Hi Darnyelle,
I truly enjoyed you tonight on the Virtual Mixer given by Christine Pembleton. Your words made me sigh, laugh and almost cry becauseI know it is time for me to take my business seriously.I am inspired and motivated by your wisdom, confidence and out right straight talk about business, marketing and how to make a profit. After only a few moments of hearing you speak, I have a clearer insight of what I should do with my business to make it incredible for my clients.
Thank you.
Wanza Leftwich, The Gospel Writer

        “I was in awe with all of the inspiring individuals in attendance.  Ms. Jervey  was very uplifting and challenged me to deep within to find the Incredible me.” Netesha Herbert, Co-owner Desserts by Dana

         “Darnyelle continues to be awe-inspiring.  She is truly a powerful, stimulating writer and speaker.  She is on a path to greatness.  Watch out world.”  Stacy Thompson, Analyst, Beauty Consultant, Entrepreneur

          “I really enjoyed listening to Darnyelle.  It is always a pleasure to experience the passion that she shares with others.  I always love being in her space because her energy radiates to everyone in the room.  Exciting, motivating and thought provoking.  Darnyelle will captivate your spirit as she challenges you to explore your inner passion, abundance, confidence and expectation.  This workshop was well worth attending!” Mary Jamison, Small business owner

         “This was an incredible event to say the least. I was inspired & the energy in the place was amazing.” Donna Briggs, aspiring entrepreneur

         “Attending the Incredible One Breakfast was a phenomenal experience.  The entire event was done with such excellence and such class.  As a speaker, Ms Jervey was inspiring, encouraging, and uplifting.  She kept my attention consistently throughout the event; the environment was electric, and full of expectation.  The entrepreneurs and vendors who attended the event were icons of enterprise.  The exchange of ideas, partnerships and collaboration were unparalleled.  Darnyelle is awe inspiring and is a demonstration of Passion, Abundance, Confidence, and Expectation in action.  I can’t wait until the next event!” Linda Dillard, President/CEO Power In Progress

         “The Incredible One Enterprises The Incredible You Empowerment Breakfast was an Incredible Success. From the decor, to the Incredible Moments highlighting men and women who are living their dream with passion and purpose, the event was a class act. I was empowered by Ms. Jervey’s passionate delivery and infusion of music to motivate and inspire us to Dream the Incredible. I am already anticipating the next event.” Noelia Estevez, Credit Counselor

         “The ‘Signature Empowerment Breakfast’ was very informative and fulfilling.  I learned a lot.  Darnyelle you were phenomenal.  You provided me with some tools that I feel will be very beneficial to me. The information that I received has caused me to look at myself as well as my life differently.  I am very excited about expanding my mind and opening myself up to experience new and exciting things.  I am looking forward to attending the upcoming events.” Nicole Dobbs, High School Teacher

         “I was so impressed by your talk at the Women’s Conference in Dover.  You exude excitement.  I could feel your positive influence.  Good luck with your passion!”  Barbara Devlin

         “You speech was powerful.  In just fifteen minutes, you empowered me and gave me the keys to an Incredible life.  Thank You.”  Lorretta S.

         Thank you so much!  I needed your words of empowerment.  You are such an inspiration to me and you are definitely going places in life.  May God continue to bless you.”  Mary Motley, Detroit Michigan

        “I really appreciate the generous spirit that Darnyelle shares with her clients through Incredible One. She was open and receptive to my words during our coaching sessions and responded genuinely and truthfully.” Fenesha H.

        “I’ve been the photographer at the Dawn Training Institute graduation ceremony for years and Darnyelle was by far the best commencement speaker they’ve ever had.”  Tim Dishong, Creative Image Associates

“I heard from a friend who attended one of your seminars what an awesome speaker you are.  I said, ‘I know,’  you definitely have a way with words.”  Eva McIntosh, Newark, DE

“I met you at Borders Books well over a year ago (it may be two-my life’s been crazy!) and it was a wonderful experience chatting with you. I read your first book and it was WONDERFUL!!!!! Absolutely loved it. At the time you were talking about the inspiration to do a journal while you were there. Did you ever do a journal? I was wondering because you were talking about how if others could do it, you could too. You already had the idea for the paper and you needed a logo with inspirational quotes for the pages. It was so uplifting, if you did make one is it out yet? I’m thinking of some girls for my sister and friends with upcoming birthdays. Let me know. By the way, thanks for the inspiration! It radiates from you!” Lisa Strickland

“The book I brought from you (If You Understood My Past, You Would Understand My Praise) last month was awesome to say the least…I can relate in some ways & have been blessed by reading your story. Reading your story is just confirmation that I am on the right path to getting me back…  Poinciana Miller, Wilmington, DE