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Mindset. Mission. Message. Market. Marketing Methods. Money.

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner who is struggling with your mindset, marketing message or maximizing effective brand and business optimization strategies, Incredible Factor Executive Coach, Business  & Marketing Strategist and Award-Winning Business Mentor, Darnyelle A. Jervey, MBA, has the customized solution you’ve been seeking to finally resolve your business building challenges.  Using these very same strategies, Darnyelle took her own business from low five figures to multiple six figures in under three years!  We use mindset, marketing and money-making strategy infusion to empower you to define, own, unleash and leverage your Incredible Factor so that you  grow your business in record time with authentic and compelling marketing, business optimization and brand development.

You see, in order to build a solid, thriving and holistically successful business, we have to identify your challenges and create customized strategies so that you experience growth in record time.  I work directly with my clients at every level to understand your business and your needs and to offer customized guidance and support.  My programs are a strategic blend of coaching, consulting and mentoring and I leverage my more than 15 years of business experience to help me clients create effective marketing, business and operational systems and strategies so that they see growth in every area of their life.   If you’re struggling to determine WHICH strrategies will work best for you and your business, get started by  answering the following questions:

  • Is it a challenge to confidently highlight the problem you solve in a way that makes your IDEAL prospect HIRE You EACH and EVERY time?
  • Is it a challenge to work ON your business because you’re the only one working IN your business?
  • Have  you been told that you are INCREDIBLE at what you do but your message isn’t reaching enough of your IDEAL clients?
  • Would having customized branding and marketing solutions that resonate with your brand be important to you right now?
  • Is the task of attracting paying clients becoming more daunting and you wish you could just waive a magic wand and instantly have all of the clients you need appear?
  • Could you get excited about having your very own qualified executive business coach and marketing mentor to guide you step by step through the process to unleash your Incredible Factor so that you “crack the code” on having a successful, thriving business?

Yes? Now take a deep breath because you’re finally positioned to solve your biggest mindset, marketing and business optimization problems!

To learn more about our client profiles and the coordinating programs available through Incredible Factor University, click on the individual program and you will be taken to a full program description.
  • Are you an emerging business owner (0-2 years in business) who would consider yourself  a Foundation Seeking FrannyThe Incredible Factor University Unleash Premiere Program is for you.
    If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur seeking to build a strong foundation for your service based business featuring our proven holistic curriculum which features mindset, marketing, finance and money-making strategy.  In this curriculum based program, clients will learn step by step how to build a solid thriving business rich with marketing strategy so that they attract more clients and make more money quickly.


  • Are you an expanding business owner who would consider yourself a Building Betty (full-time in business earning but not yet exceeding $100,000 in income) The Incredible Factor University Unleash Elite Program is for you. If you are a full-time entrepreneur who is making money in your business because you have some clients but have not yet reached the $100,000 mark and find yourself needing customized strategy to grow your business, expand your business model and introduce you to leverage.


  • Are you an executive business owner (full time in business, making great income – at least $100,000) who would consider yourself an Executive EvelynThe Incredible Factor Platinum Program is for the entrepreneur who requires up-leveled access, strategy and and implementation that is completely customized to their individual business building needs.  At this level, clients receive the most access to Darnyelle and her dedicated team of experts and resources designed to build your business to multiple six figures in record time. This program will build your platform and position you for serving in your significance.