Own-The-Stage_Coaching ProgramThe Own the Stage Coaching Program was designed exclusively for entrepreneurs, speakers and aspiring speakers who want to build a business by leveraging speaking. Through active participation in this 6 month interactive program, clients will become masters of strategic storytelling while becoming more confident, increasing their stage presence and getting more opportunities to share their story with prospective clients. This program is for you if you want to develop and masterfully execute every “signature” talk in your portfolio, learn how to make every speaking engagement a paid engagement and experience customized strategy to position you on platforms that expand your reach and increase your impact, influence and income.

Included in this program:
Kick Start Call with Darnyelle. This session with Darnyelle will include a debrief on your incredible Factor assessments and the creation of your speaking business strategy map. This map will be your blueprint for creating massive opportunities to grow your business by leveraging speaking.

Six Monthly 45-minute Private Strategy Calls with an Incredible Factor Coach. In these sessions you get dedicated time each month to focus on YOUR story, message, mindset and overall presence and presentation. Your coach will support you, hold you accountable to your goals, help you tweak your story and systems and offer suggestions and coach you through obstacles that arise.

Six 90-Minute Group-Training Calls. Your membership includes six training calls with content around speaking and building your business through speaking. Sample topics include: d, getting booked and getting paid, creating a speaker marketing campaign and calendar, becoming a sales master and creating products. These calls will include 45 minutes of content and 45 minutes of Q & A.

Access to 8 Deep Dive Business Building Modules via Incredible Factor University. IFU, our 12-month coaching, consulting and mentoring program offers a rich curriculum. Included in that curriculum are 8 “deep-dive” modules that cover the major areas of revenue generation in business. You’ll have access to these modules to accelerate your results for what’s most important – attracting more gigs and clients and making more money in your business.

One 2-Day Retreat at the Conclusion of the Program. As your program draws to a close, you’ll join us for a two-day retreat to finalize your signature talks and create your business building strategy and marketing calendar to ensure continued results and momentum as you build your business.

One 1-Day Retreat for Live Critique. Half way through your program, you’ll join us for a one day live session to practice and present your signature talk choice to the group for feedback and support. Date to be determined.

Private Online Forum for Masterminding and Networking. So that you keep in touch and brainstorm with your peers, you will enjoy an exclusive forum where you can share your insights, successes, etc to stay connected and motivated while working diligently to build your business.

Daily Accountability. Entrepreneurship is a lonely place. Because most people don’t understand your journey, it will become easy to be distracted. Because implementation is the key to business growth, you’ll be given a daily accountability buddy to hold each other accountable for the results you desire. You’ll also receive an accountability email from Darnyelle each day.

Email Access. For questions and support between coaching strategy sessions, you’ll have email access to the Incredible Factor Coaching Team.

Incredible Factor Assessments (Kolbe, Strengths Finder & Fascinate). To help you to clarify your Incredible Factor, we use a few assessments that help us to help you grow your business faster. You’ll take the Kolbe Assessment, Strengths Finders 2.0 and the Fascinate Index. All three combine to tell us very specifically how to help you with your sales and marketing plans so you grow your business. Trust us, these assessments are game changers.

3 Laser Coaching Calls – These quick 10-minute coaching sessions will help you when you need a little guidance really fast! Use them as you need them, no need to schedule them. We are committed to helping you make the shift in your business.

Digital access to Speak the Incredible Blueprint. As you know, there are so many nuggets in the blueprint so by granting you digital access to the program, you can listen and access the modules and templates at the click of your mouse!

Access to Darnyelle’s 7 Figure Rolodex & Resource Guide. Knowing where to find everything you need to grow your business makes growing your business easy. You’ll get access to Darnyelle’s preferred vendors and resources to leverage specialists to help you move the needle in your business.

Ready to speak with an Incredible Factor Coach about joining this program?  Click here to apply for a 15-minute discovery session. Be sure to mention your interest in the Own the Stage Coaching Program.