Leverage your Business to Multi-6 Figures

When you are an Emerging Entrepreneur, you likely are the only person on your team and your biggest challenges are time to get it all done and positioning to acquire profitable leads that you can turn into new clients. It’s time you got clear what to do and do it with consistency so you can watch your business grow. If you are an emerging entrepreneur or business owner who needs to build your business with a solid foundation that includes mastering messaging, marketing and sales so that the core tenets of your business are firmly developed, you’ll love the Incredible Factor University Leverage + Scale Weekend.   Our emerging entrepreneur clients are generating income in their businesses – typically at or on-target for their first or next six figure year (generating $8,500+ per month for three consecutive months) . Stepping into your greatness with a desire to change the lives of others is HUGE.  To position your business for growth and profitability, you need guidance, support, resources and accountability.

At Incredible Factor University, our Leverage + Scale Momentum (which begins with Leverage + Scale Weekend)  is exactly what you need to close your three biggest gaps quickly so that you solidify your business model, grow your revenue, master sales and marketing and serve the world in your significance.

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Systemize a Multi-6 Figure Business

When you’ve been in business a while, we consider you an Expanding Entrepreneur. Expanding entrepreneurs are making good money, typically from $100,000 to $249,999 a year and they’ve got the basics down.  Our expanding entrepreneur clients are ready to up-level their business building strategy by diversifying their client mix, mastering the seven systems that grow a profitable business and looking for opportunities to scale their business model.  At this stage, you are likely the bottleneck in your business and in order to accelerate revenues and opportunities, you’ll need to eliminate that quickly and create systems in its place. It’s also time to build a team at this level of growth in your business. You need help shifting your focus and clarifying your priorities. It’s easy for you to get stuck in a routine that is not consistently expanding your bottom line.

To make your business an Incredible One, you need guidance, support, strategy, resources and accountability.  At Incredible Factor University, Our Leverage + Scale Mastermind is exactly what you need to create strategy that allows you to show up, take action and drive results to grow your business.

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Scale Up to a 7-Figure Business

An Established Entrepreneur is making multiple six figures ($250,000+) in their business and their sights are set on seven figures in the next 12-18 months. For you, your focus is on refining your brand, upleveling your message and streamlining and up-leveling your client offerings. This is likely the first time it makes sense to create a passive offering in your business, one that you can scale quickly and generate an additional half a million dollars a year from. It becomes essential that you create more systems to make success predictable. As you focus on positioning your team to expand your brand, you’re likely hiring “mini-me’s” to help you (but that may not be the best solution).  You’re also ready to get out there and travel, speak, become a media expert and build your brand wide and deep. Your biggest challenges are fine tuning your systems, revamping your business model to free up your time and removing yourself from the day-to-day operations of your business. You’ll need help determining your business building blind spots and implementing solid strategies to eliminate them.

Through our Incredible Factor University Leverage + Scale Mastermind, you’ll get direct access, accountability, guidance and support at the highest levels. You’ll be positioned to model the success you’ve craved while earning substantially more and working way less.

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Grow Your Million-Dollar Business

As a small business owner building an Empire, you need help managing the growth curve.  You are experiencing a revenue growth spurt without the infrastructure and systems to support it. Your focus must shift to building a team of brand ambassadors and managers who expand your brand and grow the company with or without your input. This is no time for a bad hiring decision, you need help, guidance and strategy for building a team where each member is operating in their strengths while also effectively moving the needle in the business through consistent, lucrative sales and business development. At this level, we work with small businesses whose revenue are from $1 million to $50 million with one goal: to help you to develop, expand and optimize your teams (sales, marketing and operations) for maximum results and performance while leveraging our proven business development strategy.

Through private consulting, strategic planning, brand monetization, team optimization and sales training and development from the Incredible One Enterprises team, you’ll build your empire doing that which you most love, while impacting the lives of others Incredibly.

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