Group Consulting Options

We’ve created several group consulting options to help you grow a business that serves you financially and spiritually. We have carefully crafted the curriculum in each of these programs so that you have time directly with Darnyelle and her team to work on an action plan that will grow your business, period.  If you’re in the building/growth phase of your business (looking to get your business to $10,000 a month consistently, you’ll love the Business Growth Accelerator.  If you’re ready to scale your business by 5 or 10 times your monthly revenue, you’ll love the Leverage + Scale Mastermind. If you want an intimate encounter with Darnyelle and a small group of your peers, you’ll love the Business Growth Weekend.

Incredible Factor Business Growth Accelerator

An online 16-week accelerator with Darnyelle and the IFU coaching team for emerging entrepreneurs who need support to build and grow their businesses (you’re working on getting to $10,000 + a month consistently.  In this program, you will leave with a very clear strategic plan, a strong brand and brand message, the right marketing plan to bring your ideal clients within view quickly and your entire sales cycle mapped – and you’ll be ready to truly build a business that serves you.  You’ll be introduced to the right systems to move your business forward.  And,  you’ll be making more money before you finish the program!

Incredible Factor Business Growth Weekend

3½ day VIP weekend with Darnyelle and team where 4-6 entrepreneurs will be treated to a VIP experience as they profitably position their businesses for more growth, the right way. During the VIP weekend your business will be realigned to become highly profitable in record time. You’ll access both customized strategies and group trainings around your messaging, marketing, sales management systems as well as building your brand expansion team.  The weekend is enhanced with the right mindset and spiritual alignment activities to give you the growth edge you’ve been seeking to move your business forward.

Incredible Factor University Leverage + Scale Mastermind: 2 Levels of Support – Elite and Masters

If you’re a high-achieving entrepreneur who has already crossed the six figure mark and you’re ready for a safe space, community and elevated conversation about EVERYTHING it takes to leverage + scale your business, you’ll love the Leverage + Scale Mastermind. In this program, you’ll  be surrounded by big thinkers who are building businesses that serve them.  You’ll have a safe space for the level of conversation you need to truly shift the trajectory of your business as you make the move to one million dollars.  Ready to expand your current success by multiplying your results, profitability and alignment? This program boasts an intimate business-building encounter with award-winning business coach and strategist, Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, MBA and a group of your advancing entrepreneur peers. As a part of Darnyelle’s signature hybrid program (part group, part private), you can expect to grow your business by 50-200% in the next 12 months.

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