ATTENTION: Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Coaches, Authors, Consultants, Event Planners & other Service Providers who are not profiting from their passion






From the desk of Darnyelle A. Jervey
Newark, DE

Dear Incredible One,



  • You want to turn your passion into a profit but have no idea where or how to get started
  • Very few people are paying you for the value you add to their lives
  • You know that lives are changed when you do your passion but you are struggling to make the mortgage payment each month (or whatever you want to be able to pay for easily and effortlessly) because your passion isn’t paying the bills
  • You are afraid that if something doesn’t change soon you will be heading back to corporate America hating your life and having less time for family and friends
  • You have a day job but have a sincere desire to make your passion your profit center
  • You know the only job security is when you work for yourself and if you could just figure this thing out…
  • You know that even in this economy, people are maximizing their gifts and living the life of their dreams – you want in
  • You have a few clients but the well is running dry and you want a steady stream of clients who are excited to pay for your products and services
  • You lack the confidence to truly live your passion and create wealth for you and your family
  • FEAR is a constant companion and you are frustrated that you are not farther ahead in your business
  • You have a book or CD set but you’ve only sold a few copies and you know it’s good but need new strategies to get it out so that others can benefit from your gift

Imagine… that YOUR Passion IS Profitable…Imagine an authentic connection to your passion which creates abundance, confidence and expectation in your life… Imagine the FREEDOM you will experience when you leverage your Incredible Factor…imagine that you’ve learned the marketing, mindset and money attracting formula….Imagine not having to “work” each day because you’ve put the systems in place and you love what you do….Imagine vacationing whenever, wherever you want for as long as you want and still earning in direct proportion to your gift.

Hi my name is Darnyelle A. Jervey and I understand how you feel.  In fact, there was a time when I felt the same exact way. I always wanted to be a corporate executive and I was within years of graduating from college.  Unfortunately, my dream job quickly turned into a nightmare and I had to get out FAST. What I found is that I could make it work and enjoy the life I was created to live by starting a home based business with Mary Kay Cosmetics where I enjoyed success as a top Pink Cadillac Director from the state of Delaware, the youngest women of color during my tenure. 


  Here I am with my not 1 but 2 Pink Cadillacs earned in 3 years…

I loved Mary Kay, but I wanted to live Darnyelle’s dream. When I decided that the time had come for me to live my passion of having my own empowerment firm, I had to employ strategies and systems quickly to enjoy the financial freedom that I was accustomed to.  You see, when I started Mary Kay full time, I had a Pink Cadillac in 5 months and my unit grew from 22 to 500 in 1 year and earning a 6 figure income because I made a non-negotiable decision AND put systems in place..

In 2008, I stopped leading my Mary Kay unit and sent my Pink Cadillac back to the company because I knew that my purpose was so much greater than what I had been doing.  I knew that when people were in my presence, lives were transformed, so I created my company, Incredible One Enterprises, to create an environment for your gift to prosper. 

Here’s what I discovered, the business may change but the systems and strategies do not! Today, just two years after I launched my company, MONEY IS DEPOSITED INTO MY BANK ACCOUNT EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK, I have more time for what I enjoy and I have people on the waiting list to coach with me!  I’m also a sought after speaker having to turn many venues down..and I travel as often as I like to places I use to dream of……

How would your life change if people were waiting to work with you?

I know that as you even imagine the possibility you are getting as excited as I am right now as I introduce you to my NEW Home Study System

 From Passion to Profit featuring
Leverage Your Incredible Factor System® 




Let’s face it, money gives us choices and when we can choose how to spend our time, we truly enhance the lives of others. We can serve readily, openly, authentically. The truth is that when you learn how to define and unleash your Incredible Factor, your ideal clients will be waiting to work with you at the price that you set based on your value.  What I know for sure is that in identifying a few key things about who you are and what gift you offer the marketplace, you too can begin to create the systems that lead to the income of your dreams.  


Leverage Your Incredible Factor … It’s time to start charging what you are worth, it’s time you raise your fees, it’s time you get clear on the value you add to the marketplace., it’s time to turn your passion into a profit. AND I’M COMMITTED TO HELPING YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Sounds great, doesn’t it?  Well, this is not theory….I’ve used this proven system, my clients are benefitting from using this sytem and I will be sharing specific strategies and solutions for you to enjoy the same results.

With the  From Passion to Profit featuring the Leverage Your Incredible Factor®Home Study System


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Investment $697
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You’re about to discover:

  •  How to align your passion with your purpose to produce profit
  • The mindset shifts that are essential to invite more money into your life and business
  •  Proven skills, strategies and solutions for attracting more ideal paying clients and customers giving you more time, money and freedom so you don’t have to work like a dog in your business
  • Low-cost yet powerful marketing strategies that produce big results
  • How to stand out in any crowd so that your ideal customers see YOU as the ONLY option in your service area 
  •  How to discover and turn every opportunity into extra cash in your business (Trust me, there ARE some things you’ve not thought of that have money written all over them)
  • The proven system to boosting your sales authentically so you don’t sound like a used car salesman
  • The Incredible Factor Brand Secrets that will help you to develop a team of helpers at low or no cost
  • How to create and execute a passion plan that attracts more of your ideal clients and customers giving you more time, money and freedom
Here’s the results you can expect:
  • To define and unleash your Incredible Factor so that you become crystal clear about the unique offerings you provide that make you the ONLY choice to solve your ideal client’s problem
  • To consistently leverage your gifts, talents and unique abilities
  • To feel confident when someone asks you “What do you do?”  Providing your gifts in a manner that illustrates results
  • To create your Irresistible Offer which will have your ideal clients asking to work with you
  • To learn a proven system for making money over and over while unleashing your Incredible Factor
  • To get empowerment strategy to shift your mindset, develop your marketing message and get out there to produce a profit stream to grow your life

Here’s what I know for sure:

If you don’t have a system in place for growth, freedom, money, etc you still have to work everyday to make a living.  When you create the right systems, you get to work less, giving you more time for what’s important for you. If you are working in your business, you are self-employed; if you are working on your business, you, Incredible One, are an enterpreneur…which do you want to be known as?


Let me be clear..It isn’t important where you are in the process – if you are just getting started, about to fail in your business or doing enough to get by…what is important is that you desire to play big and get big results in your business by authentically taping into your passion and becoming Incredibly profitable


It’s time for you to get out of your own way and Take Action..take a small but meaningful step to empower yourself and grow your passion into an amazing profit stream..


This program is for you if:

  • You know your passion and it is to offer a professional service (coaching, speaking, consulting, writing, training, virtual assistance, catering, event planning, etc) to others
  • You are sick and tired of not having more money than you have month
  • You’ve tried to do it alone but keep coming up frustrated, empty, discouraged and disappointed with the results
  • You have no idea where to turn to turn a profit in your passion
  • You’re ready for a proven system that will lead to a big win for your life and business
  • You desire to increase your confidence in charging what you are worth


With From Passion to Profit, you will discover…..

How I created a business that attracts more of my ideal clients and customers, and brings me more time, money and freedom.


When I started Incredible One Enterprises, I knew that was exactly what I wanted and sought it out – going to conference after conference, I invested 5 figures into learning from some of the best around the world.  I did all the traveling and investing so you don’t have to.  I’ve put together an Incredible system to turn your passion into profit starting from the day you implement it….

Wouldn’t you say that you, too, want to gain the information that will lead to a Quantum Leap in your life and business? But don’t worry, Darnyelle’s here to show you the way. I know that once you get going, the pieces will finally fall into place.  “You don’t have to be good to get started, but you do have to get started to become good.”

But don’t take my word for it, read some testimonials from satisfied clients who’ve gotten results from learning and implementing my system..


Detree Hawkins
Coach and Speaker 






(payments every 25 days)


From Passion to Profit featuring the Leverage Your Incredible Factor® Home Study System
Here’s what’s included in the Home Study System:
The Leverage Your Incredible Factor System
® 10 POWERFUL Lessons with step by step audio instructions for turning your passion into a profit.  I’ve poured my heart and soul into this product.  The result over 15 hours of audio content and a 250 page workbook.

ACCESS to content-rich audio downloads  

  • Lesson #1 Master the Passion to Profit Producing Mindsets
    Your inability to produce profit in your business may be tied directly to your mindset about your business and money.  If you are consistently giving your gifts away for free….it means you do not believe that people should pay you for your expertise.  We will examine and discuss the mindset shifts that 6 and 7 figure earners have indoctrinated into their lives.  These shifts are allowing them to cash in on their passion.
  • Lesson #2 Leverage Your Incredible Factor: The Confidence Chronicles 
    Interestingly enough, regardless of the level of expertise one holds in their chosen field, lack of confidence and belief in their gifts prevents them from operating their gifts like a business that will enable them to quit their job, earn more and have more time for the things that matter most.  In this lesson, we delve into more mindset shifts that are ESSENTIAL as it relates to Creating with Consistent Confidence in your business to produce a profit that sustains you and your family. Also covered in this lesson are the fears, self-sabotaging beliefs and subconscious programming that prevents you from leveraging your Incredible Factor.
  •  Lesson #3 Shift From Passion to Purpose
    More often than not, solopreneurs and small business owners are not focused on profit producing activities and as a result everything is suffering.  When you learn how to shift to doing only what is important based on your stage in business, you will invite a shift that will lead to earning more each month.  This lesson also explores delegating and outsourcing your business.
  • Lesson #4 Create Your Ideal Client Profile & Strategize Your Incredible Factor
    In this lesson, I will teach you exactly how to find your ideal clients who are ready to purchase your solution to their pressing problem and pain point.  I will breakdown in detail the 5 questions you must answer to be clear on who you serve.  In this lesson we will also build your HUG (Hot Undeniable Gift)  Your Incredible Factor and how to strategize your unique positioning within the marketplace by developing your magnetic marketing message which will motivate prospective clients to work with you.  You must learn what makes you unique, why you are the ONLY choice to solve their problem.  We will spend time highlighting exactly what benefits and results you offer to your clients.
  •  Lesson #5 Develop Your Signature Incredible Factor System
    There’s that thing that ONLY you do that gives your IDEAL clients the results they crave.  When you discover the transformation you offer to the marketplace and break it down into proven steps, the result is a signature system that will allow you to leverage your Incredible Factor and serve the world in a BIG way.
  • BONUS LESSON: Build an Authentic Profit Producing Brand
    You are a brand.  Period. You must become a Profit Producing Brand. If you do not create an authentic brand, not only will others not know you, but your HUG will go unused and the world will not be re
    ady to go to their next level.  I walk you through in detail the components of an authentic profit producing brand.
  • Lesson #6 Create Your Passion Plan & Portfolio
    In this lesson, I show you how to create marketing materials that bring your ideal client to you.  There’s no need to beg; they will be asking you “When can we get started?” When you learn how to speak to your ideal client, they will be drawn to you like a moth to a flame…
  • Lesson #7 Create, Price and Package Your Incredible Factor
    Right now, you have a product or service that is incredible.  The problem is you’ve not learned how to present it to your ideal client in a manner that gets them to take note and make a purchase.  In this lesson, I will show you step by step how to take what you do and know and offer your clients and turn them into irresistible programs, packages and systems that will make your ideal clients eager to work with you.
  • Lesson #8 Unleash Your Incredible Factor
    I will show you how to maximize every opportunity to develop relationships and build clients for life.  When you spend less time in your office and more time where your ideal clients are, watch what happens.
  • Lesson #9 Convert Contacts into Contracts
    Using this system, my clients are converting over 80% of prospects into paying clients!

    You can market all day and all night but unless you know how to close the sale, it may be useless.  I will provide you with step-by-step instruction that will help you make more prospects your paying clients.  I hope you are ready to turn your passion into profit!
  • Lesson #10 Establish Your Profit Producing Systems
    When you learn to systematize every aspect of your business, you will take the guess work out of what does and doesn’t work to bring in new clients.  Good systems run with little or no effort and your phone will ring frequently with new clients, allowing you to never have to worry about clients again.  If your vision is only big enough that you can do EVERYTHING, you are playing small.

The From Passion to Profit Success Journal and Action Guide – a 250 page workbook and success journal has tons of worksheets and guides to keep you in a profitable passion mindset.





BONUS #1           Your own Passion to Profit Binder to organize your templates, worksheets and content



BONUS #2        10 Must Have Templates ($497 value)


BONUS #3         2 Extra Q & A Session Recordings ($591 value)

BONUS #4         Digital access to the entire system ($397 value)

BONUE #5         Digital access to the Be the Talent Audio Training ($497 value)



Almost $2,000 IN BONUSES!


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Investment $697
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My Personal Guarantee!

Upon receipt, take 30 days to Test-Drive From Passion to Profit featuring the Leverage Your Incredible Factor System. If you don’t think it contains the Incredible content and strategies to help you make money from your passion I’ll give you your money back! Period.

So if for some reason the From Passion to Profit featuring the Leverage Your Incredible Factor System doesn’t meet your expectations, just notify me and ask me for a prompt refund up to 30 days from your purchase. Product must be in resellable condition to be returned.

No reason needed. That’s my promise.


“Yes Darnyelle, I’m ready to make money doing what I love with the Home Study System “From Passion to Profit featuring the Leverage Your Incredible Factor System !

I understand that:

  • My Passion to Profit System will be mailed to me in a beautiful binder and CD album.
  • I also get to enjoy the instantly downloadable digital verson of the product (THE GOING GREEN VERSION) that will arrive instantly to me by email upon completing my order while I wait for my physical product.
  • My card will be charged the investment of $697 or the 1st $200 payment instantly.   (the subsequent $200 payments will be made every 25 days for 3 additional payments)  
  • I am ordering this product with over 15 hours of audio coaching content and a 250 page workbook and success journal. 
  • I can immediately begin to complete the lessons and start leveraging my Incredible Factor

I believe in your Incredible Factor,

P.S.  Don’t forget… you are totally covered with a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee.  You risk absolutely NOTHING by acting now.


P.P.S.  Remember, to call me with your questions within the first 2 months of buying the system.  You get 2 months in my Incredible Factor Inner Circle which includes a bunch more benefits as well. This is all FREE and included when you order.

P.P.P.S You’ve heard the saying, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.” If you’re ready, take the first step to success and secure your system today.

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and thereful we cannot guarantee that you will earn any money.

Go ahead and ask me any question about the From Passion to Profit featuring the Leverage Your Incredible Factor System Home Study System and I’ll help you decide if this system is the right one for you.

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