Foundation Seeking Franny (Frank)

 “I’m motivated to make my dream of having a successful business a reality.  I know that I was created to serve others and I am ready to learn exactly how to build a solid business from the ground up.  I need a firm foundation, step by step guidance and actionable strategies to achieve my goals.”

 Who you are:
As a Foundation Seeking Franny or Frank, you’re an entrepreneur who is either working part-time in your service-based business while you work a full-time job  that you hate or you are an aspiring entrepreneur that desires to create a business based on your passion because you know that you are wasting your talents in Corporate America.  You love what you do or are excited about what you’d like to do but you need guidance and support to create a solid transition plan so that you can quickly replace your salary with income from your own business.  Because of your income in your career, it is essential that you build your business the right way the first time so that you can quickly replace your income while doing meaningful work serving others in a big way.  You want a viable business model, ideal clients and income now. You’re making less than $50,000 a year in your business.

 What you struggle with:
You struggle with the courage to walk away from a job you hate just because it pays the bills. You lack focus and time management so you constantly have to choose your job or your dream and sadly, your dream often loses.  But you are ready to change that because you drive into work and immediately get a headache.  You struggle with effective balance of both priorities in the short term. You want so badly to do your own thing while making the same income, with the financial security of the job you want desperately to walk away from. You are afraid to go for it because you have no guidance and support.  You believe you can do it but then the voices and self-sabotage starts so you quickly get back to work, building someone else’s dream.  You have no idea where to start and how to be a success from moment go. You lack guidance, direction and mentorship to live your dream. You know your business idea is sound and solves a problem but lack the fortitude to create a viable business model, attract paying clients and develop prices that support an effective transition from your full time job.

 What you need most right now:
Your primary focus needs to be on getting clear on your Incredible Factor (USP, Unique gifts and talents that serve others in a big way by solving a problem) and creating a compelling marketing message around your Incredible Factor while developing a business model and creating the transition plan and working it so that you attract ideal clients, create products and services all while still working your job so that within 6-18 months you are ready to successfully transition to your own successful 6 figure business.

The Incredible Factor Products you need most:

The Incredible Factor University Program You’ll thrive in…

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