Incredible Factor University Inner Circle Program

In Darnyelle’s Inner Circle program, you’ll work exclusively with Darnyelle for a full year. A full marketing consultation, speaking engagement prep and proposal review is included in your enrollment.

Included in Darnyelle’s Inner Circle Program:

  • An In-Depth Business Assessment (Review your 7 systems – financial, legal, sales, marketing, talent, operations, client etc.) to clarify what needs to be addressed first in your business, and over the course of our work together. The assessment has over 170 questions for you to answer so that you get crystal clear on what holes need to be addressed first in your business and over the course of your Inner Circle program.
  • *One* Full LIVE VIP Strategic Planning Day with Darnyelle
    In this live full-day session, we will create the processes and systems you need to achieve our mutually agreed upon goals.  You may bring a partner or team member to this live session. The first session is at the start of your program to assess your goals and objectives and create your plan.
  • *12* Growth Strategy Calls with Darnyelle. In these monthly sessions, you get dedicated time to focus on YOUR business; Darnyelle will review your KPIs and reports and set a customized strategy to move the needle in your business.
  • *Twice-Monthly* Monthly Group Laser Coaching/Q & A Calls with Darnyelle (plus recordings). The group calls are for direction from Darnyelle, as well as receiving and providing input from the group. Content is offered on the calls in the form of “what’s working now”. Calls are intimate enough to foster a strong connection with your peers. Here’s a sample of the content covered in live meetings and monthly calls: creating systems for every area of your business, focusing on your Incredible Factor and delegating everything else, passive and leveraged income business models, building your list, sales letters, online marketing, automated marketing sequences and launch calendars, building the right team for you, productivity, time management, client management, online lead generation, etc. As a result, you get the support you need at this level in your business. And, these calls last as long as your questions!
  • *Twenty-Four* Business Building Modules. You’ll gain access to the Incredible Factor University curriculum.  It is 24 modules, delivered month, 2 at a time.  These modules are designed to teach you step by step how to build a solid, thriving business. As one client calls it, you’ll be going to Business School. Everything you need to know is included, no worries, we’ve got you covered!
  • *Eight* Bonus Training Modules. While our curriculum is rock solid, there are a few topics we want to offer a “deep-dive” on so that you accelerate your results for what’s most important – attracting new clients and making more money in your business. These bonus training modules are designed for just that!
  •  Incredible Factor Assessments.  To help you clarify your Incredible Factor, we use a few assessments which help us to help you grow your business faster.  You’ll take the Kolbe A, Strengths Finder 2.0 and Fascinate. All three combine to tell us very specifically how to help you with your sales and marketing plans.  These assessments TOGETHER are a game changer.
  • *Two* Speaking Engagement Preparation Sessions. When you are preparing to grow your business through speaking, your delivery and timing are as important as your message. Schedule a speaking engagement prep session with Darnyelle so that she can help you to validate that your talk covers all 13 of the pivotal components to turning any speaking opportunity into an opportunity to gain more clients, earn more money and make a greater impact.
  • *Two* Proposal Review Sessions. Writing a winning proposal or engagement letter is an art. With expert guidance and consultative review, Darnyelle will help to make sure that your proposal not only identifies and clearly lays out how you plan to solve your prospective client’s top of mind specific and expensive problem but she will ensure that you’ve priced it correctly based on the ROI the organization will achieve in hiring you. Darnyelle is committed to helping you land bigger, more lucrative contracts and as part of her Inner Circle, she offers expert guidance and support through every step of the process.
  • Professionally designed and delivered templates and checklists and customized strategy that clearly outline all of the systems and strategies we determine are best for your business.  These systems can be used for the life of your business and will vastly increase both the profitability and the value of your company. This step by step guidance to move your business forward.
  • Bring your spouse, business partner or key employee to your VIP day and Retreats. Having your business partner or spouse on the same page as you are stretching to the next level in your business is recommended as it often allows you to double the amount of implementation and therefore speeds up results.
  • Darnyelles personal rolodex. Get access to all of my personal resources for growing my business.  I only share these with my private clients because I want your business to succeed so much that I will share my personal resources with you
  • Additional access. Enjoy unlimited email access to Darnyelle for laser coaching, if needed. You receive full tuition for two to any Incredible One workshops and events during your membership.
  • BONUS: Access to all Incredible Factor University retreats and events.

Investment: $36,000

To begin the process of becoming part of Darnyelle’s Inner Circle, apply for a discovery session.


“One year later, nothing about my business is the same – And, I love it!”

tish“I knew that when I crossed the six-figure mark two months into hiring Darnyelle, that this year was going to be massive for me and my company. But I had NO idea that it would shift me in every way – mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. I’m more confident, consistent and courageous in every aspect of my business.

Before I hired Darnyelle, my business had generated $50,000 and I was grateful. In the 12 months Darnyelle has been my coach, my revenues have skyrocketed to over $300,000. I am not the same woman. I’ve grown in EVERY way. I’m a better wife, mother, First Lady and business woman and I am so grateful to Darnyelle for sharing selflessly with her clients and helping me to achieve a life-long goal. As we move into year two working together, I believe my million dollar business will manifest! If you have tried the rest, you really need to invest in Darnyelle. She is the best!”

Tish Times
Hire Times Training & Coaching Group

“A Solid Multiple Six-Figure Business Thanks to Darnyelle”

pei“In working with Darnyelle, we have experienced so much personal growth that is spilling over into our business growth. Prior to hiring Darnyelle, our monthly revenues were not commensurate with the value and expertise we add to the marketplace. Since hiring Darnyelle, we’ve noticed a steady monthly climb in revenues and in our actions and decisions as business owners. In the last 6 months, we have earned more than all of 2013! We are more confident in our value and are focused on growing our company. Before Darnyelle we would have never considered charging 5 figures for our services. Now, not only are we charging it, we are earning it! In fact, we’ve seen a 473% return on our investment and we are just getting started. With Darnyelle’s help we have already grown so much and know that the best is yet to come. If you’re tired of not seeing your expertise build a revenue generating business, hire Darnyelle. It really is Incredible what she can help you accomplish. It’s been so great, we hired her again!

After working with Darnyelle for a full year, we grew our business by more than 300%, and we’ve learned so much about business that will help us to keep our momentum growing. Plus we will work with her again when we are ready for our next level of success. The way that Darnyelle works with her clients is unparalleled. And she really knows business and what it takes to watch the needle move. If you’ve been trying to grow on your own and have been unsuccessful, hire Darnyelle. She really has the goods to get you where you desire to be.”

Barbara Hemphill & Andrea Andersen
Productive Environment Institute

“I’ve got a THRIVING ½ Million dollar business thanks to Darnyelle.”

kim-kendallI’ve been working with Darnyelle for two years at this point and when I first met her, I was a mess! Charging too low, unorganized, fearful and unclear how I could really make the kind of money I desire in my business. Since hiring Darnyelle, I’ve stepped into my place as a high end designer, charging five and six figures for my design work and no shortage of clients. I’ve more than doubled my business and I am just getting started. Because Darnyelle is a strategist she helps me think high level and offers insights and actions that move the needle in my business. Now I have a team supporting me! I’m not a solopreneur anymore! But the change in me is much more than the money I’ve earned. I’m confident, I’m clear and I’m building a team to support my business – none of which would have happened had it not been for Darnyelle coming into my life. I’m beyond grateful and forever changed. Darnyelle is so much more than a business coach/consultant. She’s a life changer. If you want to change your life (and grow your business in the process) hire Darnyelle. You’re worth the investment!

Kim Kendall
Kim Kendall Interiors

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To begin the process of becoming part of Darnyelle’s Inner Circle, apply for a discovery session.