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IFU-2 Final(1)Education is an absolutely fundamental part of growing your business. Investing in yourself is the best way to access top-notch education to move the needle in your business.

Please Note:  Our clients are Advancing Entrepreneurs who are already making money and already have clients, or are Newbies starting out but are willing to invest what it takes to build a business with the systems and solid foundation to be successful.  The right clients for us, quite honestly, are clear that they need help maximizing their results, profitability and sustainability.  They see Incredible Factor University as the vehicle to the achievement of their core goals and objectives.

Incredible Factor University is a suite of coaching, consulting and training programs for today’s advancing entrepreneur.  Our programs range from 1.5 days to 12 months and are designed to give you step by step guidance with building a holistically successful business including messaging, marketing, sales, operations and talent development. You will have step-by-step guidance for developing a business with a strong foundation. Ongoing coaching and consultation provides the accountability, systems, tools, and support necessary to increase the efficiency, effectiveness or profitability of your business- in record time.

Our programs are for entrepreneurs who are highly committed to doing what it takes to grow their business substantially through guidance, accountability, coaching, consulting, strategy and support.




For quick and effective solutions to your biggest business challenges, we recommend the following for Advancing Entrepreneurs:

STRATEGIC BIZ RETREAT: This 3-day intensive gives you access to tools, strategies and consulting around the Five Pillars of Business Optimization: Brand Messaging, Marketing, Sales, Operations and Talent Optimization. During our time together, we will shift the trajectory of your business and create a road map for your next steps in creating systems that work to consistently grow your business. With two levels of support to serve you, you can decide what is best for you right now. Upgrade to access 6 months of follow up and Q&A to keep you on track with your strategy.



For ongoing support, you can also consider being a year-long member of the Incredible Factor University Program, where you can select from several levels of support:

LAUNCH the Incredible: If you’re ready to build a firm foundation for your business that includes systems, community, accountability and a support arsenal of business building insight along with my award-winning business building curriculum behind you, the LAUNCH level of Incredible Factor University is exactly what you need to grow your business by 50% in the next year.


GROW the Incredible: If you are a business owner who is ready to fast track your success to multiple six figures in a relatively short period of time, you’ll love the GROW level of IFU. For starters, you’ll work directly with Darnyelle each quarter to create the strategies you need to grow your business exponentially. At this level, clients experience 200% growth on average and firmly establish their business in the top 10% of small businesses in the United States.


Darnyelle’s Inner Circle: In Darnyelle’s Inner Circle program, you’ll work exclusively with Darnyelle for a full year. In the Inner Circle, you’ll have direct access to Darnyelle, with a private VIP day, monthly strategy calls, a full marketing consultation, speaking engagement prep and proposal review. Together with Darnyelle, you’ll make sure every aspect of your business machine is geared up to make you profit!

sold-outAMETHYST Private Client: If you’re already making multiple six figures but ready to add a zero to your bottom line, you’ll need private access to Darnyelle to make the move to a million! In AMETHYST, you get the most access to Darnyelle, with a private VIP day, 3 half VIP days, weekly checkins, strategy calls, cash flow review sessions and the most insight to move the needle by on average 600% in the next year.  The Amethyst Level is a 18-month program only open to five (5) businesses at a time.




Regardless of the level of support you choose, you can bank on expert advice, business changing strategy and a community who is cheering you on to the next level of success in your business building journey.






Incredible Factor University leverages the same strategies Darnyelle used to grow her business to 7 figures in 5 short years – by more than 600% since its inception. And we help our clients grow on their business on average by 50-600% in 12 months or less.


“327% growth in my monthly revenue thanks to IFU!”

toya-nicole-benson“Before I became an Incredible Factor University Client, I was making ends meet in my business…barely. In the short period of investing in the coaching and support from Darnyelle and her team, I have watched my revenue climb 327%! As a result of what I’m learning, I am being more intentional, and I am focusing on the right activities to generate revenue. I closed my highest-paying client to date all because of my IFU coaching team’s guidance and support. If you are really ready to build your business, you need Darnyelle and her team – they grow businesses, period.”

Toya Nicole Benson
L. Nicole Media & Communications

“256% sales increase over last year thanks to Darnyelle!”

meryl-hooker“Before hiring Darnyelle, my mindset around building a new business was a little off. But then I bought her Magnetic Marketing Success Formuila and Ideal Client Bootcamp and vowed to do whatever she told me. Her home study programs are amazing. They are detailed and have clear, actionable strategies that tell you what to do. When I did what she suggested, I made more money.

At Unleash Your Incredible Factor, I stepped in and enrolled in IFU and within a short period of time the way I conduct business has completely changed in the most incredible way. We are just getting started and I’ve already made 5x what I invested in Incredible Factor University! Darnyelle is the truth and she can help you get clarity, clients and cash flow. Don’t delay, hire her today!”

Meryl Hooker
Sales Rockstar

“From an idea to $700,000 in 3 years working with Darnyelle!”

kim-and-shay“Before hiring Darnyelle, we had an idea to capitalize on our expertise in the form of consulting. Due to Darnyelle’s insight, strategy and coaching, that idea became a solid six figure business in just one year. We upgraded to the highest level of access to Darnyelle and we’ve watched our revenues grow to more than $700,000! Today, we have employees, a growing brand and a true business. Every time Darnyelle gives us a strategy, we make more money. We’ve even had a nearly $100,000 month! If you’re ready to turn your idea into income and a business that serves you, you need to hire Darnyelle, period.”

Kimberly Broomer & Shayvette Hunter
Keep Selling Properties


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