Building Betty (Byron)


“I’m full-time in my business, I’ve got the vision down but the execution is where I struggle; I need to build a solid business; I need a systematic approach to marketing, more ideal, paying clients and to make more money faster than you can say Incredible.”


You are full time in business (1-5 years) making at least $40,000 but less than $100,000 ($8,333/month) a year in your business


Who you are

As a building Betty or Byron, you’re an entrepreneur who is operating your business full or prime time within the early years in your business or you find yourself needing to rebuild a dying business.  You love what you do, you are great at it; but you are not earning in direct proportion to your gifting or what you offer the world.  You are probably running an expensive hobby because you’ve yet to master how to get to where your clients are in a big way. You don’t have key systems establish for operating your business and this is keeping you from serving clients. You have a few clients but not enough to allow you to expand and grow your business.

 What you’re struggling with most

Your inability to convert contacts into contracts causes stress because when you meet people or present yourself, people are drawn to you yet they aren’t converting into paying clients and you are distressed, frustrated and bewildered.  Your plan is out of date or worst yet, it doesn’t exist. You’ve not yet created your compelling marketing message in a way that shows your ideal clients who you are, the problem you solve and the solution you offer, which means you are not crystal clear on Your Incredible Factor. You’re giving the best you’ve got, but you aren’t making enough money to keep your dream alive.

 What you need most right now

Your primary focus must be on first getting clear on your Incredible Factor and Ideal Client Profile.  Then you need a strategy and must learn a proven system to attract more ideal clients and generate income quickly.  You need a signature system and create compelling marketing messages around your system so that you can fill your practice.  You need to develop programs and packages and adjust your pricing to raise your rates (you’re not charging enough; you’re leaving money on the table).  You must get clear on the goals and focus you need to move your business forward in the quickest, most authentic way.

 Incredible Factor Products You Need Most

  • The Magnetic Marketing Success Formula (click here)
  • Speak the Incredible Business Blueprint (click here)

The Incredible Factor University Program You’ll Thrive in….
The Unleash Elite Program and Mastermind (click here for details)


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