Darnyelle A. Jervey made a declaration at the age of ten that she would use words to change the lives of others. As a result of that declaration, she has committed her life to being an empowerment author and has written 7 and published 5 books. Those currently available in print are featured here. Her life story, If You Understood My Past, You Would Understand My Praise chronicles her journey toward her Incredible Factor after life dealt her a devastating blow.

Three empowerment books – The Incredible You, Dream the Incredible, and Speak the Incredible offer insight into living your best life, a life filled with passion, abundance, confidence and expectation.

Her marketing and branding work, Maximizing the Incredible You: Stand Out in ANY Crowd, Market Like a ROCK Star, and Burn the Box round out her current collection.

Please be on the look out for a few new releases – How to Back Away from the Incredible SNATCHERS and Own Your Incredible Factor.



If you are an emerging, expanding or executive woman leader who is struggling to stand up, step in and ignite your next level of success, Darnyelle A. Jervey, MBA’s book Burn the Box® offers seven fire starter and fifty breakthrough strategies that will position you to build a powerful personal brand that makes your leadership abilities obvious. You are a true differentiator in your company; and your ability to unleash your Incredible Factor (Hot Undeniable Gift + Signature Business Move + Unique Value Proposition) is the key to taking your company (and yourself) to the pinnacle of your success. Reinforcing the principle that if you’re not growing you’re dying, this book shares a simple yet effective plan to move the needle, eliminate excuses, facilitate change and overcome adversity in your life and business. When you’re finished reading this book, there will only be one action left to take: strike a match and let your box of limitations burn, baby, burn!




How would your business benefit from knowing a simple, effective marketing formula for rock-solid business building results?  Market Like a ROCK Star will show you the proven 4-part system that will:

  • Re-align your time and priorities, shifting the way you think about your business and marketing
  • Outline your Audience of One and the specific problem you solve
  • Create client magnetic marketing materials that pull clients in AND close the sale every time
  • Know how you’ll serve clients with a product progression plan so you build clients… for life!



When you look back over your life, do you hang your head in shame or get caught up in a praise? have you been there, done that and gotten the souvenir t-shirt for all of the mistakes you’ve made? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of getting the short end of the stick? Welcome to my world. Join me as I encourage you to seek the love that you deserve.

Darnyelle’s Testimony has blessed the lives of countless men and women worldwide…


Expand Your Mind and Passion, Abundance, Confidence and Expectation will follow.  This empowering self-coaching tool explores and defines The Incredible You.  You will learn to develop your passion, define abundance and listen to your spirit confidently while exploring your Incredibleness, your gifts, inherent talents and levels of expectation for the Incredible in your life.  The Incredible You is not about the size of your car, house or paycheck; it is about the size of your mind.  With a willing spirit and an open mind, you can take the lid off your thinking and move from forgettable to Incredible!


Created to be the perfect companion to The Incredible You, The Dream the Incredible journal is a place to record your faith confessions, thoughts and dreams!


It’s time to speak what you seek:  Speak The Incredible is a small but mighty book power packed with 120 of Darnyelle’s original empowerment quotes.  “When you stop giving your past to speak, you will be introduced to the Incredible You.”  Speak exactly what it is that you seek; there is power and authority in the words that proceed out of your mouth.  Choose your words with wisdom. Let Darnyelle’s words empower you to Set an Incredible P.A.C.E. in your life.


See. Inspect. Attract. Speak.  Plan. Expect. Unleash.  Standing out in any crowd is easy when you know what to do. Follow these 7 steps and you will complete the process to define and unleash an Incredible brand, a brand worth remembering… In this book, you’ll discover:

  • The 7 steps to Maximize the Incredible You
  • How to develop an Incredible 30-second commercial
  • How to build an Incredible brand and the Powerful P’s of branding
  • How to build an Incredible Management Committee on a dime