The Leverage + Scale Weekend

What if you could start your journey to seven figures in ONE weekend?!

If you're here, I bet I know something about you: You have hit the "glass ceiling" in your OWN business. You're stuck at or near the six figure mark and you are no where near making the kind of impact or income you KNOW you're called to make. If I'm right about you, right now you're at the cross road of "hustle and grind" and "there's got to be more to life than this." You're tired of working super hard for way too little and something inside you KNOWS that you're meant for more

Now that six figures has been achieved, you can already tell that you're not on the verge of a life change. The truth is, a six figure business is small business poverty. Sorry, I don't mean to diminish the significance of hitting this milestone, but you and I both know that you couldn't stop here even if you wanted to. Right now, you're overworked, overwhelmed and overcommitted and you aren't earning enough to hire the team, set up the systems or you don't have the time to get the strategy you really need if scaling your business is your goal. So that means, you're stuck wearing all the hats in your business which also means you're more likely to burn out than cash out in your business.

Add all of this to the fact that what got you to six figures won't get you to seven and it's enough to cause you to want to lose your mind up in here (cue DMX) - it's enough to make you put your head in your hands and SCREAM.

Oh, and don't get it twisted, you've tried to reverse engineer that free training you attended to no avail and your strategy well, let's just call that what it is - BROKEN...

Seven figures isn't a pipe dream - it's possible and probable if you can just find the right support that speaks to your spirit while setting you up to strut in significance....


You're CLOSER than you think...

The Leverage + Scale Weekend is your opportunity to close the three BIGGEST gaps in your business keeping you from your Next Money Milestone ($250K, $500K or $1M). Here’s how it will work: I will teach each component LIVE then, you'll work individually on the key focus for the day before we move into implementation groups to fine tune and then we will come back together for a feedback and Q&A session before a powerful wrap up.

Please note: To work with the IFU Coaching Team during the Leverage + Scale Weekend, your business must be at six figures or on track to hit six figures THIS YEAR. We are BRILLIANT at taking six figure business owners to seven figures in a very short period of time. This weekend is our entry offer to set your business on a trajectory to make the move to millions. This isn't marketing hype; this is a #fact.


🢁 $100,000 in sales and $25,000 in sponsorships
Donald Morton, Cohort 1

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Our Agenda for the Weekend

DAY 1: Create + Price Your Leverage + Scale Offer Suite. YOUR OFFER IS THE KEY TO LEVERAGE + SCALE (These offers will be leveraged and scalable and priced for you to hit your money milestone QUICKLY.) You'll walk away with your Leverage + Scale Offer Suite which includes a maximum of three (3) offers - a Superb Offer, a Signature offer and a Select Offer, which will having you earning between $10,000 - $30,000 PER new client) Remember, it's the same energy to sell higher ticket as it is to sell low. With your NEW Leverage + Scale Offer Suite, you can expect your offer to do each of the following for your business:
1. Illustrates why you're the OBVIOUS choice in the market
2. Generates more revenue for you from new sale
3. Brings more of the right clients to your programs
4. Increases your perceived value based on the expertise and transferrable results you offer
5. Allows you to be more select with who you enroll so you can get rid of desperate sales energy

DAY 2: Craft Key Messaging for New Leverage + Scale Offers (You'll create your key messages and benefit statements for each offer, along with your power sales copy for your ad and nurture sequence.) Messaging, after all, is how you get known so that finding and paying you happens easily and effortlessly. With the right messaging you'll position your business to make you millions. We start with your key messages and then shift into your benefit statements for your offer suite before ending with your coveted nurture and follow up sequences. You'll even write the copy you'll use for your first or next ad to attract your most ideal clients NOW.

DAY 3: Create Your Leverage + Scale Business Success Formula (aka funnel so that you are CLEAR about every step in your business model to achieve your goals quickly. We will go from ideal client to income and EVERYTHING you need for business success in between.). And more than that, you'll KNOW EXACTLY which strategy you're leveraging in your business over the next year to hit your next money milestone. The clarity that comes with this process is not only profit producing but it stops the need to hustle and grind in your business. You'll actually have time to enjoy all of the ADDITIONAL money you're earning in your business and you'll be able to build a team so that you get to do only the parts you love.

And you'll do all of this based on our Leverage + Scale Incredible One Framework. With extreme FOCUS you'll make the move to millions sooner than you ever could on your own.


🢁 $24,975.54 in new revenue!
Tenita Johnson, Cohort 1

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This is a HANDS ON Experience

We will be creating and finalizing the work TOGETHER in the virtual room with me guiding you the ENTIRE time. Outside of the initial training, you will not be looking at a PowerPoint, you will be getting the work done.

DEC 10-12
FEB 25-27
APR 22-24
JUN 24-26

At Incredible Factor University, we help our clients shift from six figures to multi-six figures to seven figures faster than they could on their own:

* Dr Pamela went from looking to a job to more than $25,000 a month in revenue
* Wanda was stuck at $8,000 a month and now she's closing $50,000 clients
* Marquel went from $50,000 a month to $200,000+ a month
* Madeline went from $25,000 a month to $85,000 a month
* Sheyla went from $40,000 a month to $125,000 a month
* Attiyah went from $25 an hour to $35,000 a month
* Tenita recouped her investment before the weekend was over
* Donald added two new sponsors in days, following his weekend experience

(These are just a FEW of the HUNDREDS of entrepreneurs we've helped grow their business.

While I would love to work with everyone who wants to work with me; I can't so I have guidelines for our Leverage + Scale Weekend.

We can't take your business to millions if you're just getting started.
If you're just getting started or aren't yet approaching the six figure mark, this isn't for you.
If you are new, subscribe to our e-zine, listen to Darnyelle's podcast and grab our Grow Your Business Tool Kit or Planner.

If you're ready to leverage and scale your way to your next money milestone, book yourself a seat at the next Leverage + Scale Weekend where we can't wait to teach you the frameworks for increasing your revenue while reducing how much you work in your business.


🢁 $30,000 in new revenue!
Lachelle Barnett, Cohort 2

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About Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, MBA

Darnyelle is the CEO of Incredible One Enterprises, LLC, a multi-million dollar coaching and consulting brand. Best known for transforming the lives of her business coaching clients, Darnyelle equips her clients to leverage and scale businesses that serve them financially and spiritually. From mindset to messaging, marketing, sales, systems and scale, Darnyelle can take you from nearly six figures to seven figures in record time all while deepening your connection to God and strengthening your faith.

Darnyelle is an award-winning CEO, speaker, consultant and strategist whose work has been featured in Essence, Success, Black Enterprise and O Magazines. She is a best-selling author with 7 books to her credit, including her latest projects Burn the Box: 7 Fire Starter Strategies Leaders Can Leverage and Market Like a R.O.C.K. Star. In 2012, she was named Coach of the Year by Stiletto Woman Media and in 2013, she was recognized as a Small Business Champion by Small Business Trends. In 2018, she was awarded the Women Presidents Organization’s Women of Color Excellence Award and she joined the $1MM class of Enterprising Women of the Year. In 2019, Darnyelle was named the Black CEO of the Year and was a finalist for the eWomenNetwork Made It to a Million Award.

Darnyelle has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Delaware, a Masters of Business Administration from Goldey Beacom College, a Kolbe Specialist Certification from the Kolbe Corporation, an Executive Coaching Certification from the Center for Executive Coaching and a prophetic anointing from God.


🢁 $34,000 in new revenue, 2 new clients, & 2 hot prospects!
Hennrietta Smith, Cohort 2

To begin the process of attending a Leverage + Scale Weekend, submit an application. Admission is this program is by application only

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