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“In just 2 days, I will personally reveal and show you exactly how to use my step-by-step Build a Profitable Speaking Business formula — and actually create the marketing materials you need– so you always have a consistent stream of ideal, paying speaking engagements,  so you never EVER worry about how to get booked to speak again leaving you with more income, greater confidence, peace of mind and financial security.”


  The ‘Speak the Incredible 2 Day Intensive’ Workshop
(all you’ll ever need to finally build a profitable speaking business)
Saturday April 16 – Sunday April 17, 2011
Newark, DE (45 minutes from Philadelphia and Baltimore)




Option 1:
Pay in Full Discount

Option 2:
(one payment every 30 days)
3 EZ payments of $255







Details at a Glance:


The Speak the Incredible 2 Day Intensive


Newark, DE


Saturday April 16 – Sunday April 17


The workshop will end at 4:00 pm at the latest on Sunday


We will begin at 8:30 am each day with networking and continental breakfast


We will be working in the evening on Saturday so don’t make any plans and we will conclude by 4 pm on Sunday


You will receive all hotel details at time of registration. We’ve arranged a big hotel discount for room rates of $60-75 


Baltimore (BWI) or Philadelphia (PA) airports (hotel is right off I-95)

From the Desk of Darnyelle A. Jervey, Author, Speaker, Business Coach – Newark, DE, USAFriday, January 29, 2011
Dear Soon to be Profitable Speaker,
Everything happens for a reason; you’re on this page because you desire how to learn to get booked to speak more to share your message.  You’ve asked for a way to share your story with the masses and make some more money as you serve others with your skills, strategies and solutions and now you are receiving an answer to what you’ve asked for. Trust me, I understand what you’re going through, I have been there myself. When I started my company four years ago, I didn’t think to find someone to mentor or support me  as I endeavored to become known as a professional speaker.  Although I had been speaking in front of audiences since 1999, I had never been responsible for booking myself because I was a corporate trainer and speaker. But I knew that my natural talent was enough to go after my dream….I had a dream and a goal to share my story to motivate others around the country period.  I have always had a natural gift for changing lives everytime I opened my mouth.  Can you relate? With that dream in tow, I began to research and connect the dots to learn how to create a thriving speaking business all by myself.  I secured membership in the National Speakers Association within 4 months of starting my speaking business (which you must qualify for with 20 PAID speaking engagements). After I achieved some success, I met world-reknowned speakers like Les Brown, Willey Jolley, Delatorro McNeal and Lisa Nichols and realized that they were teaching EXACTLY the same thing that I learned on my own.  I was grateful for the confirmation that I was indeed doing what the household names were doing and getting great INCREDIBLE results. Through the steps I took, I was able to book 40 speaking engagements my first year in business.  35 of them were paid engagements at my full speaking fee, which,  at the time was $2500 and that was BEFORE I sold any additional product like my books, CDs, etc. AND before I learned what I am going to teach you at my event.  I learned how to put together a press kit, make a speaking demo and used it to to send to meeting planners around the world which in turn set me up to motivate thousands of people, with an average audience of 250, with my largest crowd that year being 12,000!Speaking is something that’s innate in you – you’ve been doing it everyday since you were a toddler any way, why not learn how to profit from it?

It’s not your fault that you’re not making money from your most innate gift.  Nobody told you how.   

Get excited, because that’s about to change. 

I created this event because I know exactly how you feel: desiring to share your story but clueless about how to do it so that it doesn’t COST you money….I will take you by the hand and personally guide you through the process that continues to keep my date book filled with speaking engagements. Did you know that 87% of your earning potential is tied to your public speaking skills?  No matter whether you are a speaker or desire to add speaking to your service offerings or want to use speaking to attract more clients, this intensive is EXACTLY what you need.

I’ve priced this intensive which is clearly worth triple the admission fee because I want to help you and I don’t want there to be any excuse for you to NOT get this information – trust me, it will change your life.  I hope you realize that with just one speaking engagement, you will make your initial investment into this two day intensive back….SERIOUSLY….No matter where you are in your speaking business, if you are leaving money on the table, and you most likely are, let me show you how to maximize your income as you maximize your message and your marketing.

Video Testimonial from Laurie Forster, the Wine Coach


Video Testimonial from Melinda Emerson, SmallBizLady


Before coaching with Darnyelle I was a successful speaker but something was missing in my presentation…Since I had the mindset shift I’ve noticed the following results: I’m sharper, booking more, more engaging, better sales conversion and relaxed. My advice to anyone is considering Coach Darnyelle is come with a open container because she will fill it up with practical information ready to impart immediately into your life and business.
Mo Stegall, Philanthropist/Empowerment Ambassador/Author of Against All Odds I Can BE

What this workshop will NOT be

Before you start thinking this is like every other workshop you’ve been to, think again. We do things different at Incredible One Enterprises

  • This will NOT be Me sharing theory with you for two full days. Down with theory…I’ve got BIG results and proven success stories for you instead.  Here’s the thing – I want you to walk away from two focused days with me with valuable, actionable information so as soon as you get home on Monday, you’re ready to begin implementing and getting results. I want you to experience meaningful BREAKTHROUGHS, how-to’s, examples to model quickly and easily. I’ve prepared the content to ensure that is exactly what you will be getting with this workshop.
  • This will not be two days of me giving you fluff – I’m giving you exactly what you need to build a profitable speaking business.  This is a thorough step by step process of exactly what you must do with the templates, examples and practical experience to make it happen.  I’m not going to be speaking just to hear myself talk; I will be imparting skills, strategies and proven solutions to the speaking business problems you currently face. I’m going to show you how to market your speaking services, how to create content and topics that will move any crowd, how to get booked and sell your best products and services so that each payday is a great pay day. I know you want to know that anyone with the determination to implement can do what I did;  It’s all tangible, it’s all feasible and it’s just what’s going to move you forward.
  • This is NOT a pitch fest with a dozen speakers all trying to sell you something. I will most likely be the only speaker and we won’t be selling you a bunch of useless products. I’m here to teach you what I’ve learned and done successfully in my own business.
Here’s what Speak the Incredible WILL be

This is going to be a very different kind of event than you may be accustomed to. It’s going to be high-energyhigh-value, focused content. You will discover everything you need to build a profitable speaking business—easily, authentically and consistently. there will be big breakthroughs; I guarantee that you will leave empowered, equipped and excited to share your story with the world.

This is a true HANDS-ON WORKSHOP, geared ONLY toward service-based entrepreneurs who desire to become or add “speaker” to their professional title and bio. We’ll work together, laugh together and create your marketing together. During this workshop, I will help teach you how you can attract more speaking engagements, make more money, and give you examples for everything.

In this two day workshop, I will share EVERYTHING you need to know to create a profitable speaking business as a solo division or an added division to your existing small business.  I’m giving you the best that I’ve got to show you exactly what you can begin doing on the Monday following the workshop to start getting booked to speak the incredible around the world.

Here’s just a sampling of what you can expect to learn at the Speak the Incredible 2 day Intensive:

  • How to start a profitable yet professional speaking business from ground zero
  • How to create your signature “Incredible Factor” talk 
  • How to be a confident, captivating speaker so that you leave them wanting more of you long after your done speaking 
  • How tocommand an audience from your first word with powerful introductions 
  • How to develop a press kit 
  • Which marketing materials are a must-have for your speaking business to be successful 
  • How to add professional speaking services as a profitable division of your small business
  • How to develop products and services from your signature “Incredible Factor” Talk to sell and increase your earning potential per speaking engagement
  • How to sell from the stage in an authentic way without becoming known as a used car salesman
  • How to close prospects from the stage and have your largest pay day ever 
  • How to speak and reach thousands without leaving your home via webinars and tele-seminars and making some of the best money you’ve ever made
  • How I booked 35/40 PAID speaking engagements in one year 
  • How to set your prices and create products to deepen the experience of your audience 
  • How to negotiate your fee 
  • When to speak for free and when to charge a fee and WHY knowing this is ESSENTIAL to your success 
  • How to create a demo video to use to market your speaker services – (including what to say in your demo to attract clients who are looking for speakers to hire for company events and national conferences)  – my Audio Visual Team will film you on the spot, creating footage for your demo (for an additional fee – details are registration confirmation) – your demo footage will be ready when you leave the event! (You will have the option of having our team complete your demo with voiceovers, etc or take your footage to the AV professional of your choice.) 
  • What, if you are a speaker who is NOT earning money in your speaking business, EXACTLY you need to do to change that IMMEDIATELY

 You CAN’T afford NOT to come to this income-increasing workshop!

If you’re not sure you should invest in this workshop, or really, this is about INVESTING IN YOU AND YOUR FUTURE, consider this: All successful people learn from studying with people who have figured out a system that works. So instead of reinventing the wheel and spending years doing it, you come to see me for 48 hours, you learn how to do it, and you immediately plug it into your own system. That’s when the opportunities show up, and they’ll show up fast.

Let’s face it.  If you’re here on this page, it’s because you desire to be a 6 or 7 figure entrepreneur but you have no clue how to do it.  It’s not enough to work hard.  You need a system, period. As I have learned from my mentors and coaches, you cannot become successful unless you use other people’s shortcuts. Learn from what they struggled to discover, and use the tools in front of you to grow your practice quickly and authentically.

Making a decision to finally get out of your own way and invest in yourself  is a time when lots of fears, limiting and beliefs surface.  You may be looking for anything to talk you out of working toward your dream.  STOP.  Take a deep breath and see yourself on that stage with 250 people in the audience.  They’ve paid you to come motivate their staff and you’ve got the perfect resource to extend their learning.  40% of the audience purchase it.  85% join your mailing list.  You’ve just had your biggest pay day ever.  It will all be worth it when you are given the exact tools to excel in this situation.  Refrain from letting your fear talk to you out of making a decision that will change your life. I’ve been there too…Right now one side of your brain is excited and breathless about the possibilities, but the other side, the doubt and fear side is trying to get you to click off this page. BEFORE YOU GO….

I can tell you from coaching hundreds of other solo-preneurs who were once where you are now, it WILL WORK. My systems are proven strategies for success. As you implement, they work. And you won’t be able to NOT implement because we’re going to do it all together, step by step, during the actual workshop! So, you go back home after two days and all you have to do is Plug and Play!

 Entrepreneurs from all over the country attend my events, coach with me and learn my secrets for creating mindset, marketing and money-making strategy to grow their business….don’t believe me, take a look at what some of them have experienced in working with me….

“Before working with Darnyelle, I was not aware of the exact steps needed to close the sale in an authentic way.  She’s helped me re-engineer my talk to add in authentic ways to offer my products and services without appearing like a used car salesman.  Since learning her simple and effective system and techniques, I can see why I was leaving so much money on the table.  Because I am getting a lot of media attention for my best selling book, Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months, I needed to take the time to learn how to perfect my closing ability and the way I let my audiences know about my additional resources for continuing their learning experience long after I’ve left the stage.  Because of Darnyelle, I my closing ratio has improved dramatically AND I am making irresistible offers, selling more books and making more potential client connections at every talk.  For anyone who is trying to determine if Darnyelle is the coach they need, don’t hesitate.  Get into one of her programs, attend her next event,  she’s got what you need to make more money doing what you love.”

Melinda Emerson, SmallBizLady
Author, Speaker, Coach

“Before I came to Darnyelle, I was a HOT mess.  Sounds crazy coming from me right, but it’s true.  I first got hooked on her style and approach to business during one of her FREE weekly Teleseminars ….her system isn’t complicated and it has saved me so much time spinning my wheels hunting for business.  I made the investment in her one-on-one coaching and I have recouped my investment 10 times over! She has transformed my life and business offering real skills, real strategies and real solutions that have translated inincreasing my income by 40% within our first 6 weeks working together.  If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, you need to stop making excuses and let Darnyelle define and unleash your Incredible Factor.”

Sheline Kelly,
Private Event Consultant, Houston, TX

“After one hour with Darnyelle my business plan grew exponentially.   She offers the perfect combination of motivational/inspirational coaching and tips on exactly how to complete solid plans.  You will walk away with more than you expected.  Best of all, her advice will directly address your unique gifts and matching them with the needs of your clients.  Because of Darnyelle, I created my first product, which has enhanced my sales, credibility and confidence during speaking engagements. Grab something to write with, call Darnyelle, and hold on to your hat!  She’s incredible, and she’ll make you feel that way too.”

Sue Frost
Founder, Organize My Life
Certified Life Coach, Professional Organizer, Writer, and Speaker


“Coach Darnyelle is truly Incredible.  I came to her ready to grow my business and after I’d only been working with her for two weeks and I had restructured my service offerings into three highly desirable packages and as a result I closed three new clients in days, which increased my monthly income by 500%, and I had my largest income ever in one week so far, over almost 5 figures!  She really is that good.  I have a new confidence and she is walking me step by step through an effective marketing and business plan with growth expected at every level. Now I’m closing in on my ideal client gal and working on creating products and leveraged service offerings to serve more people.  I’ve never been so invigorated about being able to serve others in a big way. She teaches, she removes blocks and she is so creative that you will gain so much and your ideal clients will benefit from the investment you made in yourself and your business.”

Lady Bridgett Battles
Image Consultant

 No worries, what has worked for each of them will work for you too….my system is proven to yield big results….



Your Own Personal Speak the Incredible Binder
  I want you to be able to listen and absorb, rather than worry about taking perfect notes during this event, so I’ve already done most of the work for you! At the workshop, you’ll receive a THICK 3-ring binder that you’ll use to create your own Speak the Incredible breakthroughs! It will contain all the notes, samples, and examples that we’ll use as we go through all the sessions live. It will also contain all my resources, the ones you will use to create phenomenal results in your OWN business. (You’ll also get early bird pricing for the entire Speak the Incredible Success System)Value: $997


Discounted Hotel Rooms
After you register to attend the event, you will receive full registration details, including the hotel and the amazing rates that we’ve secured for you.  These discounts will make your trip even more affordable.  My goal is to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep and wake refreshed and ready to learn all you need to know.  And the best part is the event is taking place in the conference center of the hotel, so no additional travelling to make the meetings!Value: $250
FREE Continental Breakfast for Both Days of the Workshop
we’re starting daily at 8:30 a.m. and I don’t want you to have to rush around in the morning finding breakfast. So, breakfast is on me! Each morning, when you come down to our workshop room, you’ll find hot coffee, teas, and assorted fresh breads, muffins, and pastries to get you started ASAP.Value: $40
Templates, Scripts, Checklists, Examples, and More!
Each attendee to one of my workshops always remarks about the quality of the templates and checklists that I’ve created to support your efforts.  I said earlier that they way you win is by following a proven system.  I’ve already done it so I offer these valuable templates to allow you to take immediate action towards your goals. Each of the templates, scripts, checklists, examples, and more are included as part of your event binder. Easy for you to reference over and over again.

Value: $497

Preferred Resources and Vendors
After spending two days learning from me, it’s going to be Incredible knowing that you have a complete list of every vendor I’ve used for my company, including my speaking divison which is extremely profitable because of each of the vendors on my list.  They will give you expert service and ensure that your brand is strong, confident and vibrant so that your ideal clients will see you as the only solution to their problem!Value: $497
Implementation Checklist
I’m including opportunities for you to receive “hotseat” coaching with me, up on the main stage, throughout the event. If you’re chosen for a hot seat with me, I will immediately makeover your signature talk title, tagline, or other aspect of your speaking business. Often times, these are worth the price of admission! Believe me, what can happen in just a few minutes of coaching with me has the power to transform your business and create extraordinary new possibilities for you that can benefit you for a lifetime!

Value: $497

The bottom line…You could come hang out with me for two days and learn EXACTLY what you need to know and do to start and grow a speaking business that is profitable or you can keep doing what you’ve been doing in hopes that your change will come….(I wouldn’t recommend you wait)

Option 1:
Pay in Full Discount

Option 2:
(one payment every 30 days)
3 EZ payments of $255


 Still undecided as to whether this is the right event for you? Submit your question and we will get back to you and help you decide if this is the right investment for you right now.

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