“Learn my step by step plan to clarify and connect with your ideal client  (Audience of One) once and for all so you stop wasting time talking to people who are not right for your Incredible Factor and instead attract ideal, high paying prospects who can’t wait to make an investment with you adding anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000 to your bank account each month.”

Join Incredible Factor Business Coach and Marketing Mentor Darnyelle A. Jervey for this content-packed course and grab on to what could easily be the most exciting and rewarding way to get paid doing what you love by serving people who are ready to pay for your products and services right now, whether you’re brand new or an advanced entrepreneur.

Get access now to this 4-part tele-course for just $397
BONUS Course Materials: Includes checklists, templates, step by step marketing guide and more,
so start becoming an Ideal Client Magnet today

Darnyelle A. Jervey
Incredible Factor Business Coach and Marketing MentorDear Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners, Are you….
  • trying to get potential clients to sign on for months of coaching or consulting, but are having trouble getting them to see the value of how you can help them?
  • meeting a lot of “tire kickers” who just sign up for your free sessions or teleseminars and never buy when you make an offer?
  • followed on social media by hundreds (or thousands) of people but have no clients?
  • desiring to raise your fees but fearful that you will still be clientless?
  • someone who knows your products and services are valuable but are struggling to fill your courses, classes, events and groups?
  • beginning to realize that the future of your business is undeniably limited unless you can quickly and easily attract more ideal clients into your programs, courses and workshops, plus sell more of your products?

No worries, you’re in EXACTLY the right place! I know exactly how it feels to want to help people with your products and services and have none of them take you up on your amazing offer. The same thing used to happen to me. I had great content but no one was buying.

Give me four weeks and I will show you how to create your Audience of One client profile so that you can become a client magnet and make more money doing what you love while serving more people who are waiting to work with you.

Can we be honest? The joy of being an entrepreneur fades fast when you’re trying to generate necessary cash flow and you’re short on time, either because you’re new and you need to get money rolling in to grow your business, or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur and you need to do something fast, to free up your time and give yourself breathing room so that you can focus on taking your business to the next level.

Here’s the problem: Many entrepreneurs, especially when they are just starting out, get confused about who their products and services are for. In fact, they enter into the “I can help everyone” syndrome, becoming distorted enough to believe that every and anybody will benefit from their Incredible Factor. Trust me, I know because I said the same thing when I first started Incredible One Enterprises in 2007. After 6 months of no clients, because my ideal clients were everyone, I created a detailed client profile. I mean, I got clear about every detail of my ideal client – clients who wouldn’t hesitate to invest in working with me. I found that when I took the time to complete this process, what I received in return was a whole lot of ideal clients, so many, in fact, that I had to create a waiting list.

I realized that I (and you) need to do extensive market research to get crystal clear on what we call your Audience of One(tm).  Let me define it for you: one distinct type of person  with one distinct type of problem for whom you provide one, distinct and robust solution.  It’s like creating your own Mona Lisa….

When you get clear on who you are talking to from day one in your business – everything changes….until you get clear, you are simply wasting time because your ideal client will not hear you! I want to be sure you realize that when you try to target everyone, you really target no one!

If your prospective clients don’t see you as the ONLY solution to their problem, they’ll be confused and a confused mind doesn’t buy ANYTHING.

Think of a dog whistle…only dogs hear the whistle and respond. How awesome would it be if your ideal clients responded to your whistle, every time you blew it? What I know for sure is that clarity changes everything, including your income.

This is a foundational exercise for clarity that EACH and EVERY one of my private clients go through to get amazingly clear and thereby they becoming a client magnet. You see, when you know who your products and services are for, you can speak directly to them and get their attention each and every time. Ideal clients say yes and they invest in your programs. Wouldn’t you like results like this every time?  

Here’s just a sampling of what will be covered in DETAIL in this exclusive training bootcamp…

In this bootcamp, you will:

  • Finally stop targeting too many types of people for your distinct products and services
  • Stop hurting your business by working with clients that make you work hard
  • Attract clients who understand your value and pay you what you are worth to solve their problems

Call #1. Reboot Your Business by Discovering the EXACT characteristics of your Ideal Client
How to quickly eliminate any emotional blocks you may have to choosing your ideal client (ladies, this is a simple mindset shift that will give you permission to confidently surge ahead in all areas of your business)
How to re-invent your business without discarding what’s working or starting over (sometimes, all it takes is a few simple tweaks to experience a surge in new business…we’ll help you quickly and confidently make those tweaks)
The ONE simple step you must take to stop marketing yourself as a commodity (this one technique alone will help you quickly attract better clients)
The secret to discovering what your clients really want your help with (this is the key that can unlock unlimited potential and a goldmine of opportunities, currently being ignored in your business)
How to immediately identify who will value you and why you MUST focus your precious time and energy on the people who respect and need you the most
The exact size your target/niche and ideal client must be, or else you risk running into a dead-end with your income and your opportunities (you’ll feel relieved once you know this number)
How to authentically take advantage of current mega AND micro trends that will help you effortlessly fill your programs, courses and workshops faster
Our signature Ideal Client Profile Building System that walks you step by step through the right questions to answer in order to identify exactly who your Incredible Factor was created for.

You get …The ideal client profile worksheet, which is priceless by the time you finish completing it, you will not only know who your ideal client is, you will already be manifesting them into your sales funnel

Call #2. How to Strategize Your Incredible Factor in the marketplace so that you stand out from the crowd of service-based professionals to your now defined Ideal Client
How to pinpoint your “Incredible Factor”…this is key to instantly attracting the right clients and generating streams of referrals whether you’re at the grocery store, at a networking meeting, speaking or even at the gym.
How to END the “What will they pay for?” dilemma that’s likely keeping you from creating the highly successful business you dream of
How to transform “that thing you do” into an exciting Incredible Factor Signature System that attracts plenty of new clients
Why your audience may be turned off by what you’re telling them (and what you MUST say instead to capture their interest and their business)


You get:
Templates and scripts that solve the problem of how to answer the “So what do you do?” question.
– We’re adding in your Ideal Client Product Progression Plan as a bonus to help you build ideal clients for life.

Call #3. Simple, Practically “Done for You” Ways to Attract & Keep More of Your Ideal Clients with client magnetic marketing messages and How to Turn Contacts to Contracts Easily and Effortlessly
One simple technique for creating instant web copy (even if you’re not a writer) that you can use immediately…saving yourself hours of time and effort
How to STOP treating yourself like a commodity or competing, and truly start charging the value that you and your offerings are worth
How to be the FIRST name on your ideal clients’ lips so you never again have to worry about competition
Seven sure-fire ways to leverage your Incredible Factor so you effortlessly create multiple streams of income
How to seamlessly transition into working with your new ideal client at your new, higher rate, (and attracting new clients along the way)
My step by step contact to contract closing system…if you do this with your ideal clients 80% will hire you on the spot
The ONE thing your clients most want you to help them with (we’ll give you plenty of ideas on how to please them so they love you and love to refer others to you…forever)

You get:
Handy checklist of the SIX BEST ways to leverage your Incredible Factor
Clever “done for you” services you can offer your clients that make them love you — and pay you — over and over again

BONUS “Q&A” Recording with Darnyelle
Let Coach Darnyelle answer your ideal client questions to help you get crystal clear who your Incredible Factor is for so that you can attract them and close the sale over 80% of the time.(I bill out my hourly time at $500 minimum, so this is a HUGE value.)


Complete MP3 Recordings of the Ideal Client Bootcamp

Call recordings are conveniently posted on a secure web page so you can download to your favorite listening device.

Downloadable Transcripts of Each Call

We both love taking notes. So we’re providing you with transcripts of each call. Read them online or download and print to access easily.

Downloadable Forms and Checklists


VALUE: Priceless!


Get access now for this 4-part telecourse for just $397

As You Can See, I’m Not Holding ANYTHING Back!


Here’s a Recap of Exactly What You Receive When You Enroll In This Exclusive “Ideal Client Bootcamp” Training Course:

  • MP3 audios of 3 Training calls, each about 75-minutes long, taught personally by Darnyelle A. Jervey
  • MP3 audio of 1 60-minute Q&A call, with questions answered personally by Darnyelle
  • PDF course checklists and tip lists – download these prior to listening to each of the 3 content calls so you can follow along
  • PDF transcripts of all 4 calls – available within days of each call

During this course, you’ll have many “a-ha” moments that will demystify why you’ve been stuck and specifically HOW to move forward attracting and keeping more ideal clients, in a powerful way. You’ll have actively removed *the* major stumbling block to your success! 

By the time you complete Ideal Client Bootcamp, you’ll have everything you need to attract high paying, ideal clients that see you as the ONLY solution to the problems they have.

WARNING: Not to worry – we’ve practically done all of the work for you!

I’ll walk you through each exciting step, providing you with every form, template, script and example you need to clarify your ideal client so you can reap the rewards of having a profitable business that you love. Think of your investment in Ideal Client Bootcamp this way: How much is just one client worth to you? Over the course of a year how much does that add up to? Likely, you stand to gain much more than the surprisingly low price you’re investing to get your hands on this business breakthrough information.

I’ve made it simple and easy for you to boost your business. Remember, knowing your ideal client determines your ultimate success in business, including how quickly you fill your programs, courses and workshops, plus it determines whether you will sell more of your products and services. So this is an affordable investment that surely makes sense, agreed? I’m sure, after reviewing the amazing quality of content we’re including, you can understand why this is.

If you miss this now, you risk losing time you can never reclaim, money you could have made but didn’t…you may even be risking the success of your business.

You’ll feel relieved, excited and ready to quickly take your business to the next level with ideal, paying clients!

Where else can you access a training course like this by a multi-6 figure entrepreneur who wants to personally help YOU…for LESS than $100 a call?

As you can imagine, gaining access to me is not typically available at such an extremely affordable price. I normally receive a solid four-figures per person in my coaching programs. At just $397 for all four calls, that’s less than $100 per call. In fact, I’d say the FIRST call alone, where you’ll be handed my secrets for creating your ideal client profile, is worth the entire investment of the training course!

If you’re serious about attracting and keep more ideal clients so you can fill your programs, courses and workshops faster, plus generate increased sales of your products and services, these are the secrets to learn.

Think of this as a mini-workshop with me. You’ll never have an opportunity like this again to learn my secrets directly for such a low price tag.

When I held this boot camp live, I personally taught all 3 classes
PLUS the BONUS Q&A CALL, so if you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to learn personally from me, start your boot camp now!

And go at your own pace – do it fast and attract your first ideal, paying client within days of class one or take your time…it’s up to you!!! 

My Personal “Make You MORE Than Happy” Guarantee!

I want you to be MORE than satisfied with the information delivered in this Ideal Client Bootcamp.

So if after you finish this boot camp you’re not 100% thrilled with the information provided – just let me know and I’ll arrange to refund your money back, within 14 days of your purchase. You have my word on it!

So…are you ready to generate income and excitement from clarifying your ideal client, making it easy for you to make money now and moving your business forward faster than ever before?

If you’re reading this, you’re ready. So let’s get you started right now…

“Yes, I’m ready to Clarify My Ideal Client!

When I access this special Ideal Client Bootcamp, I will receive:

  • 3 MP3 audios, each about 75-minutes long, taught personally by Darnyelle A. Jervey
  • 1 MP3 audio Q&A call, where I have the opportunity to have your own questions answered personally by Darnyelle
  • PDF course checklists and tip lists – I’ll be able to download these prior to each of the 3 content calls so I can follow along
  • PDF transcripts of all 4 calls – these will be accessible a few days after each call
  • All BONUS templates, checklists and forms

I understand the Incredible Factor Ideal Client Bootcamp comes with Darnyelle’s personal guarantee. If, within 14 days of purchasing this boot camp, I am not 100% thrilled with the information provided, I will let you know and you will refund my money back, and remove me from the program.

Start your boot camp experience now for $397