The Platinum Program provides (only open to 8 business owners):

The Platinum program is designed to give you, the successful entrepreneur, who is looking for exponential growth the specific guidance and private access you seek to increase your business and income and to extend your brand. For new growth to happen, many shifts and changes need to occur in how you present yourself in the marketplace, how you market your business, your business model, your team, your sales processes, your offerings, your prices, your management style and your mindset. Ample attention and focus to help you significantly improve all areas of your business, we will set the strategy then implement together.  We start your program with an in-depth business assessment to determine where the gaps are in your business (Sales & Marketing, Management, Team, Financials, etc.) This program is enhanced with one ½ day LIVE Strategic Planning Day with Darnyelle.  The ½ day is total immersion on your business (away from the daily grind) so we can create the processes, systems and focus you need.  Ongoing coaching and consultation provides the accountability, systems, tools, and support necessary to increase the efficiency, effectiveness or profitability of your business- without more of you.

  •  An In-Depth Business Assessment (Sales and Marketing, Team, Customer Service, etc.) to clarify what needs to be addressed first in your business, and over the course of our work together. The assessment has over 100 questions for you to answer so that you get crystal clear on what holes need to be addressed first in your business and over the course of your Amethyst program.
  • *One* ½ Day LIVE VIP Strategic Planning Days with Darnyelle  In this live half-day session, we will create the processes and systems you need to achieve our mutually agreed upon goals.  You may bring a partner or team member to this live session. The first session is at the start of your program to assess your goals and objectives and create your plan.
  •  *Six* 45 minute strategy sessions with Darnyelle.  In these sessions, you get customized assistance and strategy, that’s right, it’s all about YOU. Darnyelle will support you, hold you accountable to your goals, help you tweak your systems and processes as needed, offer suggestions, and coach you through any obstacles that arise. Calls can be held via Skype or telephone.
  • *Three* 2-Day Business Building Retreats.  In this small group, you’ll have a chance to experience luxurious retreats around the country with your small group of peers (only 8 members of the program)  where you’ll spend two full days working on your business and topics that are important to a business owner of your stature. Your meals are included in these retreats for the two full days.
  • *Twelve* 15-minute Monthly Check-in Calls.  To make sure you get access to what you need when you need it, you’ll have a short call with Darnyelle each month to check in on your goals and what you’re doing to grow your business. Quick calls allows us to get straight to the point of what is needed to grow your business.
  • Professionally designed and delivered templates and checklists and customized coursework that clearly outline all of the systems and strategies we determine are best for your business.  These systems can be used for the life of your business and will vastly increase both the profitability and the value of your company. This step by step guidance to move your business forward.
  • Bring your spouse, business partner or key employee to your ½ day strategy session. Having your business partner or spouse on the same page as you are stretching to the next level in your business is recommended as it often allows you to double the amount of implementation and therefore speeds up results.
  • Darnyelles personal rolodex. Get access to all of my personal resources for growing my business.  I only share these with my private clients because I want your business to succeed so much that I will share my personal resources with you
  • Additional Access. Enjoy occasional email access to Darnyelle for laser coaching, if needed. You receive full tuition for two to any Incredible One workshops and events during your membership.
  •  Unleash Program Access – As a Platinum client, you will enjoy complete carte blanche access to all other Incredible Factor University Programs as a bonus for your level of investment.

Investment: $25,000
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