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Leverage + Scale Momentum takes the Leverage + Scale Weekend to Next Level Everything.  Following your powerful Leverage + Scale Weekend, you’ll get 90 days of STRATEGIC support with Darnyelle and her team.

“I've closed $100,000 in NEW sales since I completed the Business Growth Accelerator!”

“I’ve worked with several coaches over the years and working with Darnyelle in the Business Growth Accelerator helped me to up-level my mindset, how I see myself, and what I charge for my services. I’m more clear, more confident and am closing clients at my new higher rates. In fact, during the program, I generated $18,000 in new sales for my business and since completing the program I’ve earned another $100,000 in new sales (and growing) using Darnyelle’s strategies. Additionally, the Accelerator curriculum is SO thorough. It includes content that you didn’t even know you need for your business. Darnyelle adds a powerful spiritual component in that makes her stand out. I highly recommend Darnyelle and the Business Growth Accelerator program. In fact, a few of my colleagues have already enrolled!”

Markeith Braden
Digital Marketer & Personal Brand Strategist

“I grew my business to $1,000,000 after Darnyelle's Strategic Biz Retreat!”

“Before working with Darnyelle, I had been in my business for six years and I was making money, but I knew that I was not at the level of income that I should be based on my expertise and what I offer in the marketplace. Enter Darnyelle A. Jervey and the ability to work with her for 90 days in one of her programs. During our work together, I was able to work with Darnyelle to create a focused, customized plan to grow my business. She helped me get clear on my audience and offerings. Attending that retreat truly changed the trajectory of my business. As a result of implementing the plan we created during the retreat, I grew my business to seven figures! And, I was just awarded the Enterprising Women of the Year Award as a $1M business! This award and the success of my business are definitely as a result of working directly with Darnyelle. She helped me find and focus on the holes and plug them with sustainable strategies and systems. If you know you have holes in your business and you want help plugging them profitably, attend Darnyelle’s Strategic Biz Retreat or work with her in another way, you’ll be so grateful that you did!”

Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis
Executive Women’s Success Institute

“In the 90 days since I attended the SBR with Darnyelle, I’ve increased my income by more than $50,000!”

“I am a big fan of Darnyelle and her work. On more than one occasion, I have hired her to help me propel my business forward. I attended her very first Strategic Biz Retreat and as I expected, it was amazing. She truly understands business and I am always amazed at how she can help you to get laser focus on your messaging to move the needle in your business. In the 90 days following the retreat, here are my results: I’ve generated more than $50,000 in new revenue, sold four 1/2 VIP days, added 38 new clients to my psychotherapy practice and I added 3 new coaching clients.

I love how the SBR has helped me diversify my services and offerings to reach more ideal clients. The marketing map Darnyelle helped us to create has changed the way I think and operate in my business! If you want to achieve a new level of success in your business, you need to invest in the SBR. You (and your bank account) will be so glad that you did!”

Nailah G. Beraki
Pivot Now

What will I get during the Leverage + Scale Business Growth Accelerator (BGA)?

First and most importantly, you’ll have access to Darnyelle and her coaching team (business coach, life coach AND accountability coach) to move your business forward faster than you ever could on your own.  In addition to that, you’ll get guidance and support to move into Spiritual Alignment and Strategy. But, not just any strategy.   Strategy that includes customizations for your business.  When we meet at the cross section of connecting spiritual principles to business growth strategy, you’ll be poised to position your business for profitability. And, you’ll leave with a very clear strategic plan, a strong brand and brand message, your marketing plan complete and your entire sales cycle mapped – and you’ll be ready to sell more than you’ve ever sold before.  Based on our widely success Strategic Biz Retreat, the Business Growth Accelerator allows advancing entrepreneurs 9 months of business growth support to fine tune/reinvent/create their business growth strategy:

  • Within one week, the average client adds an additional $5,000 – $10,000 in revenue to their business
  • Within 30 days, the average client generates 5-10 new clients and sets their business up for double their monthly revenue
  • Within 6 months, they’ve generated between $50,000 and $100,000 in new sales and/or revenue
  • Within one year, the average client has a business that has grown by 200% and crossed the six or multiple six-figure mark.

Who is the ideal client for the BGA?

  • Full-time advancing entrepreneurs and business owners who have been in business for at least 1 year, making consistent income  (*some exceptions are approved for brands that have the potential to leverage + scale quickly) and are at the point of up-leveling and reinvention to cross the six figure mark in the next 6-12 months with an ultimate goal to keep moving higher towards leverage + scale at the multi six or seven figure level
  • You know what you do but what you’re doing isn’t contributing to your business growth goals (whether it’s help dialing in your messaging, raising your pricing or learning how to close more sales at higher ticket prices so that you close the gap between you and work that serves you)
  • You’re stuck at the high five or low six figure figure mark when you KNOW that you have created a business that should be at the multiple six and approaching the seven figure mark (you want to go from five figures a year to five figures a day and/or month)
  • You’re ready for next level strategy to accelerate your results quickly (this accelerator is not entry level, I just started my business content.  This strategy will move you to your next money milestone quickly)
  • You need to refine your messaging, marketing and sales systems and create a sound operational infrastructure to support your growth
  • You’re ready to talk leverage and scale for your growing business

If you are just starting a business for the FIRST time, this is NOT the program for you because it moves so fast and relies on you to bring a certain level of business knowledge to the table.


From B2B or B2C, we’ve helped business owners from a wide variety of industries:

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    Business Consulting/Coaching
  • null
    Beauty & Fashion
  • null
  • null
  • null
  • null
    Memorial Homes
  • null
  • null
    Virtual Assistants
  • null
    Health & Wellness
  • null
  • null
    Personal Coaching
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  • null
  • null
  • null
  • null
    Event Management
  • null
  • null
    Graphic Design & Art
  • null
  • null
    Women’s Interests
  • null
  • null
    Real Estate
  • null
    Marketing Agencies
  • null
    Leadership & Career Training
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  • null
    Interior Design
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    Government Contractors

What are you waiting for?!

First and foremost, this is an accelerator – which means you’ll be moving quickly through up-leveling every area of your business.   If you are stuck trying to figure out how to plug the holes in your business by yourself or with your team (those that are so close to the problem that they can’t see straight) it might be time to raise the white flag and engage a qualified consultant with proven results to help you build a strategy that will effectively advance your business.

If you’re ready to build a business that serves you – financially and spiritually and you want access to a strategist that is brilliant at helping you to find the right message, the right marketing strategies and the most impact-ful products and services to serve up-leveled clients, this is for you!  Clients at the BGA are typically in business for 3+ years, making some money but ready to expand their brand consistently. They are ready for MORE – more freedom, more money and more time to enjoy their business building journey.

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Join Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, MBA to work strategically on your business over the next 9 months in our Accelerator.

Business Growth Accelerator (BGA)  – Your investment includes:


  • Twice-monthly strategy, implementation, accountability and insight based on the Pillars of Business OptimizationTM
  • Your own private accountability and mindset coach to help you stay on track and move through the course work
  • The full training program lasts 9 months.  Each client should be prepared to commit to 4 hours per week for the duration of the program.  Each week for the first 16 weeks, the content is distributed and homework is turned in to tweak and perfect your clarity, your packaging, your pricing, your messaging, your sales management system and your marketing strategy.
  • You’ll have lifetime access to the training program content
  • Every other week during the program, you’ll work directly with Darnyelle on your business strategy and you’ll get your own private Life and Productivity Coach for support throughout the program
  • All sessions of the program, are delivered via Video Conferencing.  You’ll have video modules to review and new modules unlock every other week.

Mindset – we start our time together focusing on mindset advancement strategy.  We look at your Money Backstory, Your Fears and Self-Sabotaging Beliefs.  We fire the 7 year old who is currently running your business and position you to breakthrough to the business you really crave, a better that serves you financially and spiritually.  We will discuss the difference between a fixed mindset and growth mindset and how to up-level the way you see yourself.

Brand Messaging – We will ensure that your marketing message is compelling and magnetic. We will infuse the power of strategic story telling to create effective story lines for your marketing campaigns.   You’ll build your message based on Darnyelle’s proven SPICE model step by step so that you learn how to powerfully position your expertise in front of your ideal clients so that you get known quickly. Deliverable:  You’ll develop and/or update your Key Messages Document and Brand Messaging Cheat Sheet.

Marketing- You’ll get clarity around how to up-level your ideal client so that they will be ready, willing and able to pay your up-level rates. We will identify the BEST marketing strategies for your business and ensure that you are clear on how to execute them to get found by your most ideal clients.  In this phase, we should you how to get found by your most ideal clients using the most effective strategies for you.  This isn’t about a cookie-cutter approach, this is about customized strategies that leverage your Incredible Factor. Deliverable: You’ll develop your customized marketing map.

Sales – We will map out your sales management system from lead generation to sale closed. You’ll learn how to use your numbers to make strategic decisions to move the needle in your company. You’ll get clear about what it will take to build your business to 6 or multiple 6 figures in the next 12-18 months.  You’ll raise your rates and ensure you are priced for profitability. This section is all about presence, packaging and conversions.  You’ll master the sales conversation so that you can convert more often at rates that will make you profitable quickly. Deliverable: You’ll develop your sales conversation script and your customized sales cycle map and sequencing.

Systems – You’ll get my detailed checklists to help make developing your core business growth systems a breeze. Developing your systems will be an on-going process but you’ll have everything you need to set your business up for systematic growth and scale.

Building Your Team – You’ll get insight in order to develop the right organizational chart for your business, one that is lean but powerful to help you expand your brand.

  • Email and coaching support. During your accelerator, you’ll be able to email Darnyelle directly with your questions based on the plan developed.  You’ll also be able to join her each week for an open Q & A call to solidify the plan you’re creating through the accelerator.  Darnyelle matches her time and expertise with your effort to partner with you to create something Incredible in your business!
  • Twice-monthly open group Q & A/Accountability Calls  to get your questions answered, get on the spot coaching or real time strategy development
  • Email accountability (daily and weekly for a full year)
  • Private coaching with a member of the IFU team
  • Lifetime Access to the Accelerator Module Suite for additional guidance and strategy to move the needle in your business.
  • A Bonus Ticket to The Breakthrough in Business Experience

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What to expect from our work together (You’ll be working with Darnyelle AND her coaching team)

This is an interactive, hybrid business growth experience. There’s private coaching, business growth consulting and guidance, modules, homework and accountability. THE ENTIRE PROGRAM works together to  shift your business in EVERY way. The way the accelerator works, this is not what you already have in place, this is taking it to the next level (what you have been doing hasn’t gotten you to where you want to be)

Throughout the program, you will  find the holes in your business and plug them so that you can get to a profitable and sustainable business quickly.

  • Part 1: Getting Started and Private Coaching – Modules: Orientation and Breakthrough to a New Money Mindset. (while you complete our detailed business assessments)
  • Part 2: Get Clear – Modules: Your Next Level Business Blueprint and Beginning with Your Why
  • Part 3: Get Paid Part 1 – Modules: Introduction to a Deep Business Model, Up-Leveling Your Signature Business Move, Taking Your Content/Curriculum to the Next Level
  • Part 4: Mindset and Private Coaching – Modules: Managing Fear, 7 Figure Mindset
  • Part 5: Get Paid Part 2 – Modules: Up-Leveling Your Offers, Raising Your Pricing (Introduction to Value Based Programs)
  • Part 6: Get Paid Part 3 –  Modules: The Psychology of Sales, Closing the Sale B2B, Closing the Sale B2C
  • Part 7: Mindset and Private Coaching – Modules: Alignment
  • Part 8: Get Paid Part 4 – ModulesOvercoming Objections, Mapping Your Sales Management System
  • Part 9: Get Known Part 1 – Modules: Brand Messaging Part 1 – Must Have Marketing Messages and Key Messages Document
  • Part 10: Mindset and Private Coaching – Modules: Raise Your Deserve Level, Design Your Dream Life
  • Part 11: Get Known Part 2 –  Brand Messaging part 2 – Leveraging Your Story to Connect with Clients, Brand Essence
  • Part 12:  Get Found Part 1– Modules: 90 Day Marketing Plan, The Right Marketing Materials,  Writing Copy that Converts
  • Part 13: Get Found Part 2 –  Modules – Using Speaking to Grow Your Business, How to Get Booked to Speak, Creating Your Signature Presentation/Webinar
  • Part 14: Getting Organized and Systematized – Modules: 7 Systems to Grow Your Business, Support Systems and Software, Advanced KPI And Revenue Planning/Tracking, Business Entity and Taxes
  • Part 15:  Getting Support – Module: Building Your Team and Hiring Top Talent
  • Part 16: Getting Momentum – Module: Gaining Momentum

You should expect to finish the BGA with…

  • a clear and actionable business blueprint and road map that helps you to become known, found and paid in the coming months in your business; this includes your full strategy for moving the needle in your business toward YOUR business growth goals
  • your key marketing messages that are well-crafted, customized, compelling and magnetic so that you get found by your most ideal clients
  • up-leveled prices and positioning tools to achieve your business revenue goals
  • more money in your bank account and new, ideal, enrolled clients at your higher rates
  • your business revenue model so that you know exactly how you’ll achieve your business sales and revenue goals
  • the Model of Financial and Spiritual Abundance – confidence and connection; positioning and profitability tools
  • new clients and revenue

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see if the Business Growth Accelerator is the right fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

If I am just starting my business is this a good fit for me?
If you are starting a new business for the very first time, this is likely not the best investment for you.  The BGA is an advanced intensive.  It moves VERY FAST – each week new content is released and you’re creating another core component of your business. We work through this program with businesses that already have products and services, clients and and other business basics in place.  This accelerator is all about expanding your business and positioning you for your next level of growth and development. If you’ve been in business before and are now at the point of reinvention or starting a new venture in tandem with an existing business, you’ll enjoy the pace of this accelerator. 

How can I afford to invest in this if I’m not making money in my business?
If you want something you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done.”  The only way you’ll successfully grow your business is by taking different actions.  If the actions you’ve taken aren’t producing the results you want, you’ll like need training/education. If you want to grow your business, you’ll need to invest in education. Unfortunately, there is no way around investing.  In business, you invest first and position yourself to yield a return on that investment.  We offer a payment plan to help you to be able to invest in yourself to grow your business.

TERMS: Non-Refundable Non-Cancellable Program: You assume 100% Responsibility for Your Actions, Success, and Decisions.  Entering into this consulting program is entirely based on this covenant that you have acknowledged that you accept 100% responsibility for your actions (or lack of actions), your success, and your decisions.

What types of results have clients gotten from your programs?

“I made $35,000 in my first six weeks in the Accelerator!”

“Before enrolling to work with Darnyelle in the Business Growth Accelerator, I was doing well in my business, but I was hustling and grinding and undercharging based on the value I add to my clients. Darnyelle helped me to not only understand my value but raise my rates and streamline my offerings, which helped me to add new clients more easily. In fact, in my first 6 weeks in the Accelerator, I generated $35,000 in new revenue and I am just getting started. If I annualized these early results, I will do more than $300,000 this year in my business! And as good as the financial results have been, I’ve also enjoyed the spirituality and how I can build a business that serves me in every way! It’s really been a game changer for my entire life. If you’re thinking about working with Darnyelle, stop thinking and apply. You’ll see quickly that she’s a Godsend and paramount to reach your next level.”

Dr. Sherrie Walton

“$40,000 in NEW Revenue!”

“Before working with Darnyelle, I was doing amazing in my business and my life! However, I was quickly burning out because I didn’t have systems in place and my prices were way too low.

As a result of joining the Business Growth Accelerator, I’ve literally seen my life and business transform. On a personal level, I was struggling with validation and the fear of not succeeding. I listened to the confidence module over and over. Confidence indeed became the new currency for my business, it has put me in divine alignment, and I am experiencing the overflow from it! My confidence is my gift from God! I deserve to celebrate His greatness in my life, and I finally believe that. From a business perspective, I lacked the systems in place to make my business flow seamlessly. I was operating from a wide business model instead of narrowing my focus to meeting the needs of my ideal client.

By week 15 of the Accelerator, I acquired 8 new authors for my publishing business and enrolled 14 new clients in my soul healing counseling program. I’ve also secured 7 speaking engagements. All of this will yield over $40,000 for my business once projects are completed.

If you’re thinking about hiring Darnyelle (only inquire if you are serious) this process is not for those who are not looking to see results. IF you are ready to see growth in your business and your life, and you want to do it quickly, then I absolutely recommend the Business Growth Accelerator. If you’re not confident, clear, and closing new clients consistently, you need Darnyelle!

JoLanda Rogers
CEO – TALK Consulting, LLC

“One of the best investments I’ve made for my business!”

“Before working with Darnyelle in her Strategic Biz Retreat Program, I was not quite sure how to make my business work so that I made money. By participating in the SBR, I’ve gotten so much! Darnyelle provides so much content, so much value and she does it in excellence. Because of this program, I’ve raised my rates and added 5 new clients! The beauty of the program is that you get access to Darnyelle’s brilliance. She has so many strategies that work! I’m a more confident business woman and I am so clear that I’ve gotten everything I need to build a business that serves me. If you want access to a coach that has the goods, you need to hire Darnyelle. She’ll give you good strategy, open up her vault of valuable information and take a vested interest in your success. I know there are lots of coaches out there, but there’s only one I know that walks their talk and I can the results right now in my business.”

Linda Hawkins
Savvy Health Coaching

“In the 6 months following the Strategic Biz Retreat, I have closed $72,000 in new business!”

“Participating in the Strategic Biz Retreat was just what I needed to make a significant shift in my business. I had worked with Darnyelle a few years ago and as a result, I become a six figure business owner by leveraging her strategies. Ready to up-level my business again, I joined her at an SBR, and it was exactly what I needed to position my company for next tier success.

“In the 6 months following the SBR, I have closed $72,000 in new business, had clients renew, re-aligned my brand and hired key team members to help me continue to grow and scale my business. I feel amazing right now and more than anything, I know that I am building a business that will help my family to thrive.”

Sherrell Martin
Nitram Financial Solutions

“I closed $10,500 in 3 days following the Strategic Biz Retreat with Darnyelle!”

“Working with Darnyelle is phenomenal.  She’s not just big picture, she offers the strategy to back it up and it works. 

In just three days following her Strategic Biz Retreat, I closed $10,500 in new client income! If you are serious about growing your business, she is exactly what you need and you need to run, not walk, to join Darnyelle at her next Strategic Biz Retreat!”

Dorri C. Scott
Loudoun Woman Media

“The Strategic Biz Retreat changed my business and I have new clients to prove it!”

“Since the Strategic Biz Retreat with Darnyelle, I have increased my income by 60% each month consistently. More than anything, Darnyelle reminded me of the value I add to my ideal clients. I’m more focused and my clients and fees are up-leveled. I’m on track for my first EVER 6-figure year because of Darnyelle’s strategies and commitment to helping business owners experience growth at every level – personally, professionally, spiritually, financially, emotionally and physically. Darnyelle knows her stuff and she knows how to help you grow your business and position your services for profit! Don’t delay if given an opportunity to work with her. She makes sure you get clarity and a sound plan that will work for you and your business. This is hands down the best investment I’ve made since I started my business and I know that I will be earning my first six figures sooner than I ever would have had I not hired Darnyelle.”

Sharon Booker Brown
S.D. Booker & Associates

“Just 30 days after my Strategic Biz Retreat with Darnyelle, I closed a $46,000 contract and one year later, I’ve added more than $200,000 in new revenue!”

“Before working with Darnyelle, when presented with an opportunity to work with an organization, I would have offered what I just made $46,000 on for $10,000!  But I attended the Strategic Biz Retreat with Darnyelle and got up-leveled; my mindset, my rates, my confidence and my ability to close more sales more often.  I cannot believe that just 30 days after the retreat, I have earned $46,000.  In the year since I experienced the SBR, I’ve added more than $200,000 in new revenue and I’m just getting started!

If you are ready to make more money doing what you love, you need to attend the next Strategic Biz Retreat that Darnyelle offers.  It was the best investment I’ve ever made and I’ve already made a 900% return on my investment and I am just getting started!”

Marissa Q. Paine
The Painefree Coaching & Consulting Group

“Just 2 days later, I have 2 new clients!”

“The two days spent with Darnyelle A. Jervey at the Strategic Business Retreat (SBR) was well-worth the investment. She walked me step-by-step through strategy and insight around my messaging, marketing, sales and operational infrastructure. She customized strategies specific to my business, making execution easy. I arrived ready to learn; Darnyelle took care of the rest.

On the second day following her SBR, I made two client calls. Using Darnyelle’s sales strategy and advice on creating a new offering, I closed both new clients for a total of $5,000! In less than an hour working the strategies, I received a 66% return on investment. It works…SHE works!

If you’re confused, overwhelmed or downright frustrated with taking your business to the next level, stop fretting. Let Darnyelle mentor you at her next SBR. You’ll get results. Why? Because she grows businesses…period!”

Valerie J. Lewis Coleman

“I signed my first 4-figure client thanks to Darnyelle!”

“Before hiring Darnyelle, while I knew that what I do is needed in the marketplace, I had no real idea on how to go from idea to income.  I participated in the Strategic Biz Retreat with Darnyelle and the content and strategy blew my mind.  More importantly, I learned EXACTLY what I need to do with consistency to attract, close and retain ideal clients.  My confidence is soaring because Darnyelle pours in with strategy, sensibility, and just the right amount of tough love and a belief in your dream and goals.

Within a few weeks of the retreat, I closed my first truly ideal client in a four figure package and I know that this is just the beginning. If you are struggling with piecing your business model and marketing strategies together, hire Darnyelle.  It will be the best investment you will make and you will experience a return faster than you can say ‘Unleashing my Incredible Factor’.”

Tameka Evans
DFI Coaching

“If you are needing guidance to grow your business, I recommend Darnyelle because she provides the hard facts about business.”

“Before attending the Strategic Biz Retreat with Darnyelle, I was not clear on my numbers (cost of doing business, how to determine charges/rates or how to set packages).

During the retreat, I was able to focus on my business specifically while gaining insight from the other three incredible participants.

What I enjoyed most about working with Darnyelle in a small intense group of my peers, was the time to laser focus on my needs and potential for my business, while hearing from others and their experiences, suggestions, and the opportunities to partner with them in the future.

If you are needing guidance to grow your business, I recommend Darnyelle because she provides the hard facts about business.  This is a real opportunity to be schooled and hear what you need to hear to make a change to grow your business.”

Tanya Roberts
Structured Chaos

“You can’t go wrong unless you just don’t go to the Strategic Biz Retreat!”

“Before attending the Strategic Biz Retreat with Darnyelle, I had spent a ton of money and was overwhelmed and underachieved without a move to implement. During the retreat, I felt the clear and quiet confidence that not only could I do it, but my dream revenue number was closer than I thought. On the first night, I looked at my projected numbers and was projected OVER my dream number. I knew then it was totally possible.

What I enjoyed most about the opportunity to work with Darnyelle in a small intense group of my peers was that not only was it encouraging, the insecurity I felt about sharing was non-existent because of the safe space Darnyelle created. She enabled us to see our blockages, opportunities, truth, lies, and was simply liberating (sometimes with a release of tears).

If you are needing guidance to grow your business, I recommend Darnyelle because she won’t pull punches to expose you to you. Instead, she does it in a nurturing and loving way for you to be your best self and see the level of success available to you. You can’t go wrong unless you just don’t go.”

L. Denise Jackson
America’s Leadership Solutionist
LDJ Solutions, LLC

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