Executive Evelyn (Executive Edwin)

 “I know what I’m doing and I have built a solid business but now I want to build my platform online and off and extend my brand so that I get leverage and serve tons more people doing what I love.   My leadership style isn’t expanding my team – I need systems and I must learn to Leverage My Incredible Factor”

 You’re a business owner who is ready to take your brand, business and results to the next level so that you make more money while working less and building a team. 

Who you are
You’re making great money and your passion is contagious.  You have a business you love and are making it happen to take your business to the next level. You’ve got clients, meetings, deadlines  and keeping up with the demand is beginning to create a challenge for you.  You’re a high-achiever, you make it happen but you struggle with a full calendar and limits on your earning potential. You don’t have time for your loved ones because all you do is work – because you love it and because you have no systems and infrastructure in place.

What your issues tend to be

As a successful business owner, you’re over worked and you are tired, frustrated and overwhelmed. You are stressed and you don’t have time to relax and take vacations.

You do everything or have to be actively engaged in all aspects of your business; you do not have an effective team in place.  You want to grow your business but the thought of having to work more hours stifles you.


What you need most right now

Most importantly, you’ve got to change the way you operate your business by building a a trong, profitable, peak performing team.  You need systems and delegation so that you can be more productive in less time.

You must shift your business model, you must create passive and leverage income progression plans so that you can serve more people and make more money while having time to build a full circle life.


The Incredible Factor Coaching Program that is best for you:
The Incredible Factor Amethyst Program

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