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The reason our clients are so successful is because of our emphasis on the 5 Pillars of Business Optimization™:

To best aid our clients, we prefer work with them through all of the five (5) phases to ensure true business optimization.

Phase 1:

Brand Messaging.

If you want to get known, you need a strong brand message.  One that is tight, compelling and easily recognizable.  Our team works closely with you and your team to ensure that you have one and if not, we help you to create one. We start with a vision session with your key leaders to dissect your big why, clarify your Unique Value Proposition and we distill it down into a clear, distinguishable brand message. Once your message has been created, it’s tested to validate that it helps you to reach the clients you desire to serve in record numbers. And, we will even work with your graphics team to ensure that your logo and other graphic collateral is right for your updated branding messaging. Simultaneously, we create your Brand Messaging Cheat Sheet so that each member of your organization has your new, clear and compelling message and you can feel confident that everyone articulates what you do the same way.  Brand cohesion is the key to increasing your reach and working above the noise.

Phase 2:


During this phase, we determine the RIGHT marketing streams for your business (out of a possible 30) and create your systems and core strategies in each of the 7 we designate as best for you to get found by those you desire to serve.  Then we consult with your designated team members to create the systems around each marketing stream so that we can test and tweak each strategy for maximum effectiveness. Based on the goals that we set together, we will ensure that your marketing management system is succinct and positioned to bring ideal prospects into your sales management system.

Phase 3:


In this phase, we look at your sales infrastructure and management systems. We dissect your sales process from suspect to paying client and every step in between – which means looking at your offerings, prices, accounts payable, receivables, sales tools, KPIs and lead magnets to get the right people into your sales cycle(s).  Then we work with your team to create your sales campaigns, which are different than marketing campaigns. We make sure that each sales person knows how to maximize the system for clear and tangible results. And we help them to create a plan to automate their follow up sequences and strategies since that is where most sales teams drop the ball.  In this phase, we also make sure that you have every position on the sales team primed to generate sales and revenue. And, we can even offer detailed sales training for your team to help them become more effective sales teams who blow your monthly and quarterly goals out of the water.  This process quickly increases both your sales and profits.

Phase 4:


In this phase, we check your operational infrastructure, team dynamic, organizational chart and overall execution of the 7 systems: client management, marketing management, sales management, legal management, financial management, talent management and overall operational management. We make sure that you are operationally sound and that your strategic plan is up to date for the next 3-5 years. We will meet with key contributors to ensure that they understand your vision and the role they plan in its execution.

Phase 5:

Talent Optimization.

The only differentiator in your company is your talent.  We help to make sure that you have the right people in the right positions by looking at their innate strengths and adjusting them to thrive in their job.  We will complete a thorough review of your overall goals and organization chart by job type and ensure that each contributor is the right contributor for that position so that achieving goals and objectives happens seamlessly.

You should know that dependent on the size of your team, we can work independently or with the departments that head up these initiatives to help them to focus on creating results that move the needle in your business. And know that at every phase, we are tracking, determining your Key Performance Indicators, tweaking and helping you to develop the right reporting support system to manage your numbers effectively.

While we believe we are most effective when our engagement includes working through each of the five phases, we can support you in just those where you have clear gaps.

We have watched the implementation of this process grow businesses across industries and size from 50-600%

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Case Study:

Company Type:

Information Technology Management Firm

Number of Employees:

3 Employees and 12 Independent Contractors

Revenue Before Hiring Us:


Revenue after working with us for 12 months:


Total growth:


How we helped them:

We took this client through the first four phases of Business Optimization.  We refined their brand messaging and came up with two distinct key message campaigns.  We tested each campaign to similar results and decided to leverage both key messages but in different way.  In the marketing phase, we determined that there were 5 marketing streams that would work most effectively for this client.  We developed a clear strategy and system around each of the 5 and set them up.  In our initial test, they saw a lift of 22% in their response rate.  And of the 22%, they went on to close 18% more of them then they had previously.  As a result of the sales phase, we helped them to clearly designate a sales team that included inside and outside sales representatives and an account executive.  As a result of this process flow, the team became 36% more efficient and they increased their overall sales conversion to 38% from 20% previously.  *This growth is not typical, but because they didn’t have a sales team prior to working with us, they saw a massive lift.  I’m happy to report that their sales team is continuing to exceed their monthly and quarterly targets and growth has been consistent.

Case Study:

Company Type:

Software Development Company

Number of Employees:


Revenue Before Hiring Us:


Revenue after working with us for 12 months:


Total growth:


How we helped them:

How we helped them: During our yearlong engagement, we helped this company in each of the four phases.  After simplifying their brand message and their brand properties, we worked extensively with their sales and marketing teams to refine their systems in each area.  During this time, we saw an immediate increase in the number of leads coming into their lead generation tools.  We also helped them to write their standard operation procedures and create each of their 7 systems in great detail which allows this company to consider succession as a part of their exit strategy. As a result of the process flow, the sales team increased its effectiveness by 28% and it’s the amount of their average sale by 13%.

Final Thoughts:

This company’s CEO had gotten focused on doing what they knew to do but because they lacked systems, they were leaving lots of money on the table.  They also realized that they had people in the wrong positions and that was having a negative impact on their overall results.

From the CEO:  “Hiring Incredible One Enterprises to help us develop a systematic approach to optimizing the firm has been priceless.  Not only that the results have been so astounding, but our team is more cohesive, clear and focused on continuing to grow our position in the industry.  I knew what I knew about IT but I didn’t know what I didn’t know about business.  Hiring a consultant with proven results was the best investment I’ve ever made. I highly recommend Darnyelle and her team to anyone.”

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