Hello, Incredible One!

Business Growth Strategist Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, MBA here and if you commit to spending 90 minutes with me, I commit to providing you with the exact strategies to grow your business holistically. Regardless of the type of business you run, I have strategy and insight that will help you move the needle.  Before we meet for 90 minutes, my team and I will review your business, doing some market research and I will develop a robust strategy (including key messaging) to help your business grow.

Here’s how to know if you’re ready to have a strategy session with me:

Bullet_037Your annual revenue has been the same or is declining in the last three years
Bullet_037Your business model needs a makeover so that you can more profitably impact the world
Bullet_037You’re struggling to manage your growth curve
Bullet_037Your brand messaging and marketing isn’t attracting the clients you desire to serve
Bullet_037Your sales management system doesn’t exist


You’ve taken the first step and I’m here, ready to join you on your journey….

I will be infusing your business with a truckload of business, branding and marketing systems and strategies that are not theory…They are proven to bring you the income, freedom and time to enjoy being an entrepreneur. I will set you up for success with a blueprint and step by step plan that highlights exactly what you need to do immediately to begin experiencing exponential growth….When our session is done, you will be on fire, equipped with a clear plan that when followed and implemented will bring you growth in your business.

During our session, you can expect me to offer you customized strategy

 Here are some ideas of how you can use your strategy session:

  • Design your marketing plan for a new program or product launch
  • Outlining your concrete strategy to grow all areas of your business effectively
  • Outline your social networking marketing map to best showcase your talents
  • Create and implement nurturing sequences for simple, automated client follow-up
  • Plan your marketing calendar so you know what to work on and when
  • Set your prices to attract the clients you WANT to work with instead of those you are getting
  • Strategizing a plan for creating your next product or service
  • Design your packages and set prices that are based on the transformation you provide
  • Create a winning proposal for a new contact
  • Build sales scripts to master cold calls and client prospecting opportunities
  • Outline your talent optimization strategy so that you hire effectively
  • Develop your entire sales management system from ideal client to investment

Your investment for your Business Breakthrough Strategy Session is $3,000 ($2,500 if you pay in full) and includes the following bonuses:


You’ll get a Strategy Map of the strategy I create for you PRIOR to your session.  I spend approximately 2 hours preparing for our session and developing your core strategy based on what you give me when you complete our session prep form (more than 100 questions about you and your business.)  During our session, we will meet via Zoom and I will share my screen so that you can see exactly what I’m recommending to grow your business.  Then, Because you are going to need to listen to these strategies over and over, you will get an MP3 downloadable recording of our session! $497 value


Digital Access to the Be the Talent Audio Training $497 value


30-minute check in call 30 days after session $1,000 value



Ready? Here’s your next step. . .

Click the link above to officially secure your 90 Minute Session.

You’ll be directed to a link to schedule your Business Breakthrough Strategy Session. Spots are open on a first come, first served basis and there’s often a waiting list so I recommend you reserve your spot today.

You’ll receive an immediate download to a pre-session questionnaire so that I can become more familiar with your business and to let me know what you want to work on and we can jump right in.

We will meet for approximately 90 minutes via Zoom Conferencing so you can see the iThoughts Strategy Map I am creating for you. I record the conversation  so you can go back and listen/watch as many times as you want.

By the end of our session, you will have the actual action steps and “how-tos” you can put into place immediately. We may even have already started implementing together

As you implement, you’ll get results. As you get results, you’ll make more money doing what you love.


“3 New Clients Within Days Following My 90-Minute Session with Darnyelle (at my higher rates!) “

karen-townsend“Before hiring Darnyelle, I was busy but not profitable. With the help of her during our private session, I am more focused, have higher rates and I am welcoming new clients. What I enjoyed most about my time with Darnyelle aside from being able to tap into her brilliance in the business-building process is that she helped me to customize my strategy so that I can work smarter instead of harder. It’s already translated into three new clients, three new opportunities and a renewed sense of purpose. If you are not where you desire to be in your business, hire Darnyelle. She grows businesses. Period.”

Karen Townsend, PhD
KTownsend Consulting


 “380% Return on Investment for One Hour with Coach Darnyelle Plus Six Figures in Revenue within 30 days!”

chris-darling“Before working with Darnyelle, I was struggling with presenting my complicated services in a simple way to my potential clients. I also stumbled over how to explain the real benefits of my services which boils down to hard numbers and ROI for my clients. During our work, I received much more than I expected. Not only did I receive clarity in how to structure my services, packages and prices in a way that gets me money for what I am worth, but I came out with a practical technique to use in moving my new contacts to new contracts. More importantly, I was able to break through a major mental road block keeping me from reaching my ultimate dreams and goals. Less than 24 hours after my first strategy session, I signed on a new monthly client that provided me with an immediate $380% return on my investment of one single hour with Darnyelle! Then, I continued running the strategy that she gave me and generated $120,000 in less than 60 days! If you are thinking of spending one hour in Darnyelle’s space, all I can say is stop thinking and just do it. You will get more than you can imagine. I mean, I can’t even put a percentage or figure on my general mindset right now. That part is priceless!”

Chris Darling
Darling SEO


 “Within one week of my session with Darnyelle, I made $5,000!”

tiffany-chalk“Before working with Darnyelle, I struggled with new ways to market my business and with having the confidence to charge the fees that I am worth. Since I started working with Darnyelle, I have implemented new marketing strategies, created packages and pricing that has shown immediate results. Within one week, I booked 2 new clients for a total revenue of over $5,000. Going forward, I expect to continue to build my brand by implementing the tips and strategies I received from Darnyelle’s coaching. For anyone thinking of hiring Coach Darnyelle, don’t waste time… call her today! Her results-driven services and programs are worth the time and investment. After a one-hour call, I was able to put a plan in place that is really working to further my event management company!”

Tiffany Chalk
Tiffany Chalk Events


“I had my largest income ever in one week so far, almost 5 figures!”

bridgett-battles“Coach Darnyelle is truly Incredible. I came to her ready to grow my business, and after I’d only been working with her for two weeks I had restructured my service offerings into three highly-desirable packages. As a result, I closed three new clients in just days, which increased my monthly income by 500%… and I had my highest income ever in one week so far – almost 5 figures! Darnyelle really is that good. I have a new confidence, and she is walking me step-by-step through an effective marketing and business plan with growth expected at every level. Now I’m closing in on my ideal client goal and working on creating products and leveraged service offerings to serve more people. She’s helped me create my signature talk and I already have 6 paid speaking engagements scheduled. I’ve never been so invigorated about being able to serve others in a big way. She teaches, she removes blocks and she is so creative that you will gain so much and your ideal clients will benefit from the investment you made in yourself and your business.”

Lady Bridgett Battles
Image Consultant


From Facebook: “In just 60 minutes, Darnyelle helped me revise my pricing to charge what I’m worth.”

trina-hammack“I have just got to say… if you ever, ever, ever need a business coach or mentor, or someone to set you straight and get you clear on where you are going and what you are doing in your business, look up Darnyelle A. Jervey of Incredible One Enterprises!!! She has the most incredible laser focus and eagle eye that I have ever seen. In 60 minutes, we created my packages and prices and I now feel great about charging what I’m worth. Thank you sooooo much, Darnyelle! You are truly a ROCKSTAR!”

Trina Hammack
Quantum Vitality


“I got MORE than I paid for or expected in terms of value…”

vondell-richmond“Before participating in Darnyelle’s Business Breakthrough Strategy Session, I didn’t understand, let alone think, that I could develop/integrate systems into my entertainment business. During the program, I received clear instruction, simple direction, much needed tools, profound insight, and ready-to-put-into-practice-TODAY processes that were straightforward and doable for me. As a result, I am mapping out my systems, developing the assets needed to develop them, and FIRED UP to finish them as soon as possible to increase the ROI that I deserve and desire.

Within a matter of hours, the same day as our initial coaching session, I discovered two of my systems that I need to revisit and identified three new ones that I will be developing over the next couple months – which will more than double my bottom line and ROI. My advice for those thinking of getting this information, DO NOT STOP, DO NOT PASS GO, in trying to do business without Darnyelle Jervey adding her unique perspective and knowledge. I got MORE than I paid for or expected in terms of value – and she’s really great at making sure I was clear on what she gave me. Don’t grow your business without talking to Darnyelle first.

Vondell Richmond


“I’m not chasing prospects anymore, they are actually coming to me!”

walethia-aquil“Before participating in Darnyelle’s Business Breakthrough Strategy Session, I was not completely sure of my ideal client. I’m now perfectly clear on who my ideal client is. During the session, I received support and encouragement and direction. As a result of this, I’m more confident and self-assured of the value I bring to the marketplace (a mindset change). I’m not chasing prospects anymore, they are actually coming to me! And I’m receiving referrals and media opportunities! I’m creating new products and I’ve increased my prices.

I have had the pleasure of working with quite a few coaches, but Darnyelle hands down is the best. In just a short period of time with her, everything has clicked. The combination of mindset and marketing is growing my business! I listen to our sessions over and over and as they enter my spirit, my confidence soars. I follow her suggestions and implement with Incredible results, my contacts are turning into contracts and it is all due to her expertise, coaching and strategy. My advice for those thinking of working with Darnyelle is to just do it and make the commitment to bring your brilliance to the marketplace.”

Walethia Aquil
Grace and Charm


 “In just 90 minutes, Darnyelle skillfully walked me through strategy after strategy…”

yakima-green“Before working with Darnyelle in her 90 minute strategy session, I had a great idea, a new business and a few clients, but limited direction on how to transition from my job to having my own business. In just 90 minutes, Darnyelle skillfully walked me through strategy after strategy to get clear on my various ideal clients and the marketing messaging I need to create to get their attention. And she helped me establish my prices and packages so that I can attract the right clients who are ready to invest in themselves through me. She shared her resources and her masterfully created templates and checklists with me to help the transition plan I create happen seamlessly.

I’m so crystal clear on how to make this business work and I am focused on having an amazing success story for her on how I secured my ideal clients at the rates that will allow me to build a 6-figure business so that I can leave my full time job. For anyone who is wanting expert guidance in the business building process, Darnyelle is exactly what you need. I’m so glad that I invested in myself because I am so clear on my next steps! “

Yakima Green

 “As a result of working with Darnyelle, I closed a $50,000 contract!”

“Before working with Darnyelle in her 90-Minute Session, I had some success in my business, I crafted a powerful brand but I knew I was capable of much more. I knew I wasn’t charging enough to build a business on my own terms to serve me and my growing family. Through working with Darnyelle, I was able to raise my rates, clarify my brand message and position myself confidently in the marketplace. As a result, I closed a $50,000 contract in less than 30 days from working with Darnyelle and I have a growing pipeline that will help me achieve my goal of growing my business to multiple six figures in the next year. Why should you hire Darnyelle? Quite simply, if you know you have something amazing to offer the world but you’re not clear on how to do it in a way that works for you, Darnyelle can help you. She’ll help you clarify your message, create the right marketing systems and show you how to confidently position yourself for more. She does, after all, grow businesses, period.”

Kailei Carr


`$150,000 and counting since working with Darnyelle!“

shelley-riutta“I met Darnyelle in a Mastermind Program that she and I were a part of. As I got to know her, I realized she was SO knowledgeable about marketing and growing an incredible business. I was super impressed with how her own business was skyrocketing as well.

When it came time to work on some of the aspects of my new programs and how to create my offer for my first big live event, I knew that I wanted to hire Darnyelle. In just a brief amount of time she gave me very specific feedbackon my programs, details about making an offer at the event, and the key shifts in mindset needed to create success.

From the work we did together I was able to present my programs with confidence and from this we have been able to generate more than $150,000 from the live event, and people have continued to fill the programs since.

Thank you Darnyelle! You are a Marketing Rockstar!”

Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC
Global Association for Holistic Psychotherapy (GAHP)


Be Incredible,

P.S. Oops, I almost forgot to mention I only do 5 of these each month. I’d hate for you to miss your chance to strategize with me to grow your business. Don’t miss you opportunity out of fear…YES, we’re going to tackle that during our session too.

P.P.S. You do realize that this expense is more than likely tax deductible, right? That’s right professional development (i.e. coaching, workshops, seminars, etc) are typically tax deductible. I recommend you contact your tax adviser.