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About Darnyelle

Darnyelle is known as the Incredible Factor coach because she literally defines and unleashes the Incredible Factor (secret sauce, signature business move, unique selling proposition and hot undeniable gift) of her business coaching clients.  She works with highly motivated women entrepreneurs who are sick and tired of playing small; they are ready to do what it takes to Be Big, Do Big, Have Big and Live BIGGER! She uses a unique combination of mindset, marketing, and money-making strategy to transform their businesses with more clients, more income, more systems and infrastructure and more freedom to enjoy it all. Darnyelle’s coaching program is a strategic blend of coaching, consulting and mentoring. Darnyelle leverages her Incredible Factor, her MBA in marketing, her captivating presence and her ability to transform businesses while she holds her clients accountable for the implementation that leads to BIG results.


 “My goal is to show my clients how to build their business the right way from the start if they’re really SERIOUS about turning their passion into a profit and leveraging their Incredible Factor. If you don’t want to be successful, you will just build yourself a JOB or hobby, not a business.”


A sought after speaker, certified business coach, award winning author and consultant, Darnyelle A. Jervey is the founder of Incredible One Enterprises, LLC and the creator of the Leverage Your Incredible Factor System, a proven 10-step system that shows service-based entrepreneurs how to turn their passion into a profit. Darnyelle is known for her enthusiasm, contagious energy and passionate delivery and becomes the catalyst for transformational change and goal achievement in the lives of her coaching clients, audiences and workshop participants because she doesn’t just inspire, she also imparts success skills, tools, strategies and effective solutions.






How to Use Your Incredible Factor to Attract More Ideal Clients

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How to Use Your Incredible Factor to Quantum Leap in Your Business

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