Incredible Factor University Elite Program


Ample attention and focus to help you significantly improve your business with a proven curriculum based on what you need most… compelling, authentic, magnetic systematic marketing so that you attract a steady stream of clients and fill your practice and become a 6 figure business owner in record time, branding, customized strategy, and a business model that helps you to work smarter not harder. You will begin building a team to help you do it all. In this level of the Incredible Factor University, you enhance your experience with 4 live in-person meetings, one every 90 days to ensure optimal growth for your business while you work ON your business. Ongoing coaching and consultation provides the accountability, systems, tools, and support necessary to increase the efficiency, effectiveness or profitability of your business- without more of you.

As a year long member of the Incredible Factor University Unleash Elite Program, you will receive:

  • *Four* 2 Day LIVE Business Building Retreats for continuous learning, business building strategy, best practices, and high-level masterminding. The meetings, held in Newark, Delaware, are designed to focus on high growth strategies in all areas of your business so that you can cross the 6-figure mark in record time. These retreats offer direct access and time for individual coaching and Q & A, as well as hot seats and business marketing makeovers, including best demonstrated practices from Darnyelle and other Unleash members, as well as dedicated masterminding time on your specific areas of need.
  • *Four* BONUS Extra Business Building Retreat Days. The bonus days are added on to the LIVE retreats. They are available exclusively for Unleash Elite members.  You can expect laser-focused access  so you can attract more clients and generate more revenue in your business.
  • *Twenty-Four* Business Building Modules (2 per month). You’ll gain access to the Incredible Factor University curriculum.  It is 24 modules, delivered month, 2 at a time.  These modules are designed to teach you step by step how to build a solid, thriving business. As one client calls it, you’ll be going to Business School. Everything you need to know is included, no worries, we’ve got you covered!
  • *Eight* Bonus Training Modules. While our curriculum is rock solid, there are a few topics we want to offer a “deep-dive” on so that you accelerate your results for what’s most important – attracting new clients and making more money in your business. These bonus training modules are designed for just that!
  • *Ten* Monthly Group Laser Coaching/Q & A Calls with Darnyelle (plus recordings).  The group calls are for direction from Darnyelle, as well as receiving and providing input from the group. Content is offered on the calls in the form of “what’s working now”.  Calls are intimate enough to foster a strong connection with your peers. Here’s a sample of the content covered in live meetings and monthly calls: creating systems for every area of your business, focusing on your Incredible Factor and delegating everything else, passive and leveraged income business models, building your list, sales letters, online marketing, automated marketing sequences and launch calendars, building the right team for you, productivity, time management, client management, online lead generation, etc. As a result, you get the support you need at this level in your business.
  • *Ten*  private strategy sessions with Darnyelle. In these sessions, you get dedicated time to focus on YOUR business; Darnyelle will support you, hold you accountable to your goals, help you tweak your systems and processes as needed, offer suggestions, and coach you through any obstacles that arise. We will schedule a call at the beginning of each month so that we set your strategy for the month.
  • *Ten* Laser Coaching Sessions. These 10-minute quick coaching sessions will help you when you need a little guidance, inspiration or focus to prepare for your next meeting or for making sales calls. Use as many as you’d like. Darnyelle is committed to helping you to make the shift in your business.
  • Daily Accountability As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get distracted and having someone to hold you accountable to your goals will be exactly what you need to grow your business consistently. Without implementation, there are no results so your daily accountability buddy will help keep you focused.  This level of accountability creates exceptional results.
  • Incredible Factor Assessments.  First, you’ll take my 170+ question assessment so I can find out about the holes in your business. Then,To help you to clarify your Incredible Factor, we use a few assessments, to help us help you grow your business faster.  You’ll take the Kolbe Assessment, Strengths Finder 2.0 and the Fascinate Index.  All three combine to tell us very specifically how to help you with your sales and marketing plans that you will use to grow your business.  Trust me, these assessments are game changers!
  • Speaking Engagement Preparation Sessions.  When you are preparing to grow your business through speaking, your delivery and timing are as important as your message.  Schedule a speaking engagement prep session with Darnyelle so that she can help you to validate that your talk covers all 13 of the pivotal components to turning any speaking opportunity into an opportunity to gain more clients, earn more money and make a greater impact.  And, if you’re preparing to be an exhibitor, Darnyelle will ensure you are prepared with a winning strategy to maximize your sponsorship.

  • Proposal Review Sessions. Writing a winning proposal or engagement letter is an art.  With expert guidance and consultative review, Darnyelle will help to make sure that your proposal not only identifies and clearly lays out how you plan to solve your prospective client’s top of mind specific and expensive problem but she will ensure that you’ve priced it correctly based on the ROI the organization will achieve in hiring you.  Darnyelle is committed to helping you land bigger, more lucrative contracts and at the Elite level, she offers expert guidance and support through every step of the process.
  • Guidance in building your million dollar dream team.  Darnyelle has learned the art of making powerful hiring decisions the hard way!  She will help you to establish your talent management system, hiring process and determine which assessments every candidate must take to be the ideal addition to your team so that you build a team to support your vision from your vision point to your vantage point.
  • Professionally designed and delivered templates and checklists and customized coursework that clearly outline all of the systems and strategies we determine are best for your business.  These systems can be used for the life of your business and will vastly increase both the profitability and the value of your company. This step by step guidance to move your business forward.
  • Exclusive  Client Forum. Communicate with your peers and share your success, ask for their opinions, etc and grow your business while building relationships for life and networking.
  • Unleash Kick Start Mindset Program.  Because 95% of your success is mindset we are helping to you to kick start your 12 month program with our 7 steps to Unleash Your Next breakthrough.
  • A Ticket to Unleash Your Incredible Factor LIVE and our other 3 day event during your enrollment.  As a client, you’ll get to join us for our annual event, Unleash Your Incredible Factor.  This is THE event to attend for amazing networking, mindset, messaging and marketing assistance to take your business to the next level.
  • Bring your spouse, business partner or key employee to business building retreats for free. Having your support team in place as Darnyelle helps you to set and map out your quarter business building goals is a true game changer.  As you step into your role as CEO, you’ll need to have the right team on board to support the vision of your implementation plan.

To begin the process of becoming an Elite level client, apply for a discovery session with an Incredible Factor Coach.


“I’ve doubled my income since I hired Darnyelle!”

nancy-greene“Before hiring Darnyelle, I had made my first six figures in my business – but I wasn’t getting ahead.

Now, just 6 months later and I am exceeding $250,000 due to Darnyelle’s strategic guidance, amazing ideas and accountability. Darnyelle is a wealth of information and she truly understands how to grow a business. Through her insight, I am building my team, increasing my clients and I even raised my rates – all while positioning my business for massive growth.

Why should you hire Darnyelle? That’s easy… when people come into her space, they make more money PLUS increase their confidence, commitment and community. She is Incredible and I am so grateful that I made the investment.”

Nancy Greene
Attorney, NDG Law

“I’ve grown my revenue by 600% in less than 90 days as a Incredible Factor University Client!”

daphne-valcin“Before becoming an Incredible Factor University client, I was doing okay in my business but I was not charging what I deserve and I wasn’t getting clients who would pay what I should have been charging. In just two months since I’ve become a client, I’ve watched my revenues skyrocket by 600% and I am now earning what I’ve always wanted in my business! What I love about Incredible Factor University is that I am surrounded by like-minded people, have an amazing coach and get to soak up all of Darnyelle’s insights and strategies that are working to grow my business. I am so glad that I made the investment! If you want to grow your business quickly, you need to work with Darnyelle and her team, period.”

Daphne Valcin
Life & Business Coach

“Darnyelle gives you EVERYTHING you need to succeed in your business.”

abby-locke“Before working with Darnyelle, I had a fairly successful business, but I definitely had room for growth. In hiring Darnyelle, I was immediately taught strategies to raise my rates and now I’m getting new clients to pay me what I’m worth! I have also consistently closed more clients, even closing 12 new clients in 10 days. In fact, I’ve grown my business by 233% in working directly with Darnyelle.

What I love about working with Darnyelle is that she gives you EVERYTHING you need to succeed in your business – she really holds nothing back. Darnyelle’s scripts helped me to improve my closing ratio substantially so that now for every 5 people I talk to I’m closing 3 to 4! Working with Darnyelle has been invaluable. I’m more confident, I’m more focused and most importantly, I am serving my ideal clients consistently. I’ve learned so much that I realized that I need to stay plugged in to the source of my success so I signed up for a 2nd year. If you are wanting to grow your business holistically, you need to work with Darnyelle. She’s so much more than a business coach. She’s everything you need to have a wildly successful business!”

Abby Locke
Brilliance Brand Coach

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Ready to Join and Get RESULTS?
If you’re ready to BUILD a business, holistically.  I’m not just about marketing and branding, I want to look at your ENTIRE business – multiply your income by learning a proven system to fill your practice with ideal, paying clients over the next 12 months, while receiving expert coaching, customized branding and marketing strategy to take your business to the next level with the support of other high-achieving entrepreneurs, this program is for you.


To begin the process of becoming an Elite level client, apply for a discovery session with an Incredible Factor Coach.