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Leverage + Scale Mastermind

If you’re a high-achieving, service-based entrepreneur who is ready to BREAK THROUGH in every area of your life and business...

If you’re clear about your business; by all accounts you're doing well, but you KNOW your business could be more successful and you could go from working a job to scaling an empire...

If your current revenue is over $100K each year and your goal is to expand your personal and professional success by transforming your life, deepening your alignment, multiplying your results and balance without sacrificing ANYTHING that is important to you...

If you know that you are meant for more in your life BECAUSE of your business and are ready to make the move to MILLIONS while you create even more impact in the world...

If you’re ready for scale by tightening your systems and building a team that frees you up to do ONLY the work you love...

...all while spending quality time with spirit-filled big thinkers, risk takers, and action-producing thought leaders as you deepen your connection to God and strengthen your faith...


Access a community of entrepreneurs who are incredibly focused on shaking the planet.

This program boasts life changing encounter with the Incredible Factor University coaching team, which includes award-winning business coach and strategist, Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, MBA plus a group of your advancing entrepreneur peers.

Our business building mastermind is filled with planet-shaking business owners, some of whom hold advanced degrees (MD, PhD, JD, CPA, etc.), profitably impacting the world in their own right.

The program is backed by a safe space for purpose-driven entrepreneurs to become all that God has ALREADY approved them to be in every area of their life - you'll be a better version of yourself, a better spouse, parent, leader AND, you'll be supported to BECOME all of that while building a business that shakes the planet and profitably impacts the world!

To begin the process of becoming a Leverage + Scale Mastermind client, apply for a discovery session with an Incredible Factor Business Advisor.

"My biggest revenue year... without the guilt."

"I can't say enough about the accountability and support from Incredible Factor University. Even though I have a team of people around me, that's totally different from having a support network of other entrepreneurs around me, as well as a mentor and coach who's guiding me throughout my business journey.

I'm now able to make time for myself without the guilt. When we're passionate about what we do, it's easy to get consumed with work. I'm finally able to take time off (ie. vacation with kids) without slaving to my business. Even though last year was my biggest year to date, I actually did more in the way of taking care of myself and spending time with my kids that I hadn't done in the years prior."

Compass College Advisory

There is no “playing small."

In this program, we talk about scaling a REAL business – it's not for those who are “just starting out.”

(Although, I have a few options for you if you ARE just starting out.)

As a member of this powerful community, you can expect to grow your business by 50-600% in the next 12 months. You’ll get private access to IFU coaching team, insightful strategy, masterful masterminding with your peers and spiritual guidance and support that's all back by our award winning leverage + scale business growth curriculum.

This growth is compounded by introducing your business to the Model of Financial and Spiritual Abundance™. With the introduction of spiritual alignment, coaching, guidance and support, this program brings your NEXT LEVEL EVERYTHING™ into view. Every part of who you are will be fueled as you experience extreme accountability to move your life and business forward. You’ll finally stop talking about millions and ACTUALLY earn them in a way that serves and supports all that God created you to be.

To begin the process of becoming a Leverage + Scale Mastermind client, apply for a discovery session with an Incredible Factor Business Advisor.

Level 1: Mastery


This tier of the program is for you if you have a strong foundation for your business, BUT you’re still working way too hard. Likely you are the only service provider, so you’re juggling working in and working on your business. At this point, if you don’t hire a strong team you will burn out before you cash out. It’s time to introduce leverage and start scaling up your revenue so that you generate way more and you are free to do only the parts of your business that you love.

Incredible Factor Assessments

Before we even start working together, you’ll take several assessments (including Kolbe and StrengthsFinder 2.0) so we can discover the holes in your business and start developing your strategic sales and marketing plans to grow your business.

Kick Start Strategy Call with Darnyelle

75 Minutes – To get your program moving in the growth direction, you’ll get to spend a detailed call with Darnyelle determining the right strategy and set milestones for the path to grow your business over the next year.

Three (3) Private Strategy Calls with Darnyelle

75 Minutes – Along with your Kick Start Call, once each quarter Darnyelle will review your KPIs and reports and set a customized strategy to move the needle in your business. You have one bonus call to use as you need outside of our quarterly calls.

Six Floating Sessions with the IFU Coaching Team

Need life coaching, mindset or productivity support? The IFU Coaching team has you covered. That’s right, when you invest in yourself via Incredible Factor University, you get three (3) coaches in your investment.

Four (4) LIVE Business Building Retreats

Held over 2.5 days, these meetings will help you apply business-building strategy & adapt best practices based on the Pillars of Business Optimization™. We include time for individual coaching and Q & A, as well as hot seats, business marketing makeovers, masterminding, and of course… FUN! Retreats are held Jan., Apr., Jul. & Oct. in Newark, DE or Orlando, FL.

Business Growth Accelerator Module Suite

This suite of modules is designed to set the leverage and scale foundation your business needs for consistent, next level growth. Some of the critical areas include: key marketing messaging, packages + pricing, your sales management system also known as your business success formula, primary lead generator, and marketing sequences.

Leverage + Scale Millions Module Suite

This suite of more than 30 modules are broken down by pillar (mindset, messaging, marketing, sales, operations, talent, leadership) to give you access to everything you’ll need to master to leverage your business toward the ½ million dollar mark as quickly as possible.

Financial Management Review Session

You’ll meet with our resident financial management advisor to make sure that your business is set up for scale, you’re not paying too much in taxes and you’re ready to reap every financial benefit coming your way

Once Monthly Group Goal Setting Call

Previous Month Recap, Goal Setting, and KPI Review Call – This monthly group call is for direction and strategy from Darnyelle, as well as receiving and providing input from the group. We’ll evaluate your goals and what is standing in the way of you achieving them. Leverage the power of your numbers to strategically move your business forward. No calls in May.

Once Monthly Group Laser Coaching Call

In the third (3rd) week of each month, you’ll check in with Darnyelle and your peers to check in on your goals for the month and get strategy to finish your goals strong. During these calls, you can expect to be stretched and get access to what you need most to move your business forward. No calls in May.

Mentor Monthly Call

Each month, Darnyelle will invite a seven-figure friend to do a live training on one of the following topics: speaking, sales, Facebook Ads, storytelling, intellectual property management, live events, launching or another topic on the leverage + scale continuum.

Twice Monthly Group Accountability Calls

Productivity Party with Coach Paris – In the second and fourth week of each month, you’ll meet with our resident Accountability Coach to work through your goals and where you are to make the final push on your monthly goals.

Hearing the Voice of God Class

With Spirituality Coach Shawndra – Businesses with a spiritual foundation go much farther much faster.  To facilitate deepening your relationship with God, you’ll be able to join our IFU Spirituality Coach for a monthly class on hearing the voice of God and leveraging the power of the God in you and your business.

Daily and Weekly Accountability

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get distracted when there’s nothing to hold you accountable to your goals. Without implementation, there are no results. To help you know where to focus each day, you’ll receive a daily accountability prompt from Darnyelle to get each day started toward revenue generation.

Accountability Partner

Based on your business growth stage and Kolbe A score, you’ll be matched with an accountability buddy who will strengthen and compliment your goals to move your business forward. Every individual in the program is an advancing woman or man of faith. Partners rotate every retreat. This level of accountability creates focus and exceptional results.

Feedback on Messaging and Copy

This benefit is PRICELESS.  Our copywriting coach will help you to tweak your copy and messaging so that you experience conversion when you market.

Templates and Checklists

Step by Step Guidance to Move Your Business Forward – IFU’s customized coursework clearly outlines all of the systems and strategies we determine are best for your business. These systems can be used for the life of your business and will vastly increase both the profitability and the value of your company.

Exclusive Client Forum

Communicate with your peers and share your success, ask for their opinions, etc. and grow your business while building relationships for life and networking.

Four (4) 90-Day Business Growth Planners

One for Each Quarter – Darnyelle created this planner just for her mastermind! It will keep your business straight for the quarter and help you to stay in alignment as you grow your business.

Implementation Parties

Every other month, join your fellow IFU brothers and sisters for an opportunity for uninterrupted time to implement something that will drive revenue in your business.

Pay in Full Bonus

Bring your spouse, business partner or key employee to business building retreats for discounted rate. Having your support team in place as Darnyelle helps you to set and map out your quarter business building goals is a true game changer. As you step into your role as CEO, you’ll need to have the right team on board to support the vision of your implementation plan.

Level 2: Millions


This tier of the program is for the ½ million dollar+ business owner who is ready to generate millions each year in a business that serves them in every way. They are ready to hire C-suite level positions in their company, expand their talent team and shift significantly into being the talent for their business. They are ready to expand their impact, serve more people, upgrade key systems, and introduce volume to their marketing and sales efforts.

Two ½ Day VIP Sessions

Spend two private ½ days each year with Darnyelle up-leveling everything in your business, in addition to all of the other components of the Mastermind.

Extra Time with Darnyelle at Retreats

You’ll come to the retreats a day before our Mastery Level clients for more dedicated and focused time with Darnyelle for your business’ sprint to the million dollar mark.

Eight (8) Private Strategy Calls with Darnyelle

45 Minutes – In these sessions, you get dedicated time to focus on YOUR business; Once each quarter Darnyelle will review your KPIs and reports and set a customized strategy to move the needle in your business.  At the Millions level, you’ll get private time with Darnyelle every month (excluding May)

Eight Floating Sessions with the IFU Coaching Team

Need life coaching, mindset or productivity support? The IFU Coaching team has you covered.  That’s right, when you invest in yourself via Incredible Factor University, you get three (3) coaches in your investment.

Annual Luxury Millions Retreat

Millions is an international luxury retreat that others will invest five figures to attend, but as a client at this level, your admission is on us (travel on your own).

Unlimited Access to Darnyelle

For Any of Your Business Building Needs – Whether it’s support around hiring your team, speaking at your live events, etc., you’ll have the unique opportunity to pick Darnyelle’s brain.

To begin the process of becoming a Leverage + Scale Mastermind client, apply for a discovery session with an Incredible Factor Business Advisor.

"It’s been an amazing experience working with Darnyelle! In my first year working with Darnyelle I grew from $100,000 to $250,000, and in this second year, I’ve grown my business to ½ a million with her guidance and support! As an attorney, her strategies are just as powerful for me as they are for her other clients."



"Just a month or so into working with Darnyelle, I experienced a massive shift mentally and got into action. As a result, I built my pipeline to more than $40,000,000 and grew my revenue to $1,500,000! I’ve worked with other coaches who didn’t really understand business and Darnyelle has been so refreshing. My business is on a trajectory of growth, my mindset is focused on abundance, and I am just getting started!"



"I had been in my business for six years and I was making money, but I knew that I was not at the level of income that I should be. As a result of implementing the plan I created with Darnyelle, I grew my business to seven figures! And, I was just awarded the Enterprising Women of the Year Award as a $1M business!"



"Since upgrading to the highest level of access to Darnyelle, we’ve watched our revenues grow to more than $700,000 (including our first ever nearly $100,000 month)! Today, we have employees, a growing brand and a true business. Every time Darnyelle gives us a strategy, we make more money."



Ready to Join and Get RESULTS?

If you’re ready to BUILD a business, holistically. I’m not just about marketing and branding, I want to look at your ENTIRE business – multiply your income by learning a proven system to fill your practice with ideal, paying clients over the next 12 months, while receiving expert coaching, customized branding and marketing strategy, personal development and business growth training to take your business to the next level with the support of other high-achieving entrepreneurs, this program is for you.

To begin the process of becoming a Leverage + Scale Mastermind client, apply for a discovery session with an Incredible Factor Business Advisor.