You’re in the right place to enjoy a private consulting day with Award Winning Coach, Strategist and Mentor, Darnyelle A. Jervey, MBA, CEC, CBC, CPBS

Hello, Incredible One











I’m tickled purple that you want to consult with me to make your life and business an Incredible One. 

Regardless of where you are in your business, I have been there.  The frustration, the overwhelm, the fear of really stepping into your divine purpose and fulfilling it through a profitable business.  You know what I mean, finally gaining the confidence and strategy to take your business to the next level. Sadly, most entrepreneurs maintain a solo-preneur mentality and create for themselves a job versus a solid, thriving business.  Trust me, I have been where you are right now, seeking customized strategy, mentoring and guidance to finally hit a stride toward your next level.

My private VIP consulting days are designed especially for those who want private access to me so that they can receive the advice, strategy, business optimization, operational efficiency, talent optimization strategies, brand positioning and marketing infusion they need in a day that is all about them.  It is quite possible that your work requires confidentiality and the need for individual attention is priority to advance your business (or perhaps you just don’t want to share me with anyone else!  I get that :))

We spend an entire day (or two) together outlining in signature detail the next level of your business growth: We up-level your brand message, perfect your marketing streams and systems, create your sales management system, clarify your business’ operational infrastructure and review your talent (team) to ensure they are optimized to make achieving your core goals and objectives easier and more systematic.

LIVE VIP Consulting Days with me take place in Newark, Delaware and are an investment in your business but before we can get your day scheduled, there are a few pre-requisites that we must discuss. (Please note: if you would like me to come to your city, I’d be happy to BUT additional fees for travel will apply.)

Here’s what is included with your LIVE Incredible Factor FULL VIP Day:

  • An in-depth business assessment (over 180 questions) to assess the current state of your business
  • 45-minute pre VIP Day call (to clarify our agenda)
  •  6.5 hours of customized consulting plus gourmet breakfast and lunch on your VIP Day
    • For one day, we meet from 8:30 am to 4 pm
  • Three (3) 45-minute post VIP strategy calls to be scheduled monthly over the next 90 days.  These calls happen in the first week of each month. (If you’d like more accountability for another three months, we can add that in for you at an additional charge)
  • As needed 15-minute laser calls or Voxer access for 90 days following our VIP Day
  • 90 days email access and accountability with Darnyelle and our team
  • MP3 recordings of each live session for your records
  • Your Incredible Factor Assessments  (Kolbe, Strengths Finder and Fascinate)
  • One night hotel stay (when you come to DE for your VIP Day)
  • Round trip ground transportation from Philadelphia International Airport when flying in

*You may bring your business partner or spouse with you as an added bonus*

For a 1/2 VIP Day, we can meet for 3 hours in person or via Zoom and it includes the following:

  • An in-depth business assessment (over 180 questions) to assess the current state of your business
  • 45-minute pre VIP Day call (to clarify our agenda)
  • 3.0 hours of customized consulting on your VIP Day
  • Three (3) post VIP Day calls to be scheduled in the next 90 days.
  • As needed  15-minute laser calls or Voxer access for the 90 days following your VIP Day
  • Access to my twice monthly open Q & A calls (if you take advantage of these calls, it’s added accountability following our 1/2 day together)
  • 90 days email access and accountability with Darnyelle and our team
  • MP3 recordings of each live session for your records
  • Your Incredible Factor Assessments  (Kolbe, Strengths Finder and Fascinate)


Below, you’ll find an application.  I recommend that you answer the questions honestly and as accurately as possible.  After your application is approved, someone from my office will be in touch with you to schedule our private consulting day together.

When we spend the day together mapping out the strategy for your business, you can expect these life and business changing benefits of having me as your coach, mentor and consultant:

1. Purpose – you will get clear on how to build a solid, thriving business around your gifts and talents. I believe that before you were formed in your mother’s womb your gifts and talents were defined.  Each gift can be used to usher transformation into the lives of those you serve.  We will connect your business to your reason why so that it resonates deeply with you and those you endeavor to serve.

2. Positioning – I will show you how to create effective marketing systems and strategies that save you time. And make you  an expert in your industry.  I will help you to create the plan to build your platform so that you grow your company based n your ultimate mission and desires. After all, it’s seldom about what you sell, but it’s always about how you package and position it.

3. Permission – I will show you how to build a business on your own terms. You’re an original with your own unique way of adding value to the lives of others yet often we let fear and doubt talk us out of being who we were created to be.  I will help you to own your Incredible Factor and give yourself permission to design and deliver a life and business that brings joy. 

4. Profits  – I have money-making strategies that will help you to maximize your income from multiple revenue streams. The most successful businesses have at least 7 ways to earn money.  I will help you to create and map out how you and when you will introduce each stream that is fully authentic and aligned to your purpose.

5. Perspective – with the clarity that occurs during our time together, you will know exactly what to do to advance your business in the next 12 months (and longer).  I’m known for helping my clients get crystal clear and therefore focused on exactly what they want their business to be. We remove all of the doubt and replace it with concrete clarity. My ability to create effective strategy for your business is unparallelled.

6. Plan – you will walk away with a CUSTOMIZED focused, executable plan to grow your business. I don’t believe in a “one size fits all” business plan.  I help you to create the right business and plan to grow it for you.  And, that growth is whatever you want it to be.



``One Strategy From Darnyelle During My VIP Day Pre-Call made me $15,000!``

andy-henriquez“What I love about working with Darnyelle is that she gives and gives strategies that WORK. In fact, before we even spent the day together simplifying my business, I had already made my investment back! One strategy during my pre-call, added $15,000 to my income BEFORE we spent the day together!

During our VIP Day, Darnyelle helped me to simplify my business model and increase my profits intensely. I’m working with a new confidence that I can grow my business substantially. I went home and started to apply her strategies and added an additional $15,000 and I’m set! I know exactly what to do and how to do it to yield serious results and income into my business.

Spending the day with Darnyelle was worth EVERY dollar and I’m so grateful to have had the experience. She’s top-notched and committed to helping you position your business for profit. If you want to simplify your business and boost your bottom line hiring Darnyelle is your only option.”

Andy Henriquez
Show Up For Your Life

``$7,000 and a new client less than 24 hours later!``

dominique-reese“Less than 24 hours after my VIP Day with Darnyelle, I sold my first $7,000 program using the very strategies she shared with me during our time together! Spending the time with Darnyelle mapping out my business strategy step by step was a true game changer for me. I am so equipped to build a six-figure business in the next few months and I know that having her as a part of my team as my mentor and coach is the key to ensuring that it happens quickly. Best investment I’ve ever made to grow my business hands down. She truly is Incredible when it comes to understanding how to help you grow your business.

Wanting to take your business to the next level? Work with Darnyelle. The investment is worth it and your future clients and employees will thank you for caring enough to get expert guidance and support.”

Dominique Reese
Reese Financial Services
Creator of Master My Money

``My VIP Day with Darnyelle was just what I needed to position myself for growth!``

kim-kendall“In spending the day with Darnyelle, it really was amazing what she was able to do with my business. First, she helped me to create a strategy to achieve my business revenue goal. She also helped me to fine tune my message and create a marketing strategy that would work for me to grow my business.

What I loved most about our day together is that Darnyelle did her due diligence before our day and did research and created a strategy that would be both effective and easy for me to implement. I loved our day so much that I hired her as my coach and consultant and that has hands down been the best thing I’ve done for my business to date. If you’re clear that you are on to something great in your business, but you need help with the mechanics so that you ACTUALLY exceed your goals, hire Darnyelle. Just one day will shift your life and business FOREVER!”

Kim Kendall
Kim Kendall Interiors

``300% growth in over last year!``

juliet-murphy“Before working with Darnyelle, I was barely making it happen in my business. I honestly was questioning if I had what it took to have my own business. Then I met Darnyelle when she came to speak to my NAWBO chapter in California. I was immediately intrigued by her story and the results that she has attained in her business. I purchased her book, “Market Like a ROCK Star” and it was filled with ideas and strategies that I could immediately use. She really knows her stuff. It was so great, I needed more. As a result, I hired Darnyelle for a 1/2 VIP Day and Oh My Goodness, this woman is Incredible. Leveraging the strategies she gave me during our time together, I increased my revenue by an additional 300%. If growing your business is your goal, then working with Darnyelle should be a goal as well. I can’t wait to see what 2016 holds for me because I am connected to this powerful woman.”

Juliet Murphy
Executive Career Coach

``As a result of our VIP Day, I have a clear cut strategy for growth!``

heidi-webb“I hired Darnyelle at the suggestion of a friend who I have a great deal of respect for. During our VIP Day, Darnyelle was able to help me completely make sense of my business goals – to grow my practice and to create an entirely different business to allow me to get my work farther into the world. As a result of our time together, I have a clear-cut strategy for growth, I have increased my rates and am now clear in how to make the shift in my business. When I shared my new rates with prospects, they paid them without even blinking. I love how Darnyelle doesn’t just pull numbers out of the sky, but she uses strategy and clarity of goals to determine what is best for you to experience the growth you desire.

Investing in Darnyelle was by far one of the best decisions I’ve made in business, and if you are serious about taking your business to the next level, you should invest in yourself through Darnyelle as well.”

Heidi R. Webb
Attorney and Divorce Consultant

``Our 200% Growth Working with Darnyelle Started with a VIP Day!``

pei“In hiring Darnyelle, we got a VIP day, which was amazing. First, she came to us, which was amazing and she had a clear plan upon walking through the door to our offices. The ease with which she breaks down goals and makes the strategies achievable is truly a gift. Within weeks of our VIP day, we were growing our revenue substantially. In fact, with Darnyelle’s guidance during our VIP day, we more than doubled our business revenue in less than a year! Not to mention, we are more confident, more clear and more focused on building a profitable business. Before Darnyelle we would have never considered charging 5 figures for our services. Now, not only are we charging it, we are earning it! In fact, we’ve seen a 473% return on our investment and we are just getting started. With Darnyelle’s help we have already grown so much and know that the best is yet to come. If you’re tired of not seeing your expertise build a revenue generating business, hire Darnyelle. It really is Incredible what she can help you accomplish. It’s been so great, we hired her again!”

Barbara Hemphill & Andrea Andersen
Productive Environment Institute

``My first VIP Day with Darnyelle created my 7-figure growth plan!``

tish-times“Now that I am in my second year working with Darnyelle, I up-leveled my support to Amethyst. At the Amethyst level, you get VIP days with Darnyelle.

My first VIP day was amazing and the ease of creating my seven-figure year plan with Darnyelle was amazing. She’s thought of everything and she breaks it down to a level that is easy to comprehend, stand behind and implement from. Due to her guidance and support, I am on my way to my million-dollar business! If you have tried the rest, you really need to invest in Darnyelle. She is the best!”

Tish Times
HireTimes Training & Coaching Group

``My VIP Day with Darnyelle positioned my companies for exponential success!``

donna-duffy“If you get an opportunity to spend a day with Darnyelle working on your business – do not hesitate, it will be the best investment you make in growing your business. Darnyelle is a genius at marketing no doubt, but even more she understands business optimization strategies that create operational efficiencies that ultimately grow businesses.

In our VIP day, Darnyelle crafted a customized strategy that has blown the roof off of my business. She’s knowledgeable, masterful and focused on your holistic success. We have used those strategies consistently to attract clients, develop new relationships, sell our services and influence the world. I am so grateful to Darnyelle and grateful to know her personally and professionally. She truly changed my life and business!”

Donna Duffy
3E Marketing Solutions

``At the end of my VIP Day with Darnyelle, I was clear I needed to hire her as my business coach!``

paula-pierce“Before working with Darnyelle, I was clear that my life’s work was important and that learning how to build a business around it was non-negotiable. During our VIP Day, Darnyelle helped me solidify a strategy to help me grow my business and do the work I know I was called to do. With Darnyelle’s help, I’ve gained clarity, focus and a plan to turn this business into a game changer in my industry. At the end of the VIP day, I had so many amazing strategies and I was clear that I needed Darnyelle to help me to implement them, so I hired her to be my business coach and mentor. If you have a mission to change lives with your work and you need help figuring out just HOW to do it so that you can build a business that offers financial AND spiritual rewards, you need to hire Darnyelle.”

Paula Pierce
Peridona Strategies

``My VIP Day with Darnyelle was the beginning of my MASSIVE business growth!``

chris-darling“I honestly cannot think of what my life and business would be like if I never met Darnyelle A. Jervey. Personally, she has helped to shift my mindset and focus on positive ways to make a difference for myself and my loved ones. I am more focused and clear and ready to change the world. In my business, the results have been equally life changing. I invested in myself which included a FULL VIP Day with Darnyelle. Just 6 days after my VIP, I brought in over $11,000 and went on to have my highest month earning month ever at over $15,000 in new revenue into my business.

Darnyelle is masterful at creating businesses that are holistically successful – mindset marketing and business development and money-making strategy. She does her due diligence and helps you to create customized strategy for your industry so that your growth is sustainable and not short lived. Again, I say meeting Darnyelle changed not only my business, but more importantly, my life.”

Chris Darling
Darling SEO

``Darnyelle gave me actionable strategies and step-by-step guidance!``

“My VIP Day with Darnyelle was a Strategic Boot Camp! Having 1:1 access to Darnyelle is worth the investment – it’s been so valuable to me and my business (this is my second time hiring her to grow my business.) I was able to get the boost that I needed to shift me to the place I was ordained to be. After completing my VIP Day I began to soar! I clearly know now that I had wings all the time but I didn’t use them. Now that I am using them I am flying above every Beauty Battle and teaching others how to do the same. Darnyelle didn’t just give me the confidence to build my business, she gave me actionable strategies and step-by-step guidance to ensure that my business is built to serve me!”

Bridgett Battles
Image Consultant

``I had my highest month EVER in December following my Pre-VIP Day call``

anisa-rashad“Before hiring Darnyelle, I was clear about my vision but unsure about how to make it happen meaningfully in my business. I’m a powerful woman with amazing insight to share with the world, but I was just not building a business at my potential.  I was busy but not profitable, my messaging wasn’t attracting my most ideal clients.  Following my pre-VIP day session with Darnyelle, I produced my first $20,000 month!  I can’t believe that I completely recouped my investment in less than 30 days! Spending the day with Darnyelle was transformative.  It was like putting on 3D glasses to get insight and see my vision in full color.  Our VIP day has illuminated the path to achieve the vision I have laid out for my business and brand.  If you’re not seeing the results you’re wanting in your business, you should work with Darnyelle because she shortens the learning curve and process to build a business you can bank on! You’ll get tools and templates, access to a proven system and create a plan of action. Invest in yourself through working with Darnyelle, you’ll be so glad that you did.”

Anisa Rashad
Anisa Rashad Enterprises

Here’s a snapshot of the content we cover with you on the day:

Your completion of our very detailed business assessment (over 180 questions) will reveal the holes in your business’ foundation.  Our goal is to plug the holes and grow your business as quickly as possible with customized strategy, guidance and support.

Mindset – we make sure that you understand the magnitude of your gifting and are really ready to unleash your Incredible Factor.  We dispel fears, doubts and self-sabotaging beliefs.

Market – we clarify who you are looking to serve with your message – students, corporations, small business owners, etc.  We build a robust client profile to help you to ensure that you are focusing your efforts on the right audience.

Message – we use the three assessments to develop a compelling marketing message, brand positioning statement and all of the coordinating marketing materials to accompany your brand, then I show you how to build a platform around your message

Money – we identify the right business model for you and ensure that your prices and packages will give you a profit margin of at least 75%

Metrics – by understanding what you need to track in your business, better known as KPIs – Key Performance Indicators, you can make success predictable. I will help you to create tracking systems that ensure you achieve your business building goals.

Methods  – we determine which marketing streams, strategies and campaigns are right for you so that you will do them consistently to see the needle move in your business.

Management – it all boils down to systems and making success in your business predictable because of the 7 systems you create to manage the various areas of your business.

So, in order to get started, I need to learn more about you and your business to make sure that we are the right fit to build your business building strategy together.

Please take a few moments to complete the VIP Day application below.  My personal recommendation is that you be both honest and complete the application in its entirety.  Please be authentic and honest as you answer, telling me what you think I need to hear to accept you will only further delay your results. 

My goal is to make sure that operationally, your business is sound and ready to perform at its peak.

Upon application approval, someone from my office will contact you to schedule our private consulting day together.  It will be our pleasure to work  with you to find a time that fits into your schedule.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact my team at 

I’m know for being able to create customized marketing solutions immediately for my clients that yield big results in days of our time together.

I look forward to working with you!
Be Incredible,