to operate at the highest level. Darnyelle has helped me get out of my own way so that I can use my business to change businesses. As a result of being Darnyelle’s client, I have added more than $100,000 to my business’ bottom line, WOW! The guidance, coaching and mentorship is beyond amazing and the missing piece in my business was finally in place through connecting with Darnyelle. And my family has benefited so massively from my enrollment in Incredible Factor University.”

Octavia Conner, Virtual CFO
Say Yes to Profits

``$62,646 in sales revenue in 60 days... and we're just getting started!``

“In the 60 days following L + S Weekend, we have generated $62,646 in sales revenue. We have another potential $97,500 in the pipeline… and we haven’t even implemented the rest of the processes yet! These will be handled with grace and ease as Darnyelle Jervey Harmon so eloquently says. We are beyond excited. Thank you, Jesus!

Angela Lewis Myles
The Myles Factor

``74k sales increase in just one quarter of being in IFU!``

“After 4 years, I finally took the leap to join IFU. Fear kept me from taking the leap to experience my NEXT LEVEL Everything. However on New Year’s Day, I reached out to Darnyelle after a Clubhouse session and said “I’m ready to get going!”

Before working with Darnyelle, I had decent months but I had NEVER created a 6-figure quarter. Within 90 days of becoming a client, my sales increased $74K (191%) over the prior year same period. I had struggled with getting my ideal clients at higher rates on my own. In less than 75 days of joining IFU, I closed my first 7-figure client! I attribute this success to listening and taking action immediately. Darnyelle and her team shared areas for improvement and I worked on implementing the recommendations – changing my messaging to attract my ideal paying clients, releasing fear, and shifting my mindset (beliefs).

Every successful business owner needs a leader, coach and mentor. If you’re serious about changing the trajectory of your business and living the life of a CEO, then I encourage you to have a discussion with Darnyelle. The investment is worth the outcome!”

Dr. Cozette M. White
My Financial Home Enterprises

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``$750K in sales in 9 months working with Darnyelle !``

“I just want to say that Darnyelle Jervey Harmon is the GOAT. Less than a month and I made a return on my program investment in one day! Then, I went on to have a $250K launch based on the tweaks she had me make to my sales process and presentation and we just finished our first live event with more than $500K in sales. In nine months, Darnyelle has helped me generate more than $750K in sales.  My mind is blown.  This program is amazing. If you are ready to move to millions, you need Darnyelle and team Incredible One!  

Jasmine Womack
The E.M.P.A.C.T. Group

``$125k in less than 30 days!``

“I just had another effortless $25K close on the program Darnyelle helped me price BEFORE at Leverage + Scale Weekend! That makes $75k just from this offer; $125k in total in less than 30 days!”

TerDawn DeBoe
Brand Strategist

``$Over $20k in one month BEFORE Leverage + Scale Weekend!``

“Hey there IFU family! I just reached my goal and made over $20,000 this month! I am so excited for the Weekend so that I can explode it!”

Stevii Aisha Mills
Business Coach & Consultant

``$97,500 since enrolling in the Leverage + Scale Weekend last month!``

Guess who closed the week with a $42K deal? This girl! Glory to God and thank you Darnyelle Jervey Harmon and team for the coaching, tools, and support! That makes $97,500 since enrolling in the Leverage + Scale Weekend last month!

Tish Times
Networking & Sales Trainer

``I'm now closing $20,000 clients!``

“I’ve made more than six figures in a year working with Darnyelle.  First, I joined L + S Weekend and generated $25,000 in cash in 30 days, then I enrolled in the Move to Millions Mastermind and hit my annual goal in 9 months!  I’m now closing $20,000 clients, my largest clients EVER.  Thank you Darnyelle for making me LEVEL ALL THE WAY UP #NextLevelEverything” 


Tenita Chantilly Johnson
Writer, Editor, & Publisher

``Paid in Full $12k Client in less than 30 days``

“Darnyelle is the real deal! I enrolled in Leverage + Scale Weekend ready to create higher end offers, work on my messaging and streamline my process. Within 30 days, I closed a paid in full $12K client using the insights and strategies Darnyelle has shared with us. In addition to that, I am pursuing bigger opportunities and closing more deals. I love having access to Darnyelle and the team; it’s growing me in every way.”

Christina Joy Whittaker
Business & Leadership Coach

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``More than 600% revenue growth and return on investment due to Darnyelle``

gena-davis“Before being exposed to Darnyelle and her team of coaches, I was struggling in my business. Because of Darnyelle, my mindset has shifted and so have my results. For the first time ever, I earned over $15,000 for a day and a half training! I’ve also recently closed a 3-year contract with one client based on what I’ve learned from Darnyelle. I would have never charged that kind of money had it not been for Darnyelle. She’s up-leveled every area of my life…I’ve been in business for five years and for the first time ever, I see a true business that serves me and it’s due to Darnyelle and her coaches. If you want to up-level every area of your life (including your business) you need to hire Darnyelle, period.”

Gena Davis, MBA, CCP, BCC
True Synergy, Inc

``327% growth in my monthly revenue thanks to IFU!``

toya-nicole-benson“Before I became an Incredible Factor University Client, I was making ends meet in my business…barely. In the short period of investing in the coaching and support from Darnyelle and her team, I have watched my revenue climb 327%! As a result of what I’m learning, I am being more intentional, and I am focusing on the right activities to generate revenue. I closed my highest-paying client to date all because of my IFU coaching team’s guidance and support. If you are really ready to build your business, you need Darnyelle and her team – they grow businesses, period.”

Toya Nicole Benson
L. Nicole Media & Communications

``More than $100,000 in new business!``

“Darnyelle is the GOAT – when it comes to business growth knowledge and aligning your faith with your ability to generate consistent revenue in your business, no one does it better. In less than 90 days, I’ve closed more than $100,000 in new business, secured $25,000 in sponsorship for my live event, and I now know that I can take my business to ½ million (if not a million) in the next year to 18 months. And this all started with Leverage + Scale Weekend.”

Donald Morton
Remanned Project

``$150,000 and counting since working with Darnyelle!``

shelley-riutta“I met Darnyelle in a Mastermind Program that she and I were a part of. As I got to know her, I realized she was SO knowledgeable about marketing and growing an incredible business. I was super impressed with how her own business was skyrocketing as well.

When it came time to work on some of the aspects of my new programs and how to create my offer for my first big live event, I knew that I wanted to hire Darnyelle. In just a brief amount of time she gave me very specific feedback on my programs, details about making an offer at the event, and the key shifts in mindset needed to create success.

From the work we did together I was able to present my programs with confidence and from this we have been able to generate more than $150,000 from the live event, and people have continued to fill the programs since.

Thank you Darnyelle! You are a Marketing Rockstar!”

Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC
Global Association for Holistic Psychotherapy (GAHP)

``I've got a THRIVING ½ Million dollar business thanks to Darnyelle.``

kim-kendall“I’ve been working with Darnyelle for two years at this point and when I first met her, I was a mess! Charging too low, unorganized, fearful and unclear how I could really make the kind of money I desire in my business. Since hiring Darnyelle, I’ve stepped into my place as a high end designer, charging five and six figures for my design work and no shortage of clients. I’ve more than doubled my business and I am just getting started. Because Darnyelle is a strategist she helps me think high level and offers insights and actions that move the needle in my business. Now I have a team supporting me! I’m not a solopreneur anymore! But the change in me is much more than the money I’ve earned. I’m confident, I’m clear and I’m building a team to support my business – none of which would have happened had it not been for Darnyelle coming into my life. I’m beyond grateful and forever changed. Darnyelle is so much more than a business coach/consultant. She’s a life changer. If you want to change your life (and grow your business in the process) hire Darnyelle. You’re worth the investment!”

Kim Kendall
Kim Kendall Interiors

``I made $35,000 in my first six weeks in the Accelerator``

“Before enrolling to work with Darnyelle in the Business Growth Accelerator, I was doing well in my business, but I was hustling and grinding and undercharging based on the value I add to my clients. Darnyelle helped me to not only understand my value but raise my rates and streamline my offerings, which helped me to add new clients more easily. In fact, in my first 6 weeks in the Accelerator, I generated $35,000 in new revenue and I am just getting started. If I annualized these early results, I will do more than $300,000 this year in my business! And as good as the financial results have been, I’ve also enjoyed the spirituality and how I can build a business that serves me in every way! It’s really been a game changer for my entire life. If you’re thinking about working with Darnyelle, stop thinking and apply. You’ll see quickly that she’s a Godsend and paramount to reach your next level.”

Dr. Sherrie Walton

``$40,000 in NEW Revenue!``

“Before working with Darnyelle, I was doing amazing in my business and my life! However, I was quickly burning out because I didn’t have systems in place and my prices were way too low.

As a result of joining the Business Growth Accelerator, I’ve literally seen my life and business transform. On a personal level, I was struggling with validation and the fear of not succeeding. I listened to the confidence module over and over. Confidence indeed became the new currency for my business, it has put me in divine alignment, and I am experiencing the overflow from it! My confidence is my gift from God! I deserve to celebrate His greatness in my life, and I finally believe that. From a business perspective, I lacked the systems in place to make my business flow seamlessly. I was operating from a wide business model instead of narrowing my focus to meeting the needs of my ideal client.

By week 15 of the Accelerator, I acquired 8 new authors for my publishing business and enrolled 14 new clients in my soul healing counseling program. I’ve also secured 7 speaking engagements. All of this will yield over $40,000 for my business once projects are completed.

If you’re thinking about hiring Darnyelle (only inquire if you are serious) this process is not for those who are not looking to see results. IF you are ready to see growth in your business and your life, and you want to do it quickly, then I absolutely recommend the Business Growth Accelerator. If you’re not confident, clear, and closing new clients consistently, you need Darnyelle!

JoLanda Rogers
CEO – TALK Consulting, LLC

``From $5,500 a month to $15,000 in 30 days working with Darnyelle!``

“I attended Darnyelle’s Leverage + Scale Weekend and BEFORE the weekend even happened, I received my investment back. Since the Weekend, I have watched my monthly revenue increase from $5,500 to $15,000 and that is within 30 days!!! She shared one strategy that I am able to leverage to get people to pay in full to work with me! Darnyelle is definitely a coach to consider if you’re ready to grow your business.

Latrice Goodwine
Financial Coach & Author

``$178,000 Client in 90 Days Following Leverage + Scale Weekend!``

“Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, MBA is the truth, and God has created her to be such an inspiration to many. I joined the Leverage + Scale Weekend because I needed a coach to get me to where I needed to be faster. Well, Darnyelle did just that. The gifts that God has given her has helped me to secure my first 6-figure client at $178,000!!! You cannot tell me that her systems do not work!

If you work it, follow her guidance, and exercise patience, you will see results faster than you could do on your own. I’m so thankful to God for Darnyelle!

Asha Wilson
The Wilson Marketing Firm

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``I generated more than $90,000 in sales in 90 days!``

“This wasn’t my first time working with Darnyelle. Last time, immediately following our VIP, I had my highest month ever at that time! This time around the same held true. After attending L + S Weekend, I significantly streamlined my business and focus, and the results were more than $90,000 in sales with the potential to grow to $360,000!  I also started hiring my coaching team and had my first ever $42,000 cash month! Darnyelle has me thinking and acting like a CEO who is building a corporation, setting up systems and transforming my corporate clients! If you want to shift your business, you need Darnyelle and Team Incredible One.

Anisa Rashad
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant

``Increased Confidence AND $48,000 in 90 days!``

“Before Leverage + Scale Weekend, I was experiencing inconsistent months in my business even though I knew that my goals were possible. Enter Darnyelle and Team Incredible One. I was able to be around high achievers and given access to a plan that would allow me to grow my business by deepening my faith and connection to God. During the L + S Weekend program, my biggest wins included: increased confidence, 50% increase to mailing list, and $48,000 in new revenue in 90 days! If you’re looking for a coaching team that cares about you and your success, you need Team Incredible One!

Ashleigh Chanél
Make Your Mark Digital Marketing Agency

``$30,000 Cash in 30 Days Following Leverage + Scale Weekend``

“Coming into Leverage + Scale Weekend, I already knew what I was getting. This isn’t the first time I’ve worked with Darnyelle. I already knew that not only would it be good, but it would shift the trajectory of my business. In fact, I’ve been able to create my million dollar year plan based on my Leverage + Scale Offer Suite. What I loved about the weekend was that I got to finally create my high-end offers and messaging so that getting to my true ideal clients would be easier. Darnyelle gave us a goal to generate $30,000 in 30 days and hitting that goal has never been easier! I highly recommend Leverage + Scale Weekend to anyone who is ready to reach their next level.

LaChelle Barnett
Launch Strategist & Consultant

``$24,975.54 in cash in 30 days following the Leverage + Scale Weekend``

“Leverage + Scale Weekend was the beginning of my next level. First of all, there are business coaches and then there is Darnyelle Jervey Harmon. I literally made my investment back DURING the weekend with one of the homework assignments. And went on to have my best month EVER in my business up until that point (working Darnyelle, I keep outdoing myself) Best investment ever and the support of Darnyelle and her team – priceless. Do yourself a favor and enroll.

Tenita Chantilly Johnson
Writing, Editing, Publishing

``My revenues have skyrocketed to over $300,000!``

tish-times“I knew that when I crossed the six-figure mark two months into hiring Darnyelle, that this year was going to be massive for me and my company. But I had NO idea that it would shift me in every way – mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. I’m more confident, consistent and courageous in every aspect of my business.

Before I hired Darnyelle, my business had generated $50,000 and I was grateful. In the 12 months Darnyelle has been my coach, my revenues have skyrocketed to over $300,000. I am not the same woman. I’ve grown in EVERY way. I’m a better wife, mother, First Lady and business woman and I am so grateful to Darnyelle for sharing selflessly with her clients and helping me to achieve a life-long goal. As we move into year two working together, I believe my million dollar business will manifest! If you have tried the rest, you really need to invest in Darnyelle. She is the best!”

Tish Times
Hire Times Training & Coaching Group

``5X revenue growth in just one year!``

sharon-booker-brown“Working with Darnyelle and her team has been truly life changing. Prior to hiring Darnyelle, the thought of making enough to cover my needs was my goal. With her help, I’ve re-focused, learned step by step how to build a business that serves me and I am enjoying the fruits of my labor. My business has grown by 500% in the last year since I’ve been working with Darnyelle and her team. If you are serious about learning how to move the needle in your business, you need to hire Darnyelle. What she does really is Incredible.”

Sharon Booker, CEO
Technical VA Support

``35% increase within our first 6 weeks!``

sheline-kelly“Before working with Darnyelle privately, I was unclear about my business. Following her simple and effective strategies led to me growing my business initially within our first 6 weeks by 35% and continuously over the past three years. We’ve increase our client base and revenue consistently and my business is now making 6 figures because of her mindset, marketing and money-making strategies. I now have two offices, one in Texas and one in India. If you really want to have a business that allows you to experience an entrepreneurial lifestyle, look no further than Darnyelle Jervey Harmon.”

Sheline Kelly
Private Event Consultant
Houston, TX

``600% growth and I'm only halfway through my first year!``

shontaye-hawkins“Before hiring Darnyelle, I had struggled with getting ideal clients at higher rates. But in the short time I have been working with Darnyelle, I have learned how to position my value and attract ideal paying clients. In fact, in my first month working with Darnyelle I achieved a five figure month! I should mention that this was my first time EVER accomplishing this goal.

Because of Darnyelle’s guidance, I almost doubled my best month ever two months later! In fact, three months into my one-year coaching program with Darnyelle and I have already 3X’d my investment. Darnyelle is the truth. I’ve worked with others but I’ve never experienced revenues like this and in such a short time.

If you’re ready to experience a profit-filled business, hire Darnyelle. After all, when people come into her space they make more money. I sure did and the best is yet to come!”

Shontaye Hawkins
Profit is the New Black

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``I've grown my revenue by 600% in less than 90 days as a Incredible Factor University Client!``

daphne-valcin“Before becoming an Incredible Factor University client, I was doing okay in my business but I was not charging what I deserve and I wasn’t getting clients who would pay what I should have been charging. In just two months since I’ve become a client, I’ve watched my revenues skyrocket by 600% and I am now earning what I’ve always wanted in my business! What I love about Incredible Factor University is that I am surrounded by like-minded people, have an amazing coach and get to soak up all of Darnyelle’s insights and strategies that are working to grow my business. I am so glad that I made the investment! If you want to grow your business quickly, you need to work with Darnyelle and her team, period.”

Daphne Valcin
Life & Business Coach

``Working with Darnyelle has been significant in my business development...``

wendy-ida“Our time together, coaching with Darnyelle, has been significant in my life. The consistency and routine that I’ve learned from Darnyelle has made a major difference in my business, personally and professionally. The marketing systems that we created together are still working. As a result of Darnyelle’s coaching, I’ve coached international clients and been booked to speak internationally. I’m building my team and am more focused on expanding my brand. I’m getting major exposure and fabulous opportunities. My client roster is growing and expanding internationally.

I truly can’t think Darnyelle and her team enough. While I’ve always had tons of media exposure, Darnyelle has helped me to monetize it with clients, retreats and speaking engagements. The way that Darnyelle helped me to develop my coaching packages gave me more confidence in charging what I deserve so that I could make more money doing what I know I am here to do invaluably. If you are looking for a coach that really can help you to monetize your message, hire Darnyelle, period.”

Wendy Ida
Best Selling Author and Fitness Coach

“Had my highest months ever working with Darnyelle and her team!”

lucia-robles“Before hiring Darnyelle, I was doing “okay” in my business but I had goals to grow my business to a higher level of sales and revenue. In our first month working together, I had my highest month ever! And, I turned around and did it again in the months following.

I’ve worked with other business mentors, but working with Darnyelle finally set me on a trajectory of growth. She understands all types of businesses and she could offer strategies to help me grow my retail sales and as well as increase my retainer clients. I highly recommend Darnyelle to anyone who’s looking to move the needle in their business. When she says she grows businesses, she’s telling you the truth!”

Chef Lucia E. Robles
Lucia & Co.

``As a result of working with Darnyelle, my income has grown by 125.7%!``

wanda-watson-brown“Before working with Darnyelle, I was “getting by” in my business, but not able to get past $5,000-$6,000 a month in income. I also struggled with various mindset challenges that kept me just maintaining and not growing in my business. Since working with Darnyelle, we’ve dealt with my mindset challenges and cleared the decks so that I could focus on bringing abundance into my life and business. I have become more productive, set up an effective time management schedule that introduced balance to my life, and created value-based packages and raised my prices. As a result, my income has grown by 125.7% and I am now closing $50,000 clients! I’m more convinced than ever that not only does every business owner need a coach, but more importantly, they need a coach who is holistic – working on their mindset, marketing and ability to make more money in their business like Darnyelle has done for me and my business.”

Wanda Watson
Premier Small Business Solutions

``256% sales increase over last year thanks to Darnyelle!``

meryl-hooker“Before hiring Darnyelle, my mindset around building a new business was a little off. But then I bought her Marketing Success Formula and Ideal Client Bootcamp and vowed to do whatever she told me. Her home study programs are amazing. They are detailed and have clear, actionable strategies that tell you what to do. When I did what she suggested, I made more money.

At Unleash Your Incredible Factor, I stepped in and enrolled in IFU and within a short period of time the way I conduct business has completely changed in the most incredible way. We are just getting started and I’ve already made 5x what I invested in Incredible Factor University! Darnyelle is the truth and she can help you get clarity, clients and cash flow. Don’t delay, hire her today!”

Meryl Hooker
Sales Rockstar

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``One year later, I have a six figure business thanks to Darnyelle!``

serita-diana“Before working with Darnyelle, I was making $275 a month in my business and I was allowing life to keep me distracted from learning how to make my business work. Since hiring Darnyelle, I’ve gained clarity and insight around marketing, pricing, hiring and operations and that has allowed me to experience an amazing shift in my business.

After just 12 months of working with Darnyelle, I am now earning $10,000 to $12,000 a month in revenue for my business and I am now a 6-figure business owner! If you’re wondering whom you should hire to grow your business, it’s Darnyelle. Hands down. I had joined another program prior to hiring Darnyelle and I was still as confused as ever in my business. She cares about her clients, holds them accountable to their greatness and offers breakthrough strategies to make their lives and businesses Incredible Ones. She’s been a true blessing in my life and I am so grateful to have her.”

Serita Diana
List 2 Close Assistant

``Darnyelle gives you EVERYTHING you need to succeed in your business.``

abby-locke“Before working with Darnyelle, I had a fairly successful business, but I definitely had room for growth. In hiring Darnyelle, I was immediately taught strategies to raise my rates and now I’m getting new clients to pay me what I’m worth! I have also consistently closed more clients, even closing 12 new clients in 10 days.

What I love about working with Darnyelle is that she gives you EVERYTHING you need to succeed in your business – she really holds nothing back. Darnyelle’s scripts helped me to improve my closing ratio substantially so that now for every 5 people I talk to I’m closing 3 to 4! Working with Darnyelle has been invaluable. I’m more confident, I’m more focused and most importantly, I am serving my ideal clients consistently. I’ve learned so much that I realized that I need to stay plugged in to the source of my success so I signed up for a 2nd year. If you are wanting to grow your business holistically, you need to work with Darnyelle. She’s so much more than a business coach. She’s everything you need to have a wildly successful business!”

Abby Locke

``I'm earning more and back in love with my business!``

amanda-littlejohn“Several months before I reached out to Darnyelle, I had stopped offering my signature personal branding session. Even though I loved working individually with clients, the sessions no longer made sense in light of my revenue goals. But I missed the energy of working one on one with clients and giving them life-changing breakthroughs in such a short amount of time.

Darnyelle helped me see that I could bring the service back in a way that made more sense for my business. She helped me restructure the offer so that I could raise the price, incorporate the Branding Box to add more value, and deliver the session in a way that was ideal for both me and the client in the long term.

In the first 30 days after reconfiguring the offer, I earned an additional $5,000 from that one service by putting Darnyelle’s plan into action. That’s a 333% return on my investment in her 90-minute strategy session! But more importantly, I’m back working one on one with individuals and doing what I do best – helping them package their genius. My clients are happier and so am I. Thanks, Darnyelle!”

Amanda Miller Littlejohn
Personal Branding Coach and Creator of The Branding Box

``Just one year later, I became a six-figure business owner!``

lavada-thompson“I remember sitting at Unleash Your Incredible Factor Live, hungry to learn secrets to grow my business to six figures. I had an amazing time – the people were great, the content was great and the experience was great… or should I say Incredible?! Darnyelle shared some amazing insights and gave me what I needed to go home and get to work.

As I came back to Unleash the following year, I was proud to say I had become a 6-figure business owner! Darnyelle is amazing at what she does. She adds value, she keeps it real and she equips others to experience success on their own terms. Want to be able to say the same? Join me at Unleash Your Incredible Factor next year!”

Lavada Thompson
Your Lucrative Launch

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``I closed a $250,000+ client with Darnyelle's help!``

star-bobatoon“Before becoming an Incredible Factor University client and working with Darnyelle, I was a great speaker but I was not a well paid one. Darnyelle showed me how to monetize my message. What I continue to be impressed by is the fact that Darnyelle’s not just a marketing coach, she’s a proven business leader who understands business and teaches others, including me, how to build viable businesses.

Her expertise has changed my life in so many ways. in addition to showing me how to monetize my message to make more money speaking, she helped me understand my value. With her help, I closed a multi-six figure client. I’m forever up-leveled! If you want to make more money, come into Darnyelle’s space, she does after all grow businesses, period. 

Star Bobatoon
Star Consulting, LLC

``A year with Darnyelle was like attending Business School!``

susan-miller“Before working with Darnyelle, my business was just an idea. Now thanks to a year with Darnyelle, I have built a firm foundation for my business to ensure that I build a business and not an expensive hobby.

I have learned so much working with Darnyelle and it has given me a rock solid foundation. Her program walked me step-by-step through every component of having a business that will yield results. In fact, working through her program has been like going to business school. She is one of a kind and brings such passion, skill and know-how to her programs and clients. I am much more clear and more focused than ever on helping my clients.

Darnyelle has been an inspiration to me. Her professionalism is to be exemplified. If you are looking for a rock solid foundation for your business, you should work with Darnyelle.”

Susan Miller

``Because of Darnyelle's strategies, I got to take an entire month off in Hawaii!``

amanda-wright“Before hiring Darnyelle as my business coach and mentor, I was clear that I had an amazing gift, but I found myself getting caught up in all the background details. Because of Darnyelle, I am implementing systems and I even raised my rates. And more importantly, clients aren’t hesitating to pay them! In fact, I can honestly say that I’ve added more than $40,000 in new income to my business revenue because of working with Darnyelle. Thanks to Darnyelle’s strategies I got to spend an entire month in Hawaii playing more than I worked.

I am so appreciative of the coaching I’ve received from Darnyelle. As a relationship coach, it’s important to me for a business coach to not only have valuable information, but to also have the ability to speak “my language”. She listens to my specific issues while effectively giving me the skillset to handle them. I feel the structure and clarity my business hard taken on would not be possible without Darnyelle. If you are ready to grow your business, you need a coach and mentor like Darnyelle.

Amanda Wright
Right Now Wellness

``Darnyelle has a gift for zeroing in on ways to quickly increase your profitability...``

debra-condren“Darnyelle is a tour de force of business acumen and inspiration. She is an expert in helping clients create systems to run their businesses more smoothly, clarify their marketing language and develop and launch new products and services that attract and serve their ideal clients. Darnyelle is energetic, creative and has a gift for zeroing in on ways to quickly increase your profitability – and have fun in the process! If you are looking for a business coach who will help you grow your business, make more money, and make the contribution you were born to make, Darnyelle Jervey Harmon is an Incredible choice.

Dr. Debra Condren
Ambition Is Not A Dirty Word

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``I tripled my income from last year and there's still time left this year!``

sherrell-martin“Before working with Darnyelle, I knew that I wanted to have my own business, but found myself really bogged down with how to do it effectively so that I could leave my job. In working with Darnyelle, let me just say that she gives so much. In fact, I wasn’t prepared for the amount of information and strategy that I received. I have gotten new clients who pay my rates. I’m very impressed with how far I’ve come in working with her.

My biggest takeaway has been the mindset shifts that she has helped me to make consistently. These shifts have allowed me to increase my revenue from last year by 277%. Darnyelle’s program isn’t just marketing, it includes everything you need to get out of your own way and create a life and business that is Incredible.

If you are thinking about hiring Darnyelle, my recommendation would be yes. You’ll get a return on your investment, you’ll shift your results and you’ll be doing the work you love even more effectively.”

Sherrell Martin
CEO of Nitram Financial Solutions

``If you want to change your life and business, Darnyelle is the right person to take you to the next level.``

donna-duffy“Working with Darnyelle has been truly transformational. Before working with Darnyelle, I had worked with other coaches and mentors, but I’d never gotten the clarity and personal and professional breakthroughs that I’ve received in the time we’ve worked together. It’s been so life changing that I hired her again! I’ve attracted new ideal, paying clients, created valuable packages and found my own Incredible Factor for helping others to achieve their goals. More than anything, I feel supported and that means so much. If you want to change your life AND business, Darnyelle is the right person to take you to your next level.”

Donna Duffy

``I've doubled my income since I started working with Darnyelle!``

ara-atkinson-skinner“Before working with Darnyelle, I was doing okay in my business but I knew that I could do better. Working with Darnyelle has given me clarity, focus, systems and processes to grow my business. I am now attracting my ideal clients and getting paid what I am worth and, more importantly, what I deserve to get paid for my expertise. Darnyelle is just so good at helping you choose the right words to get clients to hire you!

Since hiring Darnyelle, I have consistently added new clients, earned more each month and am continuing to create systems to help my business run more efficiently. I even took a two week vacation! If your business is doing okay and you believe it can be doing much better, you need a coach and consultant like Darnyelle so that she can get knee-deep in your business and help you plug the holes, clarify your prices and processes, and attract clients that help you make more doing what you love.”

Ara Atkinson-Skinner
Ara Illustrated

``Every time I talk to Darnyelle, I come away with something new...``

morna-mcever“Darnyelle is a gem. She’s got business savvy and mindset awareness, an important combination in today’s environment. Whether you listen to her weekly video tips or teleseminars, read her ezine or have a private conversation, you will come away with valuable information that you can put to use in your business right away. I continue to be amazed that every time I talk with Darnyelle, she zones right into my need and I come away with a nugget that I can use to build my business, and it’s made a difference in getting my Incredible Factor into the world.”

Morna McEver Golletz
CEO/Founder International Association of Professional Quilters

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``6 Months After Attending Darnyelle's Event, I am a 6-Figure Business Owner!``

malica-fleming“Before attending Darnyelle’s Incredible Factor Event, I was paralyzed by my vision of what I knew I could achieve in my business. I knew that I was an extremely gifted designer, but I was scared of my own success and not sure how to move past that. I knew that if things were going to be different this year that I had to step out on faith and do something different. For me, this was leaving the excuses behind and attending Darnyelle’s event.

The atmosphere at her event was supercharged – exciting, inspirational and purple! I was surrounded and supported by incredible women from all walks of life who truly wanted to see me succeed. Darnyelle was amazing and the content we received was invaluable. I especially loved the mindset topic because it forced me to view myself and my business in a totally different light. When I left, I had practical tools and effective strategies to market and show up in my business in a BIG way. My brain had been expanded and I knew that I couldn’t play small any longer.

As a result of what I learned at her event, I had the confidence to bid on a 6-figure, multiple year government contract – something I never would have considered doing before because it just seemed too big and too risky. I’m elated to state that the contact was awarded to my company and I knew that wouldn’t have happened without Darnyelle’s help.

If you are ready to play big and leave the status quo behind, get yourself to one of her events or hire her as your coach – Darnyelle is a knowledgeable, amazing resource and if you apply what you learn with her, your life and business will change in an incredible way.”

Malica Fleming

``Working with Darnyelle was just what my business needed for growth and expansion!``

kelvin-delmar“Before hiring Darnyelle, I was doing well in my business. But Darnyelle helped me to think bigger and she also helped me to create more systems for my marketing which ultimately increased my results and revenue. She’s so creative and the strategies she shares really work if you implement them. I’m so glad that I found her and let her help me position my business for more success. Hire Darnyelle, you won’t be disappointed.”

Kelvin Delmar
Resurrect Fitness

``I have grown into a solid multiple six-figure business!``

“Before working with Darnyelle, I was barely making $60,000 a year. I was not clear how to position my brand and create a marketing message and strategy that would allow me to work with my ideal clients and build a professional speaking career.

In the two years I have been working with Darnyelle, I have grown my business into a solid multiple six-figure business. I’m closing clients at higher rates and building a powerful team to support me. Working with Darnyelle is about so much more than my business growth, she’s changing my life in every way. I love everything about IFU. If you are an attorney or small business owner who feels that you don’t need help with branding and marketing, you are wrong. You need an expert like Darnyelle to show you exactly how to get out there in a way that allows you leverage to serve more clients and earn more income in your industry.”

Lakisha N. Dean, Esq.
Law Offices of Lakisha Dean

``You will walk away with more than you expected...``

sue-frost“After one hour with Darnyelle, my business plan grew exponentially. She offers the perfect combination of motivational/inspirational coaching and tips on exactly how to complete solid plans. You will walk away with more than you expected. Best of all, her advice will directly address your unique gifts and match them with the needs of your clients. Because of Darnyelle, I created my first product, which has enhanced my sales, credibility and confidence during speaking engagements. Grab something to write with, call Darnyelle, and hold on to your hat! She’s incredible, and she’ll make you feel that way too.”

Sue Frost
Certified Life Coach, Professional Organizer, Writer and Speaker

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``You need Darnyelle if you are ready to clarify your purpose and build a business that can profit and thrive!``

petal-thorne“Before working with Darnyelle, I was already a very successful business owner with multiple ventures, but I had a dream to start offering coaching services to help entrepreneurs profit and thrive. Over the last year of working with Darnyelle, I have built a solid program and business where she helped me attract and close 20 clients. I’ve also established my brand. As a result of our work, I have come full circle with myself, my goals, my purpose and my dreams. I am clear on who I am and my Incredible Factor. I am so glad that I found and invested in Darnyelle. Her guidance and support has made a world of difference and I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to clarify their purpose and build a business that they can profit and thrive around.”

Petal Thorne
Profit and Thrive

``I have experienced seismic shifts personally and professionally from working with Darnyelle!``

stacy-tucker“I unequivocally recommend Darnyelle as a business coach, speaker brand strategist and marketing maven. Her gift for tapping into what drives people and then inspiring and motivating them based on their unique gifts and talents is nothing short of incredible. She does all of this from a place of spirit and authenticity that is unparalleled among her peers. She has me out of my comfort zone and growing my agency significantly. I have experienced a seismic shift both personally and professionally since working with her and if you desire the same, Darnyelle will be your partner of choice.”

Stacy Tucker
State Farm Insurance

``If you want to learn how to build a business, you need to hire Darnyelle, period.``

sharon-addison“Before working with Darnyelle, I was already a seasoned business owner with a platform and a message but I wasn’t getting paid what I’m worth.

First of all, Darnyelle gives you so much. Her program is an amazing value for the investment, and she gives and gives and gives to help you build your business. And she cares. I know that I am not just a number, she really cares about me and shows it consistently. I have so many friends who’ve hired other coaches but they aren’t getting half of what Darnyelle gives to her clients.

With Darnyelle’s help, I’ve created packages and raised my rates and I am closing clients who pay me what I’m worth. She’s helped me to think like a business owner and I highly recommend that you consider her as your next coach and mentor if you truly want to grow your business.”

Sharon Addison
Addison Media Group

``I grew my business by $50,000 in one year with Darnyelle's help as my coach.``

raevyn-jones“Before hiring Darnyelle, I worked with other coaches but I never experienced results like this! In fact, Darnyelle is so committed to helping her clients master sales conversations that she provides us with a step by step outline and script to guide the conversation. By using the outline and not deviating, I closed my first ever $10,000 deal!

Since hiring Darnyelle, my business is more systemized. I have also increased my revenue about $50,000 and my client retention rate has improved. I’m so glad that I made the decision to work with Darnyelle! If you really want to grow your business, you need a coach like Darnyelle who openly shares the tools you need to move the needle in your business.”

Raevyn Hokett
Pink Slip Prep School

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“In the 90 days since I attended the SBR with Darnyelle, I’ve increased my income by more than $50,000!”

nailah-beraki“I am a big fan of Darnyelle and her work. On more than once occasion, I have hired her to help me propel my business forward. I attended her very first Strategic Biz Retreat and as I expected, it was amazing. She truly understands business and I am always amazed at how she can help you to get laser focus on your messaging to move the needle in your business. In the 90 days following the retreat, here are my results: I’ve generated more than $50,000 in new revenue, sold four 1/2 VIP days, added 38 new clients to my psychotherapy practice and I added 3 new coaching clients.

I love how the SBR has helped me diversify my services and offerings to reach more ideal clients. The marketing map Darnyelle helped us to create has changed the way I think and operate in my business! If you want to achieve a new level of success in your business, you need to invest in the SBR. You (and your bank account) will be so glad that you did!”

Nailah G. Beraki, Pivot Now

“I closed $10,500 in 3 days following the Strategic Biz Retreat with Darnyelle!”

dorri-scott“Working with Darnyelle is phenomenal. She’s not just big picture, she offers the strategy to back it up and it works.

In just three days following her Strategic Biz Retreat, I closed $10,500 in new client income! If you are serious about growing your business, she is exactly what you need and you need to run, not walk, to join Darnyelle at her next Strategic Biz Retreat!”

Dorri C. Scott
Loudoun Woman Media

“The Strategic Biz Retreat changed my business and I have new clients to prove it!”

sharon-booker-brown“Since the Strategic Biz Retreat with Darnyelle, I have increased my income by 60% each month consistently. More than anything, Darnyelle reminded me of the value I add to my ideal clients. I’m more focused and my clients and fees are up-leveled. I’m on track for my first EVER 6-figure year because of Darnyelle’s strategies and commitment to helping business owners experience growth at every level – personally, professionally, spiritually, financially, emotionally and physically. Darnyelle knows her stuff and she knows how to help you grow your business and position your services for profit! Don’t delay if given an opportunity to work with her. She makes sure you get clarity and a sound plan that will work for you and your business. This is hands down the best investment I’ve made since I started my business and I know that I will be earning my first six figures sooner than I ever would have had I not hired Darnyelle.”

Sharon Booker
S.D. Booker & Associates

“Just 30 days after my Strategic Biz Retreat with Darnyelle, I closed a $46,000 contract and one year later, I’ve added more than $200,000 in new revenue!”

marissa-paine“Before working with Darnyelle, when presented with an opportunity to work with an organization, I would have offered what I just made $46,000 on for $10,000! But I attended the Strategic Biz Retreat with Darnyelle and got up-leveled; my mindset, my rates, my confidence and my ability to close more sales more often. I cannot believe that just 30 days after the retreat, I have earned $46,000. In the year since I experienced the SBR, I’ve added more than $200,000 in new revenue!

If you are ready to make more money doing what you love, you need to attend the next Strategic Biz Retreat that Darnyelle offers. It was the best investment I’ve ever made and I’ve already made a 900% return on my investment and I am just getting started!”

Marissa Q. Paine
The Painefree Coaching & Consulting Group

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“If you are needing guidance to grow your business, I recommend Darnyelle because she provides the hard facts about business.”

tanya-roberts“Before attending the Strategic Biz Retreat with Darnyelle, I was not clear on my numbers (cost of doing business, how to determine charges/rates or how to set packages).

During the retreat, I was able to focus on my business specifically while gaining insight from the other three incredible participants.

What I enjoyed most about working with Darnyelle in a small intense group of my peers, was the time to laser focus on my needs and potential for my business, while hearing from others and their experiences, suggestions, and the opportunities to partner with them in the future.

If you are needing guidance to grow your business, I recommend Darnyelle because she provides the hard facts about business. This is a real opportunity to be schooled and hear what you need to hear to make a change to grow your business.”

Tanya Roberts
Structured Chaos

“You can’t go wrong unless you just don’t go to the Strategic Biz Retreat!”

l-denise-jackson“Before attending the Strategic Biz Retreat with Darnyelle, I had spent a ton of money and was overwhelmed and underachieved without a move to implement. During the retreat, I felt the clear and quiet confidence that not only could I do it, but my dream revenue number was closer than I thought. On the first night, I looked at my projected numbers and was projected OVER my dream number. I knew then it was totally possible.

What I enjoyed most about the opportunity to work with Darnyelle in a small intense group of my peers was that not only was it encouraging, the insecurity I felt about sharing was non-existent because of the safe space Darnyelle created. She enabled us to see our blockages, opportunities, truth, lies, and was simply liberating (sometimes with a release of tears).

If you are needing guidance to grow your business, I recommend Darnyelle because she won’t pull punches to expose you to you. Instead, she does it in a nurturing and loving way for you to be your best self and see the level of success available to you. You can’t go wrong unless you just don’t go.

L. Denise Jackson
America’s Leadership Solutionist
LDJ Solutions, LLC

``$40,000 more revenue this year thanks to IFU!``

cari-flowers“As an IFU client, I am learning how to think like a business owner. I am developing sustainable processes, connecting with more ideal clients and building a book of business that I can be proud of. Since joining IFU, my revenues have steadily increased and my total revenue growth over last year was $40,000 (and I enrolled half way through this year). I project continued growth, building a real team and becoming an industry leader in the graphic design space. If you want to learn how to build a business that serves you, you need to work with Darnyelle and her team. It’s the game change that I needed and I’m so grateful to see what happens next.”

Cari Flowers, CEO
CF Graphics and Design

“I signed my first 4-figure client thanks to Darnyelle!”

tameka-evans“Before hiring Darnyelle, while I knew that what I do is needed in the marketplace, I had no real idea on how to go from idea to income. I participated in the Strategic Biz Retreat with Darnyelle and the content and strategy blew my mind. More importantly, I learned EXACTLY what I need to do with consistency to attract, close and retain ideal clients. My confidence is soaring because Darnyelle pours in with strategy, sensibility, and just the right amount of tough love and a belief in your dream and goals.

Within a few weeks of the retreat, I closed my first truly ideal client in a four figure package and I know that this is just the beginning. If you are struggling with piecing your business model and marketing strategies together, hire Darnyelle. It will be the best investment you will make and you will experience a return faster than you can say ‘Unleashing my Incredible Factor’.”

Tameka Evans
DFI Coaching

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“In the 6 months following the Strategic Biz Retreat, I have closed $72,000 in new business!”

sherrell-martin“Participating the the Strategic Biz Retreat was just what I needed to make a significant shift in my business. I had worked with Darnyelle a few years ago and as a result, I become a six figure business owner by leveraging her strategies. Ready to up-level my business again, I joined her at an SBR, and it was exactly what I needed to position my company for next tier success.

In the 6 months following the SBR, I have closed $72,000 in new business, had clients renew, re-aligned my brand and hired key team members to help me continue to grow and scale my business. I feel amazing right now and more than anything, I know that I am building a business that will help my family to thrive.”

Sherrell Martin
Nitram Financial Solutions

``One Strategy From Darnyelle During My VIP Day Pre-Call has made me $500,000!``

andy-henriquez“What I love about working with Darnyelle is that she gives and gives strategies that WORK. In fact, before we even spent the day together simplifying my business, I had already made my investment back! One strategy during my pre-call, added $15,000 to my income BEFORE we spent the day together! 

During our VIP Day, Darnyelle helped me to simplify my business model and increase my profits intensely. I’m working with a new confidence that I can grow my business substantially. I went home and started to apply her strategies and added an additional $15,000 and I’m set! I know exactly what to do and how to do it to yield serious results and income into my business.

Spending the day with Darnyelle was worth EVERY dollar and I’m so grateful to have had the experience. She’s top-notched and committed to helping you position your business for profit. If you want to simplify your business and boost your bottom line hiring Darnyelle is your only option. By the way, that strategy is still riding strong; I’ve added more than $500,000 because of it.”

Andy Henriquez
Show Up For Your Life

``$7,000 and a new client less than 24 hours later!``

dominique-reese“Less than 24 hours after my VIP Day with Darnyelle, I sold my first $7,000 program using the very strategies she shared with me during our time together! Spending the time with Darnyelle mapping out my business strategy step by step was a true game changer for me. I am so equipped to build a six-figure business in the next few months and I know that having her as a part of my team as my mentor and coach is the key to ensuring that it happens quickly. Best investment I’ve ever made to grow my business hands down. She truly is Incredible when it comes to understanding how to help you grow your business.

Wanting to take your business to the next level? Work with Darnyelle. The investment is worth it and your future clients and employees will thank you for caring enough to get expert guidance and support.”

Dominique Reese
Reese Financial Services
Creator of Master My Money

``My VIP Day with Darnyelle was just what I needed to position myself for growth!``

kim-kendall“In spending the day with Darnyelle, it really was amazing what she was able to do with my business. First, she helped me to create a strategy to achieve my business revenue goal. She also helped me to fine tune my message and create a marketing strategy that would work for me to grow my business.

What I loved most about our day together is that Darnyelle did her due diligence before our day and did research and created a strategy that would be both effective and easy for me to implement. I loved our day so much that I hired her as my coach and consultant and that has hands down been the best thing I’ve done for my business to date. If you’re clear that you are on to something great in your business, but you need help with the mechanics so that you ACTUALLY exceed your goals, hire Darnyelle. Just one day will shift your life and business FOREVER!”

Kim Kendall
Kim Kendall Interiors

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``My VIP Day with Darnyelle was the beginning of my MASSIVE business growth!``

chris-darling“I honestly cannot think of what my life and business would be like if I never met Darnyelle Jervey Harmon. Personally, she has helped to shift my mindset and focus on positive ways to make a difference for myself and my loved ones. I am more focused and clear and ready to change the world. In my business, the results have been equally life changing. I invested in myself which included a FULL VIP Day with Darnyelle. Just 6 days after my VIP, I brought in over $11,000 and went on to have my highest month earning month ever at over $15,000 in new revenue into my business.

Darnyelle is masterful at creating businesses that are holistically successful – mindset marketing and business development and money-making strategy. She does her due diligence and helps you to create customized strategy for your industry so that your growth is sustainable and not short lived. Again, I say meeting Darnyelle changed not only my business, but more importantly, my life.”

Chris Darling
Darling SEO

``As a result of our VIP Day, I have a clear cut strategy for growth!``

heidi-webb“I hired Darnyelle at the suggestion of a friend who I have a great deal of respect for. During our VIP Day, Darnyelle was able to help me completely make sense of my business goals – to grow my practice and to create an entirely different business to allow me to get my work farther into the world. As a result of our time together, I have a clear-cut strategy for growth, I have increased my rates and am now clear in how to make the shift in my business. When I shared my new rates with prospects, they paid them without even blinking. I love how Darnyelle doesn’t just pull numbers out of the sky, but she uses strategy and clarity of goals to determine what is best for you to experience the growth you desire.

Investing in Darnyelle was by far one of the best decisions I’ve made in business, and if you are serious about taking your business to the next level, you should invest in yourself through Darnyelle as well.”

Heidi R. Webb
Attorney and Divorce Consultant

``Our 200% Growth Working with Darnyelle Started with a VIP Day!``

pei“In hiring Darnyelle, we got a VIP day, which was amazing. First, she came to us, which was amazing and she had a clear plan upon walking through the door to our offices. The ease with which she breaks down goals and makes the strategies achievable is truly a gift. Within weeks of our VIP day, we were growing our revenue substantially. In fact, with Darnyelle’s guidance during our VIP day, we more than doubled our business revenue in less than a year! Not to mention, we are more confident, more clear and more focused on building a profitable business. Before Darnyelle we would have never considered charging 5 figures for our services. Now, not only are we charging it, we are earning it! In fact, we’ve seen a 473% return on our investment and we are just getting started. With Darnyelle’s help we have already grown so much and know that the best is yet to come. If you’re tired of not seeing your expertise build a revenue generating business, hire Darnyelle. It really is Incredible what she can help you accomplish. It’s been so great, we hired her again!”

Barbara Hemphill & Andrea Andersen
Productive Environment Institute

``My first VIP Day with Darnyelle created my 7-figure growth plan!``

tish-times“Now that I am in my second year working with Darnyelle, I up-leveled my support to Amethyst. At the Amethyst level, you get VIP days with Darnyelle.

My first VIP day was amazing and the ease of creating my seven-figure year plan with Darnyelle was amazing. She’s thought of everything and she breaks it down to a level that is easy to comprehend, stand behind and implement from. Due to her guidance and support, I am on my way to my million-dollar business! If you have tried the rest, you really need to invest in Darnyelle. She is the best!”

Tish Times
HireTimes Training & Coaching Group

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``My VIP Day with Darnyelle positioned my companies for exponential success!``

donna-duffy“If you get an opportunity to spend a day with Darnyelle working on your business – do not hesitate, it will be the best investment you make in growing your business. Darnyelle is a genius at marketing no doubt, but even more she understands business optimization strategies that create operational efficiencies that ultimately grow businesses.

In our VIP day, Darnyelle crafted a customized strategy that has blown the roof off of my business. She’s knowledgeable, masterful and focused on your holistic success. We have used those strategies consistently to attract clients, develop new relationships, sell our services and influence the world. I am so grateful to Darnyelle and grateful to know her personally and professionally. She truly changed my life and business!”

Donna Duffy
3E Marketing Solutions

``At the end of my VIP Day with Darnyelle, I was clear I needed to hire her as my business coach!``

paula-pierce“Before working with Darnyelle, I was clear that my life’s work was important and that learning how to build a business around it was non-negotiable. During our VIP Day, Darnyelle helped me solidify a strategy to help me grow my business and do the work I know I was called to do. With Darnyelle’s help, I’ve gained clarity, focus and a plan to turn this business into a game changer in my industry. At the end of the VIP day, I had so many amazing strategies and I was clear that I needed Darnyelle to help me to implement them, so I hired her to be my business coach and mentor. If you have a mission to change lives with your work and you need help figuring out just HOW to do it so that you can build a business that offers financial AND spiritual rewards, you need to hire Darnyelle.”

Paula Pierce
Peridona Strategies

``300% growth over last year!``

juliet-murphy“Before working with Darnyelle, I was barely making it happen in my business. I knew I have what it takes, however I lacked some of the tools to make it happen. Then I met Darnyelle when she came to speak to my NAWBO chapter in California and that’s where her magic entered my life! I was immediately intrigued by her story and the results that she has attained in her business. I purchased her book, “Market Like a ROCK Star” and it was filled with ideas and strategies that I could immediately use. She really knows her stuff. It was so great, I needed more. As a result, I hired Darnyelle for a 1/2 VIP Day and Oh My Goodness, this woman is Incredible. Leveraging the strategies she gave me during our time together, I increased my revenue by an additional 300%. If growing your business is your goal, then working with Darnyelle should be a goal as well. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me because I am connected to this powerful woman.”

Juliet Murphy
Executive Career Coach

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“Within one week of my session with Darnyelle, I made $5,000!”

“Before working with Darnyelle, I struggled with new ways to market my business and with having the confidence to charge the fees that I am worth. Since I started working with Darnyelle, I have implemented new marketing strategies, created packages and pricing that has shown immediate results. Within one week, I booked 2 new clients for a total revenue of over $5,000. Going forward, I expect to continue to build my brand by implementing the tips and strategies I received from Darnyelle’s coaching. For anyone thinking of hiring Coach Darnyelle, don’t waste time… call her today! Her results-driven services and programs are worth the time and investment. After a one-hour call, I was able to put a plan in place that is really working to further my event management company!”

Tiffany Chalk
Tiffany Chalk Events

``3 New Clients since my 90-Minute Session with Darnyelle (at my higher rates!)``

karen-townsend“Before hiring Darnyelle, I was busy but not profitable. With the help of her during our private session, I am more focused, have higher rates and I am welcoming new clients. What I enjoyed most about my time with Darnyelle aside from being able to tap into her brilliance in the business-building process is that she helped me to customize my strategy so that I can work smarter instead of harder. It’s already translated into three new clients, three new opportunities and a renewed sense of purpose. If you are not where you desire to be in your business, hire Darnyelle. She grows businesses. Period.”

Karen Townsend, PhD
KTownsend Consulting

“I had my largest income ever in one week so far, almost 5 figures!”

bridgett-battles“Coach Darnyelle is truly Incredible. I came to her ready to grow my business, and after I’d only been working with her for two weeks I had restructured my service offerings into three highly-desirable packages. As a result, I closed three new clients in just days, which increased my monthly income by 500%… and I had my highest income ever in one week so far – almost 5 figures! Darnyelle really is that good. I have a new confidence, and she is walking me step-by-step through an effective marketing and business plan with growth expected at every level. Now I’m closing in on my ideal client goal and working on creating products and leveraged service offerings to serve more people. She’s helped me create my signature talk and I already have 6 paid speaking engagements scheduled. I’ve never been so invigorated about being able to serve others in a big way. She teaches, she removes blocks and she is so creative that you will gain so much and your ideal clients will benefit from the investment you made in yourself and your business.”

Lady Bridgett Battles
Image Consultant

From Facebook: “In just 60 minutes, Darnyelle helped me revise my pricing to charge what I’m worth.”

trina-hammack“I have just got to say… if you ever, ever, ever need a business coach or mentor, or someone to set you straight and get you clear on where you are going and what you are doing in your business, look up Darnyelle Jervey Harmon of Incredible One Enterprises!!! She has the most incredible laser focus and eagle eye that I have ever seen. In 60 minutes, we created my packages and prices and I now feel great about charging what I’m worth. Thank you sooooo much, Darnyelle! You are truly a ROCKSTAR!”

Trina Hammack
Quantum Vitality

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``265% growth since hiring Darnyelle!``

karlene-sinclair-robinson“Before becoming an Incredible Factor University client and working with Darnyelle, I was building my business at an okay pace but I needed a boost to see my revenue increase substantially. And Darnyelle and IFU gave me just what I needed! As a result of working with Darnyelle, I got clearer about my business. I started thinking in terms of systems and as a result I refined processes that make it easier for me to work and live each day. Honestly, just completing her initial assessment was eye-opening and helped me to work more effectively in my business. Her IFU curriculum is so vast and thorough. Darnyelle understands business and she has done an exceptional job helping business owners like me experience growth in every possible way. I’m a better woman, a better business owner and a better servant for my clients. And I made much more money! In fact, my revenues increased by more than 265% and I’m on track to triple my revenue this year and achieve $1,000,000 in three years and working with Darnyelle has been a HUGE part of my growth and success. What are you waiting for? Invest in yourself through Darnyelle and IFU, it will be the best business decision you’ve ever made.”

Karlene Sinclair Robinson
KSR Solutions, LLC

``Working with Darnyelle was just what I needed to build a strong foundation for my business.``

candy-miles-crocker“Before hiring Darnyelle, I was already successful in my primary business as a Real Estate Broker, but I knew that I wanted to start a second business, offering my expertise to real estate agents. Darnyelle’s coaching, guidance and strategy helped me to get clear, develop my product offerings and position my business for the audiences I desired to serve.

Darnyelle helped me to lay the best foundation for my business – she connected the dots on the business for me – she helped me to understand the numbers and recognize my value and that has been priceless, worth every cent of the investment. The three years I worked with Darnyelle changed my business life. She understands business, she understands her clients and their goals and she caters to them. My advice? Hire Darnyelle, get ready to shift and watch your business building dreams come true.

Candy Miles Crocker
Real Life Real-Estate Training

From Facebook: “The modules in IFU are like a MBA focused on entrepreneurship - it's worth a separate tuition.”

daphne-valcin“After being super tired during my pregnancy and being on major mommy duty with my infant, especially in the first few months, I managed to finish my 24 modules in IFU as of yesterday, doing 17 this month (without getting much sleep)! And let me tell you, before I got married, I was looking to get my MBA and looked into the curriculum at some top universities and didn’t always feel all of the content would be as relevant to me on my career path. I am still hoping to pursue it, though in a number of years from now. Going through and doing the work in Darnyelle’s modules is like doing an MBA program focused on entrepreneurship or getting an entrepreneurship certification. They are full of priceless information and really are so valuable, that they could be worth a separate tuition. If you think any module might be helpful, I encourage you to take advantage of this content. It truly blessed me, and I know once I implement everything, it will take my business to yet another level! (Don’t be like me and procrastinate, though!) I’ll be working on Deep Dive modules next! Thank you Darnyelle Jervey Harmon once again for being so transparent with revealing so much of what has made your own business so successful and also being transparent in revealing the obstacles, opportunities, and evolution of your journey!”

Daphne Valcin
Life & Business Coach

``The Marketing Success Formula is the BEST Home Study Program I've Ever Purchased!``

linda-pringle-evans“Before purchasing the Marketing Success Formula, I tried tons of programs that promised to help me create marketing to attract my ideal clients. They all fell short. Since I’ve been working through this program, I’m getting clear about my market, message and the right marketing streams for me. What I’m learning and applying is working! Darnyelle is the real deal and I highly recommend that you add this program to your business building library.”

Linda Pringle Evans
Journey to Wholeness, LLC

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``I just signed my first $10,000 client!``

michelle-petties“Because of Darnyelle, I am NOW getting paid for something that I was willing to do for free with the hopes of earning a commission. On my first call with Darnyelle since joining Incredible Factor University, Darnyelle planted a seed that I should charge for all of the groundwork and expertise that I bring to the table, and it never left me. With her help, I created a value-based offering that I believe in and I sold it! I’m getting paid for the work I will do PLUS earning a commission, and that would not have happened if I wasn’t working with Darnyelle! I’m so grateful that Darnyelle does this work and stretches our mindsets so that we step in to our potential financially and spiritually. If you are really ready to make more money doing what you were created to do, Darnyelle and her Incredible Factor University should be your guidance, mentor, accountability and support.

Michelle Petties
Reflective Public Radio Development

``I got clear on my value by investing in Get Paid!``

latashia-martin“Since Get Paid, my business is overflowing. I’m pulling from my engineering degree and my master’s in organizational development and I’m now working with businesses doing strategic planning, establishing processes and systems. My growth has been by word of mouth… and it is flourishing. You will not see the fruit of anything if you don’t invest in yourself. I got clear on my value by investing in Get Paid!”

LaTashia Martin

``If you are struggling with nailing down your ideal client, I highly recommend you invest in coaching with Darnyelle.``

catrice-jackson“Before coaching with Darnyelle, I was working hard to determine my niche and ideal client and feeling frustrated along the way. Through targeted questions and clearing out the clutter, Darnyelle helped me not only stay true to my values, needs and business desires, she helped me get laser-focused on what matters most and finally identify my market niche and ideal client. Her ideal client strategy is second to none. If you can’t figure out your ideal client after doing her exercises, you never will.

As a result, I am already feeling refreshed and excited about launching my new website and I expect to finally attract my ideal clients, double my speaking gigs and significantly increase the number of clients I serve. My advice for those thinking of getting this information – If you are struggling too and frustrated about nailing down your ideal client, I highly recommend you invest in coaching with Darnyelle. She is relentless in holding you accountable and equipping you to achieve the success you desire. I will definitely use Darnyelle again and again.”

Catrice M. Jackson

``Since hiring Darnyelle, I have consistently attracted 2-3 new clients weekly, my speaking engagements have increased, and my monthly income has doubled!``

angela-tatum-fairfax-grayson“Running a business can be very stressful and being a solopreneur even more so. After attending my first live event with Darnyelle, there was no doubt in my mind that I needed to hire her as my business coach. The only problem was my mindset was one of lack… I didn’t think I could afford to hire a coach!

Boy was I wrong. I couldn’t afford NOT to hire a coach, and Darnyelle was my first and only choice.

Since becoming a private client I not only became clear and focused on who I wanted to serve in my business, I have consistently attracted 2-3 new clients weekly, my monthly speaking engagements have increased, and my monthly income has doubled! Darnyelle is truly INCREDIBLE at helping you to see the blind spots in your business where more income, growth and opportunities await. If you’re ready to broaden your perspective, minimize stress, and create a sustainable business, then let Coach Darnyelle help you to unleash your Incredible Factor today!”

Dr. Angela Grayson, PhD, LPC, BC-DMT, NCC

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“I got MORE than I paid for or expected in terms of value…”

vondell-richmond“Before participating in Darnyelle’s Business Breakthrough Strategy Session, I didn’t understand, let alone think, that I could develop/integrate systems into my entertainment business. During the program, I received clear instruction, simple direction, much needed tools, profound insight, and ready-to-put-into-practice-TODAY processes that were straightforward and doable for me. As a result, I am mapping out my systems, developing the assets needed to develop them, and FIRED UP to finish them as soon as possible to increase the ROI that I deserve and desire.

Within a matter of hours, the same day as our initial coaching session, I discovered two of my systems that I need to revisit and identified three new ones that I will be developing over the next couple months – which will more than double my bottom line and ROI. My advice for those thinking of getting this information, DO NOT STOP, DO NOT PASS GO, in trying to do business without Darnyelle adding her unique perspective and knowledge. I got MORE than I paid for or expected in terms of value – and she’s really great at making sure I was clear on what she gave me. Don’t grow your business without talking to Darnyelle first.”

Vondell Richmond

“I’m not chasing prospects anymore, they are actually coming to me!”

walethia-aquil“Before participating in Darnyelle’s Business Breakthrough Strategy Session, I was not completely sure of my ideal client. I’m now perfectly clear on who my ideal client is. During the session, I received support and encouragement and direction. As a result of this, I’m more confident and self-assured of the value I bring to the marketplace (a mindset change). I’m not chasing prospects anymore, they are actually coming to me! And I’m receiving referrals and media opportunities! I’m creating new products and I’ve increased my prices.

I have had the pleasure of working with quite a few coaches, but Darnyelle hands down is the best. In just a short period of time with her, everything has clicked. The combination of mindset and marketing is growing my business! I listen to our sessions over and over and as they enter my spirit, my confidence soars. I follow her suggestions and implement with Incredible results, my contacts are turning into contracts and it is all due to her expertise, coaching and strategy. My advice for those thinking of working with Darnyelle is to just do it and make the commitment to bring your brilliance to the marketplace.”

Walethia Aquil
Grace and Charm

“In just 90 minutes, Darnyelle skillfully walked me through strategy after strategy…”

yakima-green“Before working with Darnyelle in her 90 minute strategy session, I had a great idea, a new business and a few clients, but limited direction on how to transition from my job to having my own business. In just 90 minutes, Darnyelle skillfully walked me through strategy after strategy to get clear on my various ideal clients and the marketing messaging I need to create to get their attention. And she helped me establish my prices and packages so that I can attract the right clients who are ready to invest in themselves through me. She shared her resources and her masterfully created templates and checklists with me to help the transition plan I create happen seamlessly.

I’m so crystal clear on how to make this business work and I am focused on having an amazing success story for her on how I secured my ideal clients at the rates that will allow me to build a 6-figure business so that I can leave my full time job. For anyone who is wanting expert guidance in the business building process, Darnyelle is exactly what you need. I’m so glad that I invested in myself because I am so clear on my next steps!”

Yakima Green

“380% Return on Investment for One Hour with Coach Darnyelle!”

chris-darling“Before working with Darnyelle, I was struggling with presenting my complicated services in a simple way to my potential clients. I also stumbled over how to explain the real benefits of my services which boils down to hard numbers and ROI for my clients. During our work, I received much more than I expected. Not only did I receive clarity in how to structure my services, packages and prices in a way that gets me money for what I am worth, but I came out with a practical technique to use in moving my new contacts to new contracts. More importantly, I was able to break through a major mental road block keeping me from reaching my ultimate dreams and goals. Less than 24 hours after my first strategy session, I signed on a new monthly client that provided me with an immediate $380% return on my investment of one single hour with Darnyelle! If you are thinking of spending one hour in Darnyelle’s space, all I can say is stop thinking and just do it. You will get more than you can imagine. I mean, I can’t even put a percentage or figure on my general mindset right now. That part is priceless!”

Chris Darling
Darling SEO

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``Marketing Success Formula is going to take my business to the next level!``

rachel-thibodeaux“Darnyelle has several great products, but if you can just invest in one, please invest in her Marketing Success Formula. This course is dynamic! I was a double marketing & finance major in college. I’ve utilized some of my marketing knowledge in my career. However, I can honestly say I have learned more about marketing – real marketing that matters and adds to your bottom line – from MMSF than what I ever learned in school. The way Darnyelle breaks down the internal and external marketing messages, what makes marketing truly magnetic, the role emotion plays, and how to get really freaking clear about your “audience of one” is…what’s the word…oh yes, INCREDIBLE! This investment is going to take my business to the next level!”

Rachel Wilson Thibodeaux

``The Marketing Success Formula program SAVED my business!``

jasmine-vializ“Before hiring Darnyelle, I was doing OK in my business – we were making money but not as much as I knew we could. So I took a chance and ordered Darnyelle’s Marketing Success Formula and I am so glad. You see, I had ordered other programs in the past and had been left disappointed and no closer to achieving my goals. Darnyelle’s program is different. First, she walks you step by step through the process and even though it’s a home study she guides you and coaches you every step of the way. The strategies are clear and actionable. By doing what she said, I saw an increase in my marketing efforts and I started attracting better quality clients. I highly recommend anyone who needs help with creating a systematic way to market their business get their hands on the Marketing Success Formula.”

Jasmine Vializ
Integrated Practice Solutions


``My income has doubled, and I am inspiring countless other business owners...``

kathleen-hanagan“Before Darnyelle’s Speak the Incredible program, I had a vague idea of the power of speaking in my overall business plan. After 2 days of being totally inspired and educated on every aspect of public speaking I could possibly need, I was on fire with the passion that Darnyelle imparts through her own transformational speaking. I crafted my signature speech, and within weeks, I had a speaking gig in front of my ideal clients. As Darnyelle had taught me, I had designed a teleclass to offer at the end of the speaking, and 5 of the 11 women signed up, and two others became clients, creating an additional $12,000 in income. Basically, I jump started my new business and it has not stopped since. Through the speaking I am doing, my income has doubled, and I am inspiring countless other business owners to bring their gifts to the world and make a great living doing it. If you want to get the inside scoop on the power and know-how about public speaking, give yourself the gift of Darnyelle’s Speak the Incredible program. You will get the return on your investment in record time.”

Kathleen Hanagan

``Because of Darnyelle, I just earned my highest speaker fees ever!``

detrell-hawkins“One of the benefits of being a Platinum client of Darnyelle’s is that she is able to provide you with just what you need, when you need it, so that you can make more money in your business. Recently, I was booked for a paid speaking engagement, but realized that I hadn’t prepared anything to allow the audience to deepen their experience with me and I immediately heard Darnyelle’s voice saying “You’re leaving money on the table.” So, I set up a session with her during which she helped me to create an offer out of products and services I already had available that were collecting dust in my business. From my well-crafted offer, I was able to position my solution to the audience’s problem and as a result I sold over $2,000 during my 60-minute talk. Since then, I have been booked for two additional PAID speaking engagements at the highest speaker fees I have ever received. I did this using Darnyelle’s strategies. If you are finally ready to share your story and earn some real money, you need to get your hands on Darnyelle’s Speak the Incredible Blueprint.”

Detrell Hawkins

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``Just two days following Speak the Incredible with Darnyelle, I made my first sale!``

tosh-patterson“The Speak the Incredible Training was masterful! I’ve attended speaker training engagements in the past that focused solely on how to outline the talk, but Darnyelle exceeded the status quo by illustrating how to create a profitable and systematic speaking business. She provided business strategies, formulas, templates, resource guide and explained the importance of creating back-end products that support speaking. For example, I help women who are struggling with healthy weight loss and Darnyelle assisted me in outlining a signature step by step system for clients, as well as products to further support them… that alone was worth the financial investment for Speak the Incredible.

And, if that wasn’t enough, Darnyelle also shared the HOW-TO, which is often missing from other events. In fact, two days following Speak the Incredible, I implemented Darnyelle’s teaching and sold my first product!

Lastly, Darnyelle helped tease apart how to share my heavy, yet inspirational, life story in a way that will inspire and motivate others. I finally stepped out of shame and into ownership. I now believe that sharing my truth from the stage allows me to live out loud and touch hearts with a microphone.

By learning directly from Darnyelle, I know I will expedite growing my speaking and coaching business. As a result of the event, I have more clarity and vision about not only what my speaking business can become, but who I can serve and support along the way. It’s time for me to unleash and SPEAK the Incredible lessons from my life.”

Tosh Patterson
Health & Wellness Coach

``I have had friends who went to learn from 'BIG NAME' speakers and they didn't even get 10% of what Darnyelle teaches...``

sheya-chisenga“Before Speak the Incredible I was not clear how to charge, how to develop a program or service(s) or how to identify the pain of my preferred clients. This resulted in walking away with NO leads or income. I was spending time traveling, preparing and losing lots of money.

Since Speak the Incredible, I have been able to get clear how to craft my signature talk. I have developed two new products to offer my clients. I have increased my prices and I have gotten four new speaking engagements and three new clients.

My advice – don’t hesitate to add or purchase this product and here is why: Darnyelle didn’t leave out anything, she gave us EVERYTHING we need to be successful. She left no stone unturned. She didn’t give us theory, but real-life experience and proof of what she teaches works. I have had friends who have went to ‘BIG NAME’ speakers and they didn’t even get 10% of what Darnyelle teaches… I saw the proof! So I am telling you not to hesitate – I guarantee you will get what you need to move your business and speaking career to a whole new level!”

Sheya Chisenga

``I am looking at my 3rd hosted event, and the revenue it will generate... will more than double what I invested in Darnyelle's Speak the Incredible Program``

chris-darling“I signed up for Darnyelle’s Speak the Incredible program because I simply try to absorb everything she has to offer. Speak the Incredible laid it all out for me – from the logistics of crafting a talk to finding the confidence to actually do it, and finally to illustrating how I can actually get paid for speaking! Not only how you can get paid, but WHEN you should be paid for speaking.

Here’s what has happened since immersing myself in this program. Suddenly, I’m holding my own events here in town, giving presentations on things that I get totally jazzed about AND finding ways to get paid for it! I am looking at my 3rd hosted event and the revenue it will generate will more than double what I invested in Darnyelle’s Speak the Incredible program. Some other benefits are harder to put numbers on. Holding events and speaking at them is contributing significantly to my expert status in the community and generating high-quality inquiries and referrals for my done-for-you online marketing services.

Here’s the thing; if you are considering getting into this program, it can do nothing but good things. It doesn’t matter what kind of speaking you wish to do. If you want to be a sensational travelling speaker or a more matter-of-fact workshop presentation speaker like me, you can use this program and get some really valuable and practical systems to follow so that you actually make money from what you are doing.

Chris Darling
Darling SEO

``I was struggling with my business and within minutes, Darnyelle had a six-figure idea for me.``

antonina-geer“I’ve been working with Darnyelle for a very short time and all I can say is, wow! She is a jewel! I contacted her about something I was struggling with in my business and within minutes she had a profitable idea for me. To be able to come up with an idea with a compelling message in a few minutes that can ultimately generate a six-figure income is an incredible gift!

Darnyelle is phenomenal at what she does and I am grateful that she is sharing her gift with me. My only regret is not working with her sooner! If you are considering working with Darnyelle, don’t waste any more time, take action now!”

Antonina D. Geer, MBA

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``Darnyelle gave me actionable strategies and step-by-step guidance``

bridgett-battles“My VIP Day with Darnyelle was a Strategic Boot Camp! Having 1:1 access to Darnyelle is worth the investment – it’s been so valuable to me and my business (this is my second time hiring her to grow my business.) I was able to get the boost that I needed to shift me to the place I was ordained to be. After completing my VIP Day I began to soar! I clearly know now that I had wings all the time but I didn’t use them. Now that I am using them I am flying above every Beauty Battle and teaching others how to do the same. Darnyelle didn’t just give me the confidence to build my business, she gave me actionable strategies and step-by-step guidance to ensure that my business is built to serve me!”

Bridgett Battles
Image Consultant

``Just 2 days later, I have 2 new clients!``

“The two days spent with Darnyelle Jervey Harmon at the Strategic Business Retreat (SBR) was well-worth the investment. She walked me step-by-step through strategy and insight around my messaging, marketing, sales and operational infrastructure. She customized strategies specific to my business, making execution easy. I arrived ready to learn; Darnyelle took care of the rest.

On the second day following her SBR, I made two client calls. Using Darnyelle’s sales strategy and advice on creating a new offering, I closed both new clients for a total of $5,000! In less than an hour working the strategies, I received a 66% return on investment. It works…SHE works!

If you’re confused, overwhelmed or downright frustrated with taking your business to the next level, stop fretting. Let Darnyelle mentor you at her next SBR. You’ll get results. Why? Because she grows businesses…period!”

Valerie J. Lewis Coleman

``The content, experience, people and Darnyelle’s heart-centered focus keeps me coming back!``

“Having now attended 2 Unleash Live Events, I have to tell you. This event changed my life. I am so clear, focused and it’s because of the experience that Darnyelle crafts for her attendees. I felt like I matter, every intricate detail, enhanced my confidence in myself as a business woman. I will be an attendee of this event every time Darnyelle offers it because the content, experience, people and her heart-centered focus keeps me coming back!”

Nancy Greene, Esq.
Northern VA

``The small investment I made cannot compare to what I received at this conference!``

“Well I’ve been trying to put into words my experience at the Unleash Your Incredible Factor event over a week ago. I’m still pondering all that I learned and the major paradigm shift that took place in my mind. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon is on call to bring others into their place of wealth. From this point forward I will be at every Unleash conference and I’m bringing others with me next year. The small investment I made cannot compare to what I received at this conference. Darnyelle’s heart and passion to see others succeed is what makes this a one of a kind experience!”

Sonya J. Wells
Lifestyle Transformation Strategist and Speaker
Dallas, TX

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``I had my highest month EVER in December following my Pre-VIP Day call!``

anisa-rashad“Before hiring Darnyelle, I was clear about my vision but unsure about how to make it happen meaningfully in my business. I’m a powerful woman with amazing insight to share with the world, but I was just not building a business at my potential.  I was busy but not profitable, my messaging wasn’t attracting my most ideal clients.  Following my pre-VIP day session with Darnyelle, I produced my first $20,000 month!  I can’t believe that I completely recouped my investment in less than 30 days! Spending the day with Darnyelle was transformative.  It was like putting on 3D glasses to get insight and see my vision in full color.  Our VIP day has illuminated the path to achieve the vision I have laid out for my business and brand.  If you’re not seeing the results you’re wanting in your business, you should work with Darnyelle because she shortens the learning curve and process to build a business you can bank on! You’ll get tools and templates, access to a proven system and create a plan of action. Invest in yourself through working with Darnyelle, you’ll be so glad that you did.”

Anisa Rashad
Anisa Rashad Enterprises

``One of the best investments I've made for my business!``

“Before working with Darnyelle in her Strategic Biz Retreat Program, I was not quite sure how to make my business work so that I made money. By participating in the SBR, I’ve gotten so much! Darnyelle provides so much content, so much value and she does it in excellence. Because of this program, I’ve raised my rates and added 5 new clients! The beauty of the program is that you get access to Darnyelle’s brilliance. She has so many strategies that work! I’m a more confident business woman and I am so clear that I’ve gotten everything I need to build a business that serves me. If you want access to a coach that has the goods, you need to hire Darnyelle. She’ll give you good strategy, open up her vault of valuable information and take a vested interest in your success. I know there are lots of coaches out there, but there’s only one I know that walks their talk and I can the results right now in my business.”

Linda Hawkins
Savvy Health Coaching

``As a result of working with Darnyelle, I closed a $50,000 contract!``

“Before working with Darnyelle, I had some success in my business but I knew I was capable of much more. I knew I wasn’t charging enough to build a business on my own terms that served me and my growing family. Through working with Darnyelle, I was able to raise my rates, clarify my brand message and position myself confidently in the marketplace. As a result, I closed a $50,000 contract in less than 30 days from working with Darnyelle and I have a growing pipeline that will help me achieve my goal of growing my business to multiple six figures in the next year. Why should you hire Darnyelle? Quite simply, if you know you have something amazing to offer the world but you’re not clear on how to do it in a way that works for you, Darnyelle can help you. She’ll help you clarify your message, create the right marketing systems and show you how to confidently position yourself for more. She does, after all, grow businesses, period.”

Kailei Carr

``Since hiring Darnyelle, I've tightened my message, raised my rates and closed 6 new clients!``

“Before hiring Darnyelle, I was doing okay in my business. With Darnyelle’s help I’ve tightened my brand messaging, finally found the right marketing strategies for me and I’m closing more clients into my higher priced programs! Darnyelle’s given me systems and structure along with the confidence to implement them so that I can build a business that serves me. Since hiring Darnyelle, I am closing in on a full practice, which is so exciting because that means I am serving more people doing what I love. If you want to take what you’ve started to the next level, you need to work with Darnyelle. She is Incredible and she will show you how to grow your business, period.”

Shelly Shelton
I AM Shelly Shelton

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``I will make 10x my investment!``

“Before joining the Virtual Business Intensive with Darnyelle, I was trying to be all things to all potential clients. I did not have a solid pricing or packaging strategy. In fact, before this experience, I thought I should provide all of my expertise through my company.

During the sessions, something shifted in me. I learned a system for packaging and pricing that leveled up my business model and helped me refine the ideal clients for my company. The day after VBI, I developed nine packages for clients who are ready to invest in diversity and inclusion solutions to drive bottom line results.

What I enjoyed most about the opportunity to work with Darnyelle in a private small group setting was the ability to get guidance that applied to my specific situation and to learn from the answers given to others. I learn best when able to get questions answered in the moment. For me, a live virtual forum was just right.

If you are needing guidance to grow your business, I recommend Darnyelle because she is a dynamic, committed, authentic coach who not only knows business strategy but also the challenges many of us have with our mindset that may hinder business development. I left our business intensive confident that my vision IS possible and that I will make 10 times the investment I made.”

Rochelle Peterson Ansari

``Darnyelle breaks it down into actionable pieces!``

“Before the VIP Day I felt disorganized and all over the place with my marketing. The pieces did not seem to go together and this contributed to feeling overwhelmed and taking inconsistent action. During the day we clarified my message and developed a marketing plan of 5-7 parts that I clearly understand and all fit together. Now I know what action to take and what to expect from it. I have CLARITY.

I most enjoyed having the work done in the room. Darnyelle asked thought-provoking questions, listened intently to the responses and then magically turned it into programs and messaging. I have a template as a resource as I work on the special report, articles, and content for my programs that all complement one another.

I highly recommend Darnyelle because she is brilliant in bringing out your best and then breaks it down into actionable pieces so you can get it all done.”

Stephanie Wellington, MD
Nurturing MDs

``What I've learned from Speak the Incredible keeps me booked solid!``

“Before Speak the Incredible, I knew that I had a mission that I wanted to speak to parents to help them raise children that are high achievers, but my mission wasn’t reaching as many parents as I would have liked.  As a result of the Speak the Incredible program, I became crystal clear of how to share my message in a way that would resonate with meeting planners, educators and organizations.  As a result of what I learned in Speak the Incredible I stay booked solid.  I’m traveling to speak and now I’m even holding my own seminars and I’m getting booked on media to share my message!  I’m grateful to Darnyelle and this program and my next year’s calendar is already filling up too!  If you want results like this in your business, you need to get access to Speak the Incredible today.

Dr. Nicoline Ambe
Keynote Speaker | Educator | Author

``$30,000 in income immediately after Get Paid!``

“Before working through Darnyelle’s Get Paid Program, the idea of offering consulting services for those desiring to invest in real estate was just an idea. Through her program, we learned how to package, price and successfully sell our business idea. Immediately following Get Paid, we were able to successfully close 6 clients and earn $30,000! After that, we were convinced that Darnyelle is exactly what we need to build a solid, thriving business. Now we’re happy to be clients in Incredible Factor University where we are clear that we will learn everything that we need to make our business idea a 6-figure business within the next year. If you have an idea that you know could be a business, seek out Darnyelle. She’ll turn that idea into income right before your eyes.”

Kimberly Broomer & Shayvette Hunter
Keep Selling Properties

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``I got paid $3,000 for 3 hours of my time!``

“Just weeks after learning from Get Paid, I was able to get a corporate training engagement for $1,000 an hour! I got paid $3,000 for 3 hours of my time! I attribute my success in negotiating $1,000 per hour of training directly to what I learned at Get Paid.”

Dr. Doris Griffin, PhD.

``Within 48 hours of Get Paid, I made $3,000!``

“All I can say is thank you! After Get Paid, I reworked all of my coaching packages, my speaking packages, and worked on new copy for my website. Doing all of that paid off big time, as just last night I had a call with a prospective client who is now a paid client with my new, higher rates! By learning how to lead and guide the conversation, by the end she said that “I was the answer to her prayer” and was ready to cut the check on the spot. Within 48 hours of Get Paid, I have made $3,000! Thanks again for everything!”

Allison Tibbs

``Darnyelle Moved my “Someday” Payday to a NOW Payday!``

“I had a speaking engagement after Get Paid and I was able to immediately implement what Darnyelle had taught, which resulted in me securing two additional speaking engagements and adding more people to my list in 1 hour than I had over the last month. I went home that night to incorporate her invaluable templates into my speaking packet for my presentation. This single step alone was worth the price of the program. Darnyelle moved my “someday” payday to a NOW payday!”

Cledra McCullers

``Darnyelle answers your questions before you even ask them!``

“I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to write this, but I wanted to make sure that I articulated clearly how I have truly benefited and am benefiting from this awesome awesome program!

In two words, Divinely Ordered. That is what the Get Paid program is to me. I can tell you that because of it I can see my future and it has many many zeros in it! Just the education alone is priceless. It’s like Darnyelle is reading your mind and answering your questions before you even ask them!”

Successful Stephens

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``DON'T WAIT to invest in Get Paid!``

“My advice for those thinking of getting their hands on the information from the Get Paid program is DON’T WAIT! Darnyelle is a true treasure who provides valuable information that is tried and tested personally from herself as well as her clients. She is a walking resource who will help you make the next leap in your business. She is a gem that shines with authenticity.”

Jewel Williams

``I recommend Darnyelle for going from confusion to clarity...``

“Before working with Darnyelle, I had a business, but I was confused about my messaging. I felt that it did not really send a clear, message to the right people. As a result of working with Darnyelle for the past year, I was able to develop tight messaging. I was able to get clear about my business message and whom I wanted to serve. If you are looking to have a message that speaks directly from your heart to those you want to serve, and if you are looking to go from confusion to clarity, then I recommend Darnyelle from Incredible One Enterprises.”

Juanita Foster, Ed.D.
Leading is the New Profit

``I've been booked for almost 100 speaking engagements and I'm turning my contacts into contracts!``

“Before hiring Darnyelle, I couldn’t figure out how to turn my passion into profit. I was in a job that I didn’t love and I had no idea how to shift from employee to entrepreneur. After being in her program, I am now a successful CEO with an international speaking platform and a solid business on target for six figure revenues. Because of my more than two years working with Darnyelle in her program, I have developed business growth systems, gotten booked for nearly 100 speaking engagements across the country and media outlets seek me out as a subject matter expert.

In addition to the recognition, I now have the confidence and infrastructure I need to engage the C-Suite in a discussion that turns my contacts into contracts. The community and coaching has helped me to walk boldly in the fact that I am serving my ideal clients, profiting from my passion and doing my part to change the world. If you are ready to position yourself to profit, Darnyelle is your ONLY choice, period.”

Krishna Powell

``The return on my investment has been Incredible!``

“Before working with Darnyelle, I was in the way of my next level growth. I had a few clients but I couldn’t figure out how to go to the next level. With Darnyelle’s help, I got focused and shifted my mindset from a side hustle to truly becoming the CEO of my business. She helped me to create systems, up-level my programs, raise my rates and step into the highest version of myself. With Darnyelle’s help, I have a client roster that is international and I am able to seamlessly close clients into my high-ticket programs. My revenue has gone from pennies to “money to watch.”

You may be thinking you can’t afford to hire Darnyelle, but you don’t know what you don’t know. Through working with Darnyelle and Incredible Factor University, I am getting great results and the return on my investment has been Incredible. At the retreats, I am supported in every way and that gives me the power to continue to move my life and business forward. If you are ready to move your business forward you need to connect with Darnyelle and the powerful business owners that are in the program.”

Emily Nichols-Mitchell
CEO, Accelerations Group

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